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Maple Trail 

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1993 Maple Trail 

Campbellsville College 

200 West College Street 
Campbellsville, Kentucky 


Volume 65 

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Campbellsville College 

Upward, Onward and Beyond! 

"Enrollment at Campbellsville College has 
-'—'reached the second highest level in the 
College's history. 

Campbellsville College enrolled 1,042 
students this fall, according to President Dr. 
Kenneth W. Winters. He said this figure is a 
3.1 percent increase over last fall's enroll- 

This fall's full-time equivalency number 
is up to 903. 

Only once has the College's enrollment 
ever exceeded 1,042, said Winters. In 1966, 
1,079 students were enrolled. 

Winters said it is the College's goal to 
break this record by 1994 and to reach an 
enrollment of 1,200 by 1996. He said that 
1,200 is an "optimal" enrollment for a 
school such as Campbellsville. With 1,200 
students, the College would be able to 
maintain its "family atmosphere," he said. 

Winters said that the many "new dimen- 
sions" of the College are largely responsible 
for the high enrollment this fall. "It's an 

exciting time to be here," he said. 

Winters said several options are being 
offered at Campbellsville that have not 
been offered until recently. This marks the 
first year for the College's Tiger Marching 
Band and for the master's of arts in ed- 
ucation program in curriculum and instruc- 
tion in which 29 students are enrolled. 

This is only the second year for 
Campbellsville College's soccer and cross 
country teams and the third year for the 
swim team. Other new additions at the 
College include a communications pro- 
gram, an organizational administration pro- 
gram for non-traditional students and ex- 
tension classes at the Marion Adjustment 
Center and at area high schools and in- 

With a higher number of students, Win- 
ters said there has been some need for 
expansion. Four new faculty positions have 
been created. The residence halls have re- 
ceived new furnishings, new lighting and 

new rest rooms. Classrooms in the Admin- 
istration Building are being refurbished. And, 
Gosser Fine Arts Center has been completely 

"Students are attracted to a school that is 
succeeding," said the president. "People want 
to become a part of success." 

Winning athletic teams, new academic and 
athletic programs, Christian environment, 
new campus scenery — these successes are 
working together to make our school more 
visible in the public, Winters said. 

Campbellsville College is researching the 
feasibility of adding a nursing and/or engi- 
neering program, according to Winters. 

He said that the College is planning to add 
other majors to its master's of arts in education 
program and is considering forming a master's 
program in the area of business. 

"Campbellsville College is an institution 
that one can be proud of," Winters said. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 




Opening 1 

The Year In Review 4 

Honors/Graduation/Seniors 34 

Classes 56 

Faculty/Staff 94 

Sports 112 

Organizations 150 

Music 172 

Literary 180 

Index 182 

Closing 188 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

'Will the real president please stand up?' 

What do a college president and a senior student have in common? 
Everything — when they change roles for a day. 

Dr. Kenneth W. Winters, president of Campbellsville College, and Jamie Ward, a senior from Pleasant Plain, Ohio, found out what the song lyrics 
"walk a mile in my shoes" meant as they traded places during a Student Foundation fund-raising project Feb. 10. 

Winters, recognized on campus as a "hands-on" president who says students are the College's first priority, carried Ward's torn maroon 
backpack containing two notebooks for the two classes on Ward's Wednesday schedule. 

Winters "became" Ward and sat in on two classes, American Government and Experimental Psychology, checked in the Campus Ministries 
Office as president of the Baptist Student Union, ate lunch in the College Dining Hall, attended weekly convocation and played pool — what Jamie 
would do on a typical Wednesday. 

Winters hadn t taken a class in about 10 years but said it felt "very natural" sitting in a classroom. He was "very impressed" with the quality of 
instruction he saw. 

Winters sat in the back row corner of the American Government class and heard Dr. Bill Bennett, chair of the division of social science and 
professor of political science, discuss freedom of religion. 

Winters took notes and was quiet in the classroom. 

In Jeanette Parker's psychology class, Winters sat in front and participated in group discussions. During class, President Ward "looked in" on 
new student Winters. 

Ward, who awarded himself an honorary doctorate and parked in Winters' reserved parking space, demonstrated his presidential power by 
addressing convocation and giving each student present credit for two convocations. He also vowed to "take care of" all parking tickets given to all 
students during the day. 

Ward, dressed in a suit and tie, maintained office hours, met with the College's vice presidents and other College personnel. 

Constantly looking at his watch, Ward tried to keep on schedule as he dealt with phone calls, appointments and drop-in visitors. It was more 
than he expected, and both he and Winters learned a lot. 


"I assumed a president sits back and signs papers all day," said Ward. "Not so." 

"I was totally exhausted at the end of the day," he said. "Being a president is more than being part of an administration. It means being 
able to have successful relationships." 

"I think it was a big thing for Dr. Winters to go along with the 'President for a Day' and take a day out of his busy schedule. It shows that 
he is looking for the betterment of the students." 

Ward learned at 11:30 a.m. the previous day that he had been chosen by students, faculty and staff to serve as "President for a Day," a 
program conceived by John Paul Blair, director of financial development, and sponsor of the College's Student Foundation. 

Students were the candidates for the College's chief office. Blair said that the Foundation wanted to "serve as a link between the student 
body and the administration." 

"This is the first of many new and exciting things the Student Foundation is going to bring to our campus. We want the 'President for a 
Day' to be an annual event." 

One major lesson of the day for Ward was that the students need communication with the administration. 

Campbellsville College students were given a questionnaire at convocation and asked to voice concerns and praise for Campbellsville 
College. Ward addressed these concerns with Campbellsville College Vice Presidents Dr. Robert S. Clark and David Gray. 

The cost of tuition, the meal plan, lighting, parking, more snack areas and the need for scholarships for non-traditional students were 
among the concerns voiced by the students. 

Ward said he was very pleased with the seriousness of the questions. 

Ward said he learned some of the reasons behind the administrative decisions by talking with Clark and Gray, and he urged finding a way 
to "bridge the gap" with communication. 

The questions raised by students, and many more, were proposed to Winters as Winters, Ward, Winters' wife, Shirley, and Brooke 
Williams, ate dinner together at the Cumberland House. 

Winters said Ward will give him a summary of the day's questions and these will be discussed with the College's administrative council. 

Winters said the "President for a Day" is a way for the institution to grow, and "I look foward for the program to continue. It was a total 

Above, "student" Dr. Kenneth W. Winters eats lunch with John (Tree) Akers. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 


Many shouts, screams and squeals could 
be heard across campus Sunday, Aug. 
23 as students moved into the residence 

Phrases like "How was your summer?," 
echoed through the air. The summer was 
gone, and once again, Campbellsville Col- 
lege was coming alive with activity. 

Continuing with tradition, the first week 
of school was again designated as 
"Welcome Week." The week of activities, 
sponsored by the Student Government As- 
sociation and Baptist Student Union, 
helped students ease back into another 

Sunday afternoon, after students had 

Welcome Back! 

moved in, they could treat themselves to 
some ice cream. The social, on Stapp Hall 
lawn, was a huge success. Later that eve- 
ning, a special Praise Celebration program 
by the BSU was presented. The students, 
new and old, got a chance to see the new 
BSU Council for the first time. 

To celebrate "Welcome Week" Monday 
night was the mixer. This took place in the 
form of a dance held in the Dining Hall. 
Tuesday was the annual BSU picnic at 
Green River Lake. Much food and volley- 
ball was found at the lake. Once again, this 
was well attended. 

Campbellsville Baptist Church sponsored 
a picnic on Stapp Hall lawn Wednesday 

evening. A large crowd attended the picnic. 
Afterwards, a short service followed on the 

Thursday evening was the pep rally. It 
was the first time the campus was intro- 
duced to the new Tiger Marching Band. 

Friday night, the students were treated to 
the Campbellsville College Singers' home 
concert. This was a time where students 
could be ministered by music and fellow- 

Closing out the week on Saturday night 
was the first ever "Saturday Night Live." 
Students performed various sketches to en- 
tertain the audience. 

Above, from left, sopho- 
mores Lori Wolf, Becky 
Mishler and freshman Sa- 
rah Wilson enjoy ice 
cream in front of Stapp 
Hall Sunday afternoon. 
This activity was spon- 
sored by the BSU. To the 
right, freshman Mark 
Moore is registering at the 
computer with Connie 
Breeding. Registration 
went from Monday to 
Wednesday. Joey Foster 
and Bill Smith do a spoof 
in "Saturday Night Live." 
They portray the "Cajun 


Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

To the far left, Jay 
Montgomery en- 
joys the picnic on 
Stapp lawn. This 
was sponsored by 
Campbellsville Bap- 
tist Church. To the 
direct left, Jamie 
Ward and Dr. Ken- 
neth W. Winters 
greet each other at 
the annual Presi- 
dent's Reception. 
Below, from left, 
BSU council mem- 
bers Rick Clapp, 
Patrick Ashcraft, 
John (Tree) Akers, 
Jamie Ward and 
Curtis Barnes per- 
form a skit during 
the Praise Celebra- 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Above, Bill Mason reg- 
isters for the fall semes- 
ter. Above left, Brian 
Clifford sees an old 
friend at the Big "B" 
picnic on Wednesday 
evening. To the far left, 
Larry Lipker, Patty 
Hightower and Luther 
Bramblett are happy to 
be returning for another 
year of higher educa- 
tion. To the direct left, 
Leslie Potterfield and 
Kevin Burton enjoy 
their dinner on Stapp 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney WELCOME WEEK 7 

Welcome Back! 

\ ug. 31 -Sept. 4 was "Freshman Week," 
■**-a week for freshmen to be introduced 
to the fun and fellowship of college life. 

Freshman Week is sponsored yearly by 
the senior class and is intended to get the 
new students acquainted with the old. 

Freshman Week 1992 started out slowly 
compared to past years, according to Senior 
Class President Kellie Post. However, she 
said student involvement "really picked 
up" toward the middle of the week. 

Freshman Week is annually sponsored 
by the senior class to help "acquaint fresh- 
men with the campus." Post said that the 
week gives new students an opportunity to 
meet upperclassmen in an informal setting. 

In short, Post said, Freshman Week is 

"just for fun." 

The senior class planned several sen- 
ior/freshman activities for Freshman Week 
1992. Monday night there was a scavenger 
hunt. Tuesday night was the sen- 
ior/freshman water Olympics. 

"The New Student Auction on Wednes- 
day night was well-attended," said senior 
Joey Foster. According to Post, 25-30 new 
students, faculty and staff members were 
auctioned to seniors. The "slaves" were 
made to obey their senior "masters" on 
Friday by wearing certain things. 

Post said one student, Eva Floyd, was 
made to wear her pajamas and carry a ted- 
dy bear around campus. Tony Cress, North 
Hall residence hall director, and Tracy 

Smith, campus ministries intern, two 
new staff members, spent "Dress Up 
Day" in Tennessee attire. 

Thursday night was a night of charm 
and poise as seven of Campbellsville 
College's finest took to the stage to 
flaunt their talents and grace at the All 
Male Review. Several gentlemen com- 
peted in the beauty pageant. Each con- 
testant curtsied, answered an interview 
question and gave a talent presentation. 

The winner of the Male Review was 
William J. Doerr. Curtis Barnes was first 
runner-up. Joey Foster was second run- 
ner-up. This Freshman Week, as always, 
is one to remember for a long time. 

This year the Student Government Association decided to do 
something that would help freshmen to adjust to college life easier. 
Student Government Association came up with a program called 
"Freshman Friends" when an upperclassman would agree to show 
a freshman around for a couple of weeks. There was a huge 
response to this. Monday of Welcome Week, there was a 
"Freshman Friends" get-together in the theater. The new students 
got to meet their friends for the first time. Because of the response, 
Student Government Association members said this will be a 
continuing tradition on campus. Above, from left, senior Jennifer 
Tinnell and freshmen Sarah Wilson and Laura Clem get in- 
volved in an ice-breaker during the "Freshman Friends" night of 
Welcome Week. At right, Curtis Barnes, left, and Joey Foster 
compete in the talent portion of the Male Review. They both 
received awards at the pageant for first and second runners-up, 


At left, -Yiiliam J. Doerr is excited after being 
named the winner of the Male Review. Every year, 
during Freshman Week, freshman and senior males 
are asked to dress up like a female and be in the 
pageant. Other winners that night were Curtis 
Barnes and Joey Foster. Below, Mike Sharp bids for 
a freshman during the "New Student Auction." 
Farther below, a jumble of arms and legs of fresh- 
men and upperclassmen participate at the 
"Freshman Friends" activity. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

At far left, Scott Dodson walks the 
runway during the talent portion of 
the Male Review. At left, from left, 
Jane Kephart, Sabrina Farmer and 
Tiffani Merrick hold up Eva Floyd, 
Carol Lyvers and Sharla Pochodzay 
during Freshman Week. Above, Dr. 
Kenneth W. Winters and Marvell 
Moore chat at the President's Recep- 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


'Time' to make a change 

Photo by Joan C McKinney 

Above, Dr. Brad Johnson presents the program address. Above right, President Dr. 
Kenneth W. Winters formally dedicates the tower. To the direct right, senior Paula 
Humphress entertains the crowd with a song. At far right, the clock/tower carillon is 
seen above the treetops on campus. 


// A ccording to the grace of God which is given to me, as a wise 

■**■ master builder, I have laid the foundation, and another 
buildeth thereon." I Corinthians 3:10. 

Founders' Day 1992 was a day for Campbellsville College alumni, 
faculty and students to look back on the heritage of the College and 
appreciate "the foundation" on which the institution was built. 

About 680 people gathered at Campbellsville College Wednes- 
day, Sept. 16 to celebrate Founders' Day. 

"When one looks at Campbellsville College, one has to be im- 
pressed," said alumnus Billy Smith, who presented historical notes 
during the program. 

Dr. Brad Johnson, a 1982 alumnus, who delivered the Founders' 
Day address, said that in order for Christian higher education to 
succeed there must be "a wedding of faith and learning." 

Johnson said it is important that a college has a good start, but it is 
necessary that a college has a good finish. 

After Johnson's address, Dr. Kenneth W. Winters, president of the 
College, officially dedicated the new clock tower/ carillon. 

"The gift from Campbellsville Industries and Schulmerich Car- 
illons Inc. has already dramatically changed the looks of our campus 
and will have an impact on the students' hearts for years to come," 
said Winters. 

The Founders' Day program was presented outside in the area in 
front of the carillon. Following the formal ceremony, there was a 
luncheon for faculty and alumni in the Student Activities Center. 



Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Building homes and lives together with Christ 

Photo by Sylvia 

Thirty-one students and six adults traveled to 
Jeanerette, La., the week of March 13-19 to 
help with the Hurricane Andrew relief. 

The students questioned whether or not it was 
actually spring break because the group left in the 
"Winter Storm of 1993." 

Those on the mission trip spent three days re- 
building and repairing floors, roofs and ceilings on 
a trailer and a home that was hit by the hurricane 
last fall. 

Water damage and termites were the most harm- 
ful effects of the hurricane. Because the roofs had 
been damaged, not only did they have to be re- 


placed, but also the insulation, siding, walls and 
the floors. 

A group of students also spent half a day build- 
ing a porch onto a trailer and clearing the land at 
the site where they stayed. 

The facilities in which the group stayed in were 
not the Ramada, but after seeing the conditions in 
which these people had lived in since November, 
they were grateful for what they had. 

The cooperation this group had was incredible. 
Individuals either found out for themselves or 
asked others what needed to be done, and did it. It 
is amazing what can be accomplished when people 

Photo by Sylvia Morris 

with a common goal come together. 

Those who attended the trip were Wendy Amiet, 
Patrick Ashcraft, Curtis Barnes, Jen Bethel, Scott 
Borowick, April Carter, Tara Celani, Rick Clapp, 
Tony Cress, Larry Finn, Bethney Foster, Joey Fos- 
ter, Robin Frisbee, Angie Geralds, Matt Gosser, The 
Rev. Don Gowin, Sharon Gowin, Jane Kephart, 
Amy King, Larry King, Laura King, Maria London, 
Amanda McKinney, Tiffani Merrick, Becky 
Mishler, Jay Montgomery, Chris Morgan, Sylvia 
Morris, Tim Rogers, Mike Siders, Rich Smith, Tracy 
Smith, Joan Stansbury, Amy Thompson, Aaron 
Walters, Jamie Ward and Lori Wolf. 

We weren't qualified as pros. Most of us had little knowledge of carpentry." — Mike Siders 

Photo by Sylvia Morris 
Top left, clockwise, the scene in Louisiana. Tim Rogers and his friend. Brownie. From left, above, 
Tiffani Merrick and Jane Kephart along with Laura King, Amy Thompson and Amanda McK- 
inney, at top, conquer a tree. One group made quick friends with their host. From left, bottom, 
Patrick Ashcraft, Jennifer Bethel, Tony Cress, Tara Celani and Angie Geralds. At top, Joey 
Foster, Lori Wolf, Becky Mishler, Bethney Foster , Nedia Capp, Tim Rogers, Brad Rikkards, 
Maria London and April Carter. 


Photo by Sylvia Morris 

■ i 

, \-x * 


t/u»mauaN¥^I VflMflUfl 

Strike up the band! 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

The fall of 1992 brought a new addition to the Campbellsville College campus. For the first 
time, Campbellsville College had its own Tiger Marching Band. Dr. David McCullough was 
the director, and Brian (B.C.) Clifford was the field commander. 

The Tiger Marching Band consisted of both music majors and non-music majors. Many of the 
members were students who had been in a marching band during high school and wanted to 
continue in band. The Tiger Marching Band brought many talented, new students to Campbell- 
sville College. 

The band began with a strong start. After months of planning, the band held a pre-season 
camp prior to the first week of the fall semester. During this time, members learned the new 
show and music. For many members, who had not been in high school band, this was also a 
time to learn to play a new instrument and to learn marching techniques. 

There was excitement all around the band as they lined up on Stapp Hall lawn on the 
morning of Saturday, Sept. 5. The drums began to play the cadence and before the band was 
called to attention you could hear cheers of excitement from the band members who had 
worked so hard during the previous weeks. 

The Tiger Marching Band marched into the stands at the Tiger Stadium for its first per- 
formance at a home football game amid cheering fans and proud smiles. The Tiger Marching 
Band took the field for a half-time show with a strong performance that made many Campbell- 
sville College students, alumni, faculty and friends proud. 

The Tiger Marching Band continued through its season as strong as it began. They performed 
at several home football games and performed in an exhibition at a high school marching band 
contest. The band began preparing for its fall 1993 season as soon as the 1992 season was 

The members of the Tiger Marching Band are, above, from left: Front row — Dr. David 
McCullough, director; Amy Musselman, Kimberly F. Daniels, Sheri Bruce, Belinda Smith, 
William J. Doerr, Bethney Foster, David Farris and Brian (B.C.) Clifford. Second row — 
Boyd Rexroat, Bucky Wilson, Shawn Huff, Sabrina Farmer, Tiffani Merrick, Chris Franklin 
and Judd Furkin. Third row — Erin Dudgeon, Linda Wadsworth, Cindy Miller, Kathy 
Buckman, Beth Witthuhn and Tonya Morris. Fourth row — Katie Adams, Meredith Rogers, 
Kelly Bauer, Hal Lloyd, Sharla Pochodzay, Laura Clem and Christal Stooksbury. Fifth row 
— Mark Elliott, Connie Jo Pruitt, Brian Bishop, Eva Floyd, Jon Rafferty and Gail Siler. Sixth 
row — Sabrina Herrin, Valerie Owens, Angle Geralds, Amanda Darden, Billy Day, Chris 
Waters and Scott Elliott. Seventh row — Rebecca Farmer, Gina Huff, Steve Bowling, Scotty 
Burns, Mitch Gaddis and Susan Brady. Eighth row — Michelle Thompson, Chad Creech, 
Matt Gordon, Jennifer Tinnell and Joey Foster. At right, Scotty Burns plays the horn while 
Sabrina Farmer, in the background, twirls a flag. 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

- * . fa m 

■g; jMi W ^ 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 
Clockwise from top, percussion section members 
perform on the field, from left: Front row — Brian 
(B.C.) Clifford. Second row — Sabrina Farmer, 
Tiffani Merrick, Shawn Huff, Boyd Rexroat, 
Bucky Wilson and David Farris. Third row — 
Judd Furkin and Chris Franklin . Fourth row — 
Sheri Bruce, BeLinda Smith, Tee Pass and Wil- 
liam J. Doerr. Performing in a circle formation 
are, from left: Front row — Jason Keith, Steve 
Bowling, Scotty Burns, Mitch Gaddis, Matt 
Gordon, Jennifer Tinnell, Christine Jewell, 
Angie Geralds, Amanda Darden, Billy Day, 
Chris Waters, Scott Elliott and Gina Huff. Sec- 
ond row — Michelle Thompson, Sabrina Her- 
rin, Katie Adams, Susan Brady, Gail Siler and 
Tonya Morris. Band members, from left, practice 
in the music annex: Front row — Kelly Bauer, 
Christal Stooksbury, Beth Witthuhn, Linda 
Wadsworth, Cindy Miller and Kathy Buckman 
Second row — Meredith Rogers and Sharla 
Pochodzay. Third row — Scott Elliott, Valerie 
Owens, Gina Huff, Mitch Gaddis, Matt Gordon 
and Jennifer Tinnell. Fourth row — Steve Bowl- 
ing. Fifth row — David Farris and Sabrina 
Farmer. The band director for the year of 1992-93 
was Dr. David McCullough 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

At left, and clockwise,Chad Creech plays the tuba. The members of 
the Flag Corps are, from left: Front row — Sabrina Herrin, Katie 
Adams and Tonya Morris. Second row — Michelle Thompson, 
Susan Brady and Gail Siler. Field commander for the 1992-93 
season was Brian (B.C.) Clifford. Band members who specialize in 
woodwinds are, from left: Front row — Meredith Rogers, Erin 
Dudgeon, Linda Wadsworth, Kathy Buckman and Cindy Miller. 
Second row — Beth Witthuhn, Kelly Bauer, Laura Clem, Sharla 
Pochodzay, Christal Stooksbury and Eva Floyd. Back row — 
Connie Jo Pruitt, Mark Elliott, Hal Lloyd, Brian Bishop and Jon 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


At left, the band mem- 
bers who specialize in 
brass instruments are, 
from left: Front row — 
Gina Huff, Rebecca 
Farmer and Valerie 
Owens. Second row — 
Angie Geralds, Aman- 
da Darden, Billy Day, 
Chris Waters, Scott El- 
liott and Chad Creech. 
Third row — Joey Fos- 
ter, Jennifer Tinnell, 
Mitch Gaddis, Matt 
Gordon, Scotty Burns 
and Steve Bowling. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

At top, members of the percussion section are, from left: 
Top row — Kimberly F. Daniels, Sheri Bruce, Belinda 
Smith, William J. Doerr and Bethney Foster. Middle 
row — Amy Musselman, Chris Franklin, Judd Furkin 
and David Farris. Front row — Sabrina Farmer, Tiffani 
Merrick, Shawn Huff, Boyd Rexroat and Bucky Wil- 
son. At left, Valerie Owens, in front, and Rebecca Farm- 
er, in back, play the horns. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


'Something Old, Something New' 

Excitement was in the air as the 
week of Homecoming grew 
closer. Plans for the 1992 Homecom- 
ing activities were started early in the 
summer and because of this and fur- 
ther planning, the week of Oct. 5-10, 
was a huge success. The theme for the 
week was "Something Old, Some- 
thing New," and everywhere one 
looked one could see this theme being 
carried out effectively. 

The entire week was full of fun, 
games and celebration. The week fo- 
cused on school spirit building up to 
the pep rally. Over 200 students and 
faculty members were at the rally and 

Beach Night started the week Mon- 
day evening. Many students congre- 
gated on Stapp Hall lawn for the fes- 
tivities. Group games and fruit drinks 
added to the fun. 

The first ever Western Roundup 
Night was on Tuesday evening. This 
included a country-western dance, the 
learning of several two-step dances, 
food and fellowship. 

Banana Split Night was Wednesday 
evening in the College's Dining Hall. 
This, as in years past, was a huge 
success. Droves of hungry people 
flocked to the Dining Hall for the ice 

Mystery Night was scheduled for 
Thursday night. Students were given 
a clue that, if solved, would lead them 
to another clue, placed somewhere 
throughout town. The object was to 
collect all 12 clues and be the first 
back to President Dr. Kenneth W. 
Winters' home. 

On Friday, Cotton Ivy, a comedian 
who is also the commissioner of ag- 
riculture with the state of Tennessee, 
entertained at the annual alumni ban- 
quet. "Academic Excellence Awards" 
for teaching were awarded to Janice 
Greathouse, assistant professor of 
English, and H.R. Richardson, a part- 
time instructor in biology. The Home- 
coming queen candidates were also 

Following the banquet, and closing 
out the school week, was a pep rally 
and a bonfire. Many students gath- 
ered behind the annex to support the 
Tiger team. 

Above right, Tiger players Tom Lloyd (25) and 
Chris Wolfe (29) try to pull down a Findlay 
runner during the Homecoming game. Near 
right, senior Tad Barker gives balloons to a 
young Tiger fan. The balloons were the fund- 
raising idea of the Fellowship of Christian Ath- 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

On Homecoming Day 1992, several activities were taking place to make the day 
more memorable. Clockwise and starting at the far left, the drumline performed 
during the walk-around parade. Drummers from left include: Judd Furkin, 
Sabrina Farmer and Boyd Rexroat. Following the game, the Homecoming dance 
was in the Student Activities Center. Having fun at the dance are Anna Jeffries 
and her date, Jimmy Culver. Derrick Age, Staci Black, Jay Montgomery, Tiffani 
Merrick and Scott Borowick look like they are enjoying themselves. Shooting 
darts at the walk-around parade, Shirley Winters, first lady of Campbellsville 
College, and her daughter, Lisa, try to hit a balloon for a prize at the Phi Beta 
Lambda booth. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Homecoming Queen 1992 

Jessica Eulanda Rodgers 

C aturday morning, Oct. 10, marked the third annual 
^ walk-around parade. To have a candidate on the 
court, the representing organization had to have a booth. 
National Education Association-Student Program and 
the Tiger cheerleaders tied for the "Best Booth" award. 

Many fans and alumni came out to enjoy the festivities 
and were entertained by a variety of people. For example, 
both the Stephen Foster Singers and the Sweet and Sassy 
Cloggers performed during the morning for the crowd. 

Saturday afternoon, the football game between the 
Fighting Tigers and the University of Findlay Oilers was 
played. The Tigers fought long and hard but were de- 
feated 28-7. 

Crowned as the new Homecoming Queen was Eulanda 
Rodgers of Liberty, Ky. Rodgers represented North Hall 
and was very excited to win and honored to represent the 
school. Also winning was first runner-up Jennifer Tinnell 
of Edmonton, Ky. She represented the Tiger Marching 
Band. Representing the Baptist Student Union and sec- 
ond runner-up was Tiffani Merrick of Nicholasville, Ky. 
Freshman attendant was Cicely Maggard of Louisville, 

The other members of the court and who they rep- 
resented were Tammie Gibson, Harlequins; Lee Anne 
Noble, Campus Baptist Young Women; Melissa Miller, 
Church Music Conference; Sosomphanh (Pon) 
Thongmanivong, World Community Club; Betty Jo 
Tharp, Sigma Zeta; Regina Campbell, NEA-SP; Staci 
Black, Cheerleaders; Kristi Roark, Junior Class; Sherri 
Wingler, Phi Beta Lambda; Tammy Luttrell, Stapp Hall; 
Katie Adams, Psychology Club; April Carter, Senior 
Class; Brooke Williams, Student Government Associa- 
tion; Leslie Potterfield, Sophomore Class, and Lori Wolf, 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Above, junior Kristi Roark is recognized with 
her escort, Doug Sullivan. To the left are the 
winners and their escorts, from left: Tiffani 
Merrick, Curtis Barnes, Eulanda Rodgers, 
Rick Clapp, Jennifer Tinnell, Brian Clifford , 
Cicely Maggard and Chris Wilder. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

-lomecoming queen candidates are from left: First row — Sherri Wingler, Lee Anne Noble, Sosomphanh (Pon) Thongmanivong and Kristi Roark. Second row — 
Tiffani Merrick, Leslie Potterfield, Brooke Williams and Betty Jo Tharp. Third row — Staci Black, April Carter, Lori Wolf and Eulanda Rodgers. Fourth row — 
I egina Campbell, Jennifer Tinnell and Melissa Miller. Fifth row — Tammy Luttrell and Cicely Maggard. 

Photos by Tamara Marsteller 

Lori Wolf and her father, Bill, above, smile as she is recognized as the FCA candidate. To the left, 
Queen Eulanda Rodgers and Matt Gosser dance at Homecoming. 


Something Old, Something New-Homecoming '92 

During the week of Homecom- 
ing, Oct. 5-10, there was an ac- 
tivity every night. Following the 
theme of Homecoming, some of the 
traditional events were the ice cream 
social and the pep rally. The country- 
western dance and Mystery Night 
were some of the new ideas. To the 
right, Janice Greathouse, assistant 
professor of English, receives an 
"Excellence" award in teaching. To 
the far right, freshman Sabrina 
Farmer and senior Jenny Mishler try 
to learn the "two-step" from Eva Mc- 
Cubbin during the western dance. 
Below, also at the western dance, 
were Chris Easterling, Tony Cress 
and Matt Gosser. 

Above, Patty Hightower, secretary to the 
dean of student development, dresses coun- 
try. To the left, Tammy Luttrell and| 
Wanetta Hutchison enjoy Homecoming. 

At left, juniors Jennifer Bethel and Tara Celani, and below, freshman 
Sabrina Farmer are having fun at Beach Party Night, Monday during 
Homcoming Week. Immediately below, senior Shahana Khan and alum- 
nus Ayo Olaniyan also attend Beach Party Night. 

1 WHH» <a 

HHMnHnllin Y 


fB J 

At far left, Ramont Smith and Sammy Watene eat ice cream. Sylvia Morris, at 
direct left, is dressed for the dance. From left, cheerleaders Sunshine Raley, 
Dawn Welch, Tara Celani, Stacy Davenport, Kristy Sandefur and Leigh Neat 
and football players, John Teater and Doug Gloyd, lift school spirit. 


'What a NERD!' 

/""^ ampbellsville College's drama department and 
^-" the Harlequins presented the play "The Nerd" 
Nov. 5-7. 

Director Russ Mobley billed the play as a "delightful 
comedy that you will not want to miss." 

"Described by some as the funniest play ever writ- 
ten," Mobley said, "the action centers on the hilarious 
dilemma of a young architect who is visited by a man 
he's never met but who saved his life in Vietnam." 

Mobley said the unknown visitor turns out to be an 
incredibly inept, hopelessly stupid "nerd," who out- 
stays his welcome. 

The cast included Mike Richard as Willum Cubbert, 
Dawn Welch as Tansy McGinnis, Hal Lloyd as Axel 
Hammond, Chris Streets as Warnock Waldgrave, Erin 
Dudgeon as Clelia Waldgrave, David Bailey as Thor 
Waldgrave and the famous nerd was played by Tom 
Pound. Assisting in directing was Cindy Martin. 

The play was written by Larry Shue and had a long 
run on Broadway in New York and has won several 





November 5, 6 and 7 
College Theater 

8:00 P.AA. 

Under the direction of 
RUSS MOBLEY . Director of Theater 

Assisted by 
CINDY MARTIN Senior Drama Student 


Photo by Tamara Marstelle 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marstellei 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by loan C. McKinney 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Clockwise, from left, George Wise, personnel manager at Fruit of the 
Loom Inc. in Campbellsville, husband of Donna Wise, instructor in 
physical education and athletics and coach of women's basketball and 
men's golf, speaks to a class of Jim Fare, associate professor of business 
administration. At left is Karen Pierce and Jamie Mings. The Senior 
Campaign for VISION 2000 Phase II collected $11,090 from seniors at the 
College. This was the first time the senior class was involved in fund- 
raising in this manner. At a luncheon are, from left, Larry Lipker and 
Amy Phillips, division chairs, and Luther Bramblett, vice chairman. 
Tiffani Merrick represented the College on "News Whys Weekend 
Edition" on WKPC-TV 15 in Louisville. Richard Maxon, left, was floor 
director for the show. Dr. David Cundiff, professor of health and 
physical education, led the Staley Lecture Series with discussions on 
health. A Health Fair, in the Little Auditorium, allowed interested persons 
to check their blood sugar level, body fat content, percentage of body that 
is water and a life-style analysis. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


From clockwise, left, from top, members of the Concert 
Chorus, from top, Valerie Owens, BeLinda Smith , Tammy 
Ridgway and Marcha Wilson raise their voices high for all to 
hear. Making last minute decisions are Dr. Kenneth W. 
Winters and Joey Foster. Nathan Sanders, son of Baseball 
Coach Beauford Sanders, tells Santa Zandell (Ziggy) New- 
ton what he wants for Christmas. Tara Celani cheeses it up 
for the camera at the Snowflake Ball. Celani was the 1991 
Snowflake Queen. "Our Christmas Gift To You" was the 
theme for the celebration held annually for the College fam- 
ily. Sylvia Morris was chair of the Christmas Celebration 

Photo by Tainan Marsteller 

Photo bv Tamara Marstell 

College presents 'our gift to you' 

/ / /'""V" Gift To You" was the theme for the 1992 
\_yciiristmas Celebration, Held in the Powell 
Athletic Center, Coach Beauford Sanders and his Tiger 
Baseball Team served an estimated 650 members of 
the College family. 

Opening the evening with "The Gift Goes On" were 
the Campbellsville College Singers followed bv a 
blessing of the dinner bv Marc Whitt, director of public 
relations, publications and sports information. 

Following the dinner, the Campbellsville College 
Concert Chorus sang "The Many Moods of Christ- 
mas." Led by Dr. James Moore, the chorus sang a 45- 
minute tribute to the holiday season. 

Shirley Winters, wife of President Winters, treated 
the children to a Christmas storv while thev anxiously 
awaited their visitor from the North Pole. Who else but 
Santa Claus, this vear plaved bv Zandell "Ziggy" 
Newton, College custodian, did the children tell their 

dream toy to as the dinner festivities came to a close. 

The annual Snowflake Ball was in the Student Activitii 
Center immediately following the dinner. Studen 
danced the night away at the event sponsored by tr 
Student Government Association. As the clock towi 
struck 11 p.m, the king and queen were crowned. Ja 
Montgomery and Brooke Williams were crowned Snov 
flake King and Queen. As the evening came to a clos 
students wished all a good night and a Merry Christmai 

Photo bv Tamara Marsteller 

From left, clockwise, Snowflake Queen Brooke Williams and Snowflake King Jay Montgomery dance at 
the annual Snowflake Ball. Shirley Winters, wife of Campbellsville College President Dr. Kenneth W. 
Winters, reads a Christmas story to children at the dinner. At the dance, Angie Geralds, David DeBoard, 
Tony Cress , Mark Elliott and Heather McDowell give a group hug at the Snowflake Ball. The theme of 
the 1992 Christmas celebration was "Our Christmas Gift To You." 


Campus revival is 'real 
and radical' 

// C1 omething Real, Something Radical" turned into "Really Radical" 
•^ by the end of the 1993 Campus Revival. 

The four-night, campus-wide services Feb. 1-4, led by Steve Ayres and 
Ed Norman, drew a large crowd of 130 students, faculty and staff 
members for the final evening. 

"The revival brought in students from all across campus to share and 
support one another," said Tommy Johnson, director of campus min- 
istries. "And that is what a family is all about." 

J.J. Montgomery, along with many other students, gave testimonies or 
words of encouragement to everyone before Ayres brought the message. 
Ayres and Norman are from Hillvue Heights Baptist Church in Bowling 
Green, Ky. 

"Campus revival was not what I expected and that was good," said 
Tamara Marsteller, a junior from Benton, Ky. "I felt like I was part of the 
revival and that reflected in how much it helped me grow as a person both 
spiritually and mentally," she said. 

Campus Week of Prayer was the week prior to the revival Jan. 25-28. 
"The purpose was to focus on a designated time to pray for one another, 
as well as for our campus," said Johnson. "Students shared with me that 
the Week of Prayer was a meaningful week, and we hope to keep up the 

The Week of Prayer was not just for the revival but also to pray for the 
Baptist Student Union Mission Trip to Louisiana and any other concerns 
that were on the students' hearts. 

When asked about the Week of Prayer and revival together, Johnson 
said, "It was a highlight of the year and brought a real spirit to this 
campus that the students will never forget." 

From left, clockwise, the crowd participates in an opening session. J.J. Montgomery shares 
her testimony. Steve Ayres shows one of his many expressions, and Ed Norman plays piano. 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

'My Emperor's New Clothes' plays 

""The Harlequins presented "My Em- 
-*- peror's New Clothes," a musical 
play for children Feb. 18-20. Dawn 
Welch, a drama student from Bard- 
stown, Ky., directed the play and was 
assisted by Cindy Martin, a drama 
student of Campbellsville. The play 
was under the supervision of Russ 
Mobley, director of theater, and the 
musical director was Tommy Daven- 

Chris Streets played the title role of 
the emperor. Kim Pruitt played the 
princess. Other cast members were: 
Mike Richard, Pony; Veronica Duka, 
Skreech; Scott Burress, Clodney; Da- 
vid Bailey, Scout; John Davenport, 
first man; Jeremy Holt, second man; 
Jennifer Creason, weaver; Jeannine 
Hurst, mother; Wynn Harris, son; 
Sara Parrott, little girl, and Jaclyn 
Shields, young girl. The townspeople 
and chorus consisted of Kristi Sapp, 
Eden Davis, Tina Massingill, Liz 
Goodwin and David Holt. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

From top left, clockwise, the princess, Kim 
Pruitt, listens to the emperor's assistant, Mike 
Richard explain his plan to win her hand in 
marriage. Pruitt asks the audience for advice 
about her relationship with Pony and her fa- 
ther's dislike for it. Villians Veronica Duka, left, 
and Scott Burress play the part to the hilt. The 
emperor, Chris Streets , talks with his loyal 
and happy subjects. 


Photo by Jamie Mings 




;, : ' 4i 




19 I 

SB' ** " 1 

K^\ ^ 






Photo by Jamie Mings 

From left, Rhea Beatty, Lisa Criswell, Andrea Deaton, Jody Criswell and Jessica Penniston are excited about Andrea being named the new Valentine Pageant Queen. 

A night of magic 

The Valentine Pageant candidates are from 
left: Front row — Dawn Welch, representing 
the Harlequins; Kristi Roark, representing the 
Junior Class; Kim Pruitt, representing the 
Freshmen Class, and Eva Floyd, representing 
the Student Government Association. Second 
row — Misty Sandefur, representing Sigma 
Zeta. Third row — Kimberly F. Daniels, rep- 
resenting the Music Educators National Con- 
ference; Tiffani Merrick, representing Stapp 
Hall; Irena Stephanikova, representing the 
World Community Club and Valerie Owens, 
representing the Campbellsville College Sing- 
ers. Fourth row — Staci Black, representing 
the Baptist Student Union; Andrea Deaton, 
representing the Lady Tigers' Basketball team; 
Tammy Luttrell, representing North Hall, 
and Wanette Hutchinson, representing the 
Sophomore Class. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


The 1993 Valentine's Pageant was a "Night of Magic" for 
Andrea Deaton. 

Deaton represented the Lady Tiger Basketball team and sang 
Patsy Cline's "Sweet Dreams" in the talent competition. 

As Valentine Queen, Deaton was eligible to represent the 
College in the Mountain Laurel Festival. 

From the 13 contestants, Kristi Roark was the first runner-up 
and Tiffani Merrick was the second runner-up. 

Roark represented the Junior Class. She was the talent winner 
with her vocal presentation of "Orange-Colored Sky," and she 
was named Miss Congeniality. 

Merrick represented Stapp Hall and performed the rap "He 
Works." Her escort, Scott Borowick, was named Best Escort. 

To the right, Dawn Welch performs a monologue for her 
calent. At left, Staci Black and her escort Derrick Age walk across 
:he stage. At bottom, winners include Tiffani Merrick, Andrea 
Deaton and Kristi Roark. 

Photos by Jamie Mings 



Director Russ Mobley 

Assistant Director Paula Humphress 

Music Director Dr. Mark Bradley 

Assistant Music Director Trent Argo 

Choreographer Paula Humphress 

Stage Managers Rachel Dockell 

Mike Young 

Pianist Peggy Hardy 

Costumes Coordinators Shirley Winters 

Joyce Martin 

Set Design Russ Mobley 

Annie Jaclyn Shields and Kathryn Todd 

Oliver Warbucks Dr. Mark Bradley 

Miss Hannigan Jan Sapp 

Grace Farrell Peggy Argo 

Rooster Chris Streets 

Lili St. Regis Dawn Welch 

Drake Fred (K.J.) Miller 

Mrs. Greer Charis Humphress 

Lt. Ward/Bert Healy Trent Argo 

Boylan Sisters Paula Humphress 

Charis Humphress 
Rebecca Humphress 

"■"The sun will come out tomorrow, bet 
-1- your bottom dollar that tomorrow, 
there'll be sun." 

The Campbellsville College drama depart- 
ment presented the musical "Annie" April 23- 

"Annie" is a story of an orphan girl who 
wants to find her real parents. The only clue 

she has is a silver locket that she wears 
around her neck. She visits a rich busi- 
nessman, Oliver Warbucks, and decides he 
would make a good father, but she can't 
forget her true identity. The evil owner of 
the orphanage, Miss Hannigan, hears about 
a reward for any information about Annie's 
true parents, and starts to conduct a plan 

Photo by Jamie Ming; 

along with her brother, Rooster, and his 
girlfriend, Lili St. Regis. As the plan un-i 
folds, it is quickly seen that it is a scheme; 
and the three are discovered and arrested. 
Annie learns that her true parents are 
dead; she is adopted by Warbucks and allj 
ends well. 

Photo by Jamie Mingsl 

At top right, Trent Argo, as Lt. Ward, returns Annie, Jaclyn Shields, to the orphanage and Miss Hannigan, played by Jan Sapp, after Annie runs away to find her parents.| 
President Franklin Roosevelt, Dr. Kenneth Martin, center, seated, insists that his cabinet sing "Tomorrow" as they learn some optimism from Annie. From left are Trent Argo, 
David Gray, Marc Whitt and James Fare. 



Photo by Jamie Mings 
Far above, the servants prepare to greet Annie. From left are: Fred (KJ.) Miller as 
Drake; Scott Burress as Fred; and John Davenport, Rebecca Humphress, Jennifer 
Newton and Charts Humphress. Plotting how they will be on "Easy Street" when they 
find Annie's parents are from left, Miss Hannigan, played by Jan Sapp; Rooster, played 
by Chris Streets, and Lili St. Regis, who is Dawn Welch. Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks, 
played by Dr. Mark Bradley, calls for help in finding Annie's parents. 

Orphans: Mollie Loren Smith 

Kate Eden Davis 

Pepper Jennifer Creason 

Tessie Sarah Parrott 

July April Son 

Duffy Beth Bradley 

Janet Richerson 

Leigh Anne Curry 

Tara Brown 

Andrea Johnson 

Bundles/Policeman Tom Pound 

President Franklin Roosevelt Dr. Kenneth Martin 

Cabinet members Dr. Kenneth W. Winters 

Dr. Robert S. Clark 

David Gray 

Marc C. Whitt 

Trent Argo 

James Fare 

Dog Catcher John Davenport 

Mary Suzanne Sowards 

Eddie Tim Hayden 

Sophie Jennifer Newton 

Allie Tina Massengill 

Irene Tammy Moynahan 

Artie John Davenport 

Servants Rebecca Humphress 

John Davenport 
Scott Burress 

Cecille Suzanne Sowards 

Annette Kim Pruitt 

Mrs. Pugh Jennifer Newton 

Fred Scott Burress 

Sandy Angus Dockell 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


Spring Formal 1993 

At right, Brian Jefferson and Rebecca Arnett are being 
posed for a picture by photographer Ronnie O'Banion. At 
bottom right, Dr. Kenneth W. Winters "feeds" David 
Gray while Dr. Robert S. Clark looks on. Below, sharing 
a laugh while they dance are Chris Wilder and Amanda 


Photo by Jamie Mings 

he "Sea of Love" was the theme for this 
year's Spring Formal. The decorations, put 
up by the members of the Student Government 
Foundation, were beautiful. Held annually, the 
formal is a time for students at Campbellsville 
College to have fun and relax before finals begin. 
A large crowd was in attendance and several 
people commented that it was the best formal 
yet. Joey Foster, president of SGA, and all the 
senate members should be commended for their 
hard work and effort at making the Spring For- 
mal such a success. 

'Sea of Love' 


Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

From top left, clockwise, Steve Lovelace and 
Brad Lawson sweat it out at football practice. 
John (Tree) Akers shows his school spirit during 
the '92 Homecoming game. William J. Doerr 
waits for halftime to perform with the Tiger 
Marching Band. Jeannine Hurst and Bonnie 
Newton cheer on the Tigers during the Home- 
coming game. President Dr. Kenneth W. Winters 
speaks at the Founders' Day convocation. 


Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 



52 ig^-^i 51 

f *** i^ iMSIx^r^ sail 

■CMC- ""^Br^^^**^ B - * a <9fl 

■■Mf ' <\'Wk !IL [*** <£ i3I 


v • f i.™ 

- | 

Top left, clockwise, even rain doesn't stop Tiger fans. Th 
Maple Trail is one of Campbellsville's finest attractions 
Ann Hurt and Jamas Riley enjoy the walk-around pa 
rade during Homecoming. David Gray, vice president fo 
development, and John Paul Blair, director of financia 
development, cheer on the Tigers. 


Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

limy Musselman, Tonya Morris, Mark Hughes, Leslie 

-ij-litchell, Jennifer Kearns and Timothy (Tee) Pass, Col- 

: ;ge Singers, relax by the water. Maud Khanyile and 

iljrmer student Faith Nkosi await the outcome of the 

Jame. Drumline members Sabrina Farmer, Tiffani Mer- 

ick, Judd Furkin, Shawn Huff, Boyd Rexroat and 

! ucky Wilson warm up before a game. Tara Celani and 

ennifer Bethel have fun at the Hawaiian party. 

Photo by Jan's Photo 


To the right, clockwise, Melanie Smith and Kristal Workman get into school 
spirit before the game starts. Andrea Deaton is all smiles after being crowned the 
new 1993 Valentine Pageant Queen. Paula Humphress entertains the crowd 
during intermission of the Valentine Pageant. The 1992 Homecoming Queen, 
Eulanda Rodgers, and her escort, Rick Clapp, are in a festive mood at the walk- 
around parade. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


m yi ^^ 'JT'i IE? 

1 B ^flr 4KBT vC 1 i 1^ A^^K^^^^^I 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

I top, clockwise, from left Amy Thompson, Amanda McKinney, Curtis Barnes, Maria London, Melissa Lipps and Eulanda Rodgers "bust a move" at the 
jring Formal. Mark Peach and Julie Vaughn share a smile for the camera. Lawanda Hazard and Derieco Irvin are enjoying themselves at the dance. 


*' %■'' 


> . -• - 





Photo by Jamie Mi 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Joan C. McKinne 





























">n the previous page at the top and going clockwise, Tad Barker shows his 
>preciation to his dad. Listening intently to the charge is Detria Dee Judd and 
aledictorian Jennifer Ann Keltner. Miss Campbellsville College Julie Vaughn 
ets a congratulatory kiss from Mark Peach. 





Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Graduation memories include above and clockwise, Cindy 
Pound Martin gets a hug from her friend, Tamara Marsteller. 
Shahana Khan receives roses from her fiance, Ayo Olaniyan, a 
1990 alumnus of the College. Joey Foster, Mr. Campbellsville 
College, receives a hug from his mom, Margie Foster, and dad, 
Joe Foster. Dr. Kenneth W. Winters congratulates Jennifer 
Keltner for having been named valedictorian of the 1993 senior 

Photo by Joan C. McKinnc 



May 8, 1993 

Ballard, Rebecca Ann 

Fields, Paul Wesley 

Martin, Cynthia Ann Pound 

Smith, Anthony 

Wood, Byron 


July 23, 1993 
Bault, Marilyn Gay 


May 8, 1993 

Akridge, Kabrina Lynn 
Al-Saefan, Sharon Beth 
Allison, Gerald Bright Jr. 
Appleman, Kimberly Dawn 
Armes, Todd Doyle 
Arnold, Michael Shane 
Barker, Tad William 
Barnett, Deanna Lynn 
Bell, Robert Mitchell 
Benningfield, Stephen Keith 
Blackford, Robert Glen 
Bland, Joseph Rodney 
Bright, Melissa Kearn 
Bush, Kathleen Suzanne 
Campbell, Regina Yvonne 
Carrico, Susan Maria 
Chastain, Merritt Lee 
Combs, Patricia Ann 
Cooper, Andrew Marc 
Cox, Terri Thomas 
Crocker, Michael Wayne 
Cross, Bryan Harding 
Donovan, Mary Beth 
Edwards, Beverly Lynne 
Flair, Barbara Ann 
Foster, Joseph Darrol Wayne 
George, Lou Ann 

(Germain, Kendra Jeanne Kennedy 
;Gettings, Gary Darnell 
Gore, Cynthia Anne 
jGowin, Pamela Sharpe 
(Graham, Paula Raye 
Hall, Holly Sue 
Harrison, Martha Jane 
Hearon, Dana Michelle 

Hughes, Mark Anthony 

Hurt, Elizabeth Ann 

Jones, Keith Byron 

Kearney, Teresa Ann 

Khan, Shahana Alam 

Knifley, Beverly Ann 

Lipker, Larry Frank 

Mattingly, Mary Angela 

Milby, Kelli Christina 

Miller, Cindy Rana 

Montgomery, Brian Jay 

Myers, John Patterson 

Noble, Lee Anne 

Pennington, Aubrey El 

Phelps, Robin Renee 

Pierce, Karen Alice 

Post, Kellie Parthena 

Richardson, William S. 

Riley, Jamas Lee 

Roberts, Brian Keith 

Sabo, John William 

Tharp, Betty Jo 

Thompson, Regina Porter 

Thongmanivong, Sosomphanh 

Washburn, Frank Eugene Jr. 

Watene, Sammy Chege 

Weiter, Gary Joseph Jr. 

Whitehouse, Margaret 
Wilkerson, Lisa A. 
Williams, Robert Stanley 
Williamson, Nathan James 
Willis, Robert Woodruff Jr. 
Wilson, Kathy A. 
Wingler, Sherri Ann 
Yantz, Timothy Shawn 
Young, Tiffany Leigh 

December 18, 1992 
Burdette, Deborah Maupin 

Burton, Jerry Michael 

Cambron, Tracy Shofner 

Cox, Shirley Diane Langlois 

Ford, Tammy Lynn 

Gill, Ronda Renee 

Judd, Detria Dee 

Keltner, Jennifer Ann 

Knight, Jonetta Rae 

Mason, Lynette Marie Dearner 

Mattingly, Sheila Ann 

Milby, Jacqueline 

Neely, Jack Keen 

Sego, Michelle Lee 

Washburn, Betty Joyce 

Weeks, Lara Lea 

Wood, Cynthia Lynn 

York, Randy Ray 

Young, Manette Detherage 


July 23, 1993 

Adams, Cecilia Kay 

Bare, William L. 

Browning, Russell William 

Dabney, Donald Allen 

Hamilton, David Wayne 

Hoagland, Gregory Lee 

Jiffar, Addisu 

Lile, Darian Brent 

Massengill, Tina Maria Lee 

Mishler, Jennifer Leigh 

Moss, Mary Elizabeth 

Rednour, Christian Lynn 

Sooter, June Hash 

Taylor, Rebecca Spradlin 

Thomas, Beverly Tate 

Vaughn, Julia Carol 


May 8, 1993 
Tinnell, Jennifer Leigh 


December 18, 1992 
Hall, Stacey L. Porter 
Sprowles, Janice Anita 


Senior honors and awards 

Cum Laude 

Beverly Ann Knifley 

Sharon Beth Al-Saefan 

Joseph Darrol Wayne Foster 

Pamela Sharpe Gowin 

Terri Thomas Cox 
Byron Dewayne Wood- 
Cynthia Ann Pound Martin 
Regina Yvonne Campbell 
Julia Carol Vaughn 
June Hash Sooter 

Magna Cum Laude Summa Cum Laude 

Lee Anne Noble 
Mary Beth Donovan 

Jack Keen Neely 

Beverly Tate Thomas 

Tracy Shofner Cambron 

Brian Keith Roberts 

Melissa Kearn Bright 

Rebecca Ann Ballard 

Robert Woodruff Willis Jr. 

John William Sabo 

Karen Alice Pierce 

Jennifer Ann Keltner 

Special Awards 

Valedictorian Jennifer Ann Keltner 

Salutatorian Karen Alice Pierce 

Rotary Award Joseph D.W. Foster 

Marshall Lyon Award Jack Keen Neely 

Bus. & Prof. Women's Award Cynthia Pound Martin 

Miss Campbellsville Julia Carol Vaughn 

Mr. Campbellsville Joseph D.W. Foster 

SGA Extra Mile Award, Staff Margie Foster 

SCA Extra Mile Award, Student Joseph D.W. Foster 

SGA Challenger Award Janice Greathouse 

SGA Appreciation of Service Joseph D.W. Foster 

Senior Awards 

Talent Award Jennifer Leigh Tinnell 

Athletic Award Kendra Jeanne Germain 

Sammy Chege Watene 

Achievement Award Sosomphanh (Pon) Thongmanivong 

Leadership Award Joseph Darrol Wayne Foster 

School Spirit Mark Anthony Hughes 

Outstanding Senior Award Holly Sue Hall 

Double A Award Timothy Shawn Yantz 

Don Doyle Spirit Award Marilyn Gay Bault 

Scholastic (Valedictorian) Jennifer Ann Keltner 

Scholastic (Salutatorian) Karen Alice Pierce 

Who's Who Among Students 

In American Universities and 


Rebecca Ann Ballard 

Melissa Kearn Bright 

Joseph Darrol Wayne Foster 

Cynthia Anne Gore 

Mark Anthony Hughes 

Jennifer Ann Keltner 

Beverly Ann Knifley 

Cynthia Ann Pound Martin 

Jack Keen Neely 

Lee Anne Noble 

Kellie Parthena Post 

John William Sabo 

Sosomphanh (Pon) Thongmanivong 

Jennifer Leigh Tinnell 

Timothy Shawn Yantz 

Divisional Awards 

Biology Mary Angela Matting, ' 

Business and Economics Karen Alice Pien : 

Chemistry Paula Dicken Graha 

Computer Information Systems Jennifer Ann Keltm 

Brian Keith Rober 

Drama Tina Maria Massengi 

Cynthia Ann Pound Marti 

Education — Primary Beverly Ann Kniflt 

Education — Middle Grades Pamela Sharpe Gowi 

Education — Secondary Melissa Kearn Brig) ] 

English Rebecca Ann Ballot 

History Jack Keen Neei 

Mathematics Melissa Kearn Brig} ( 

Jennifer Ann Keltnt 

Outstanding Graduating Senior Music Jennifer Leigh Tinne ; 

Outstanding PE Student Kendra Jeanne Germai 

Political Science Joseph D.W. FosU 

Religious Education Rebecca Ann Ballar ' 

Scholarship Nominations 


Ree Shana Estes 

Ricky Gearlds 

Larry King 

John Loyd 

Tonya Lynch 

Michael Sharp 

Richard Stratton 

Brent Thornton 

James Ward 


Tracy Gullion 
Elaine Son 


Mr. and Miss Campbellsville 

Joseph D.W. Foster and Julia Carol Vaughn 

Graduating senior Joey 
Foster said, "It feels good 
to be recognized as someone 
who exemplifies the charac- 
eristics of Campbellsville 

Foster and Julie Vaughn, 
:>oth of Campbellsville, were 
lamed Mr. and Miss 
Campbellsville College dur- 
ng Honors and Awards Day 
\pril 28. 

To be a candidate for the 
Student Government Associ- 
ation sponsored Mr. and Miss 
Campbellsville College, stu- 
■ lents must be graduating 
i >eniors with at least a 3.0 
• prade point average and 60 
' rredit hours at Campbellsville 
j Zollege. The faculty and ad- 
i ninistration then vote on the 
[.tudents they feel are most 
\, ;leserving of these titles. 
» Vaughn said she felt 
'■■ 'relieved and excited" to be 
| eceiving her college degree. 
\ /aughn received her bachelor 
i )f science degree in business 
ldministration with a minor 
' n music at commencement 
4ay 8. 

: Foster received a bachelor 
of science degree in political 
cience with a minor in eco- 
lomics and chemistry. 

It's a little different for 
ne," Foster said. "I've been a 
;>art of the Campbellsville 
lollege family for eight 
r ears." 

Foster is the son of Joe D. 
'oster, assistant professor of 
conomics, and Margaret W. 
Margie) Foster, director of 
•ookstore, print shop and 
>ostal services at Campbell- 
ville College. 

"I'm leaving my family," 
Le said. "I'm excited to have 
leached this point, but I will 
lot be with my family as 

Foster's future plans in- 
lude attending law school or 
•raduate school with the 
iiopes of someday being in- 
olved in public service. 
"I think the reason I was 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Above, seniors Joseph Darroll Wayne Foster and Julia Carol Vaughn represent the 
College as Mr. and Miss Campbellsville College. 

drawn to Campbellsville College 
was because of the student at- 
mosphere. I really felt like this 
was where God wanted me, and 
I really wanted to be a part of an 
institution that was changing 
and moving in a positive direc- 
tion," Vaughn said. 

While at Campbellsville Col- 
lege, both Foster and Vaughn 
were active in campus organi- 
zations and activities. 

Vaughn was a member of the 
Collegiate Chorale, Concert 
Chorus and Handbell Choir and 
the recipient of the Campbell- 
sville College Women's Club 
Scholarship. She was the vice 
president of her freshman class, 
1992 Valentine Pageant Queen, 
received best talent in the Val- 
entine Pageant, represented 
Campbellsville College in the 
1992 Mountain Laurel Festival 
and made the academic honors' 
list several times. 

Her future plans include going 
back to college to become cer- 
tified to teach in elementary ed- 
ucation. She graduated cum 

Foster was vice president of 
the SGA in 1990-91 and pres- 
ident in 1991-92 and 1992-93. 
He was vice president of the 
Baptist Student Union in 1991- 
92. He was a member of the 
Handbell Choir, Jazz Band since 
his sophomore year in high 
school, Concert Band, Marching 
Band and Midwest Model Unit- 
ed Nations. 

He was named to "Who's 
Who Among Students in Amer- 
ican Universities and Colleges" 
in 1992. 

Foster was chairman of the 
Valentine Dance and Spring For- 
mal for two years, was student 
representative to the Board of 
Trustees in 1991-93, was Senior 
Campaign Co-Chair of VISION 
2000 II and graduated cum 
laude. He also received several 
awards at Honors and Awards 


Senior Class 

T n April 1992, the members 
*• of the Senior Class were al- 
ready preparing for their last 
year of college. Officers were 
elected and included Kellie 
Post, president; Katie Adams, 
vice president; Tamara Mar- 
steller, treasurer, and Carlene 
Leonard, secretary. 

The members of the Senior 
Class were preparing to cross 
a milestone in their educa- 
tional careers — graduation. 
The class prepared itself for 
this long-awaited event 
throughout the year. 

Class members ordered and 
received their class rings 
which served as a symbol of 
all of the hard work that they 
had done through the years. 
They were also fitted for caps 
and gowns, and then the final 
step — receiving and sending 
out invitations. 

These seniors were known 
for their superb leadership 
and guidance by the under- 
classmen as well as the fac- 

Photo by Joan C. McKin 

The Senior Class officers are from left: Sylvia Morris, dean of student development, advisor; Kellie Post, president; Katie Adams, vice president; Tamara Marstell 
treasurer, and Carlene Leonard, secretary. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Above, Mike Sharp enjoys a snack during the walk- 
around parade. At right, Betty Jo Tharp and her escort, 
Mike Higdon, are recognized on the court. At far right, Jay 
Montgomery makes an FCA announcement during a 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Photo by Tamara Marste 


Cecilia Kay Adams 

Kabrina Lynn Akridge 

Sharon Beth Al-Saefan 

Gerald Bright Allison Jr. 

Kimberly Dawn Appleman Kimberly Ann Arvin 

Rebecca Ann Ballard 

William Lee Bare 

Tad William Barker 

Deanna Lynn Barnett 

Marilyn Gay Bault 

Robert Mitchell Bell 


Patricia Reinette Benedict Stephen Keith Benningfield Robert Glenn Blackford 

Joseph Rodney Bland 

Michael K. Bowen 

Gregory Campbell Bowlin Melissa Kearn Bright 

Russell William Browning 

„M°. l lill, 

Laurie Ann Buchieri 

Deborah Maupin Burdette Jerry Michael Burton 

Kathleen Suzanne Bush 



racy Jay Shofner Cambron Regina Yvonne Campbell 

Susan Maria Carrico 

April Marcel Carter 

nnifer Caulk Cash 

Melvin Todd Catron 

Merritt Lee Chastain 

Linda L. Clore 

itricia Ann Combs 

Terry Dwayne Conner 

Andrew Marc Cooper 

James Sean Cooper 


Shirley Diane Langlois Cox Misti Lynn Craig 

Jody Lynn Criswell 

Michael W. Crocker 

Bryan Harding Cross 

Mary Beth Donovan 

Erin Searcy Dudgeon 

Beverly Lynne Edwards 

Stephanie Jill Edwards 

William Judd Embry 

Jeff Emerson 

Paul Wesley Fields 




1 • 

sn - ^H «-. v 

It "Pi? M,jMM 

•arbara Ann Flair 

Tiffany Leigh Young Floyd Tammy Lynn Ford 

Joseph Darrol Wayne Foster 

inita L. Gardner 

Ricky Edward Gearlds 

Lou Ann George 

Kendra Jeanne Germain 

Jary Darnell Gettings 

Tammie Gail Gibson 

Ronda Renee Gill 

Michael W. Goff 


Cynthia Anne Gore 

Pamela Sharpe Gowin 

Paula Raye Graham 

Lori Ann Graves 


" • 

Holly Sue Hall 

David Wayne Hamilton 

Martha Jane Harrison 

Dana Michelle Hearon 

Deborah Ann Hinton 

Ted Brian Hood 

Mark Anthony Hughes 

Paula Donne Humphress 


lizabeth Ann Hurt 

Detria Dee Judd 

Teresa Ann Kearney 

Jennifer Carol Keene 

nnifer Ann Keltner 

Shahana Alam Khan 

Denise DeBoard Kidd 

Joseph Christopher Kidwell 







1 1 

3** ifl 

% i 


4 <-. ^W-j 

' '^M 

ri *\ 



^ A,V| , 




1 1 



irry Lloyd King 

Beverly Ann Knifley 

Jonetta Rae Knight 

Anne Marie Large 


Roseanna Lenardson 

Carlene Diane Leonard 

Darian Brent Lile 

Larry Frank Lipker 

Jeanna Carol Loy 

Melissa McFelea Malone 

Cynthia Ann Pound Martin Lynette Deaner Mason 

Tina Maria Lee Massengill Mary Angela Mattingly 

Jeffrey Lee McCarty 

Steve Gerald Medley 


albert Brady Milburn 

Jacqueline Milby 

Kelli Christina Milby 

Cindy Rana Miller 

fohn David Miracle 

Jennifer Leigh Mishler 

Brian Jay Montgomery 

Mary Elizabeth Moss 

fohn Patterson Myers 

Jack Keen Neely 

Lisa Wayne Newton 

Lee Anne Noble 


11 • 1 I 9 

Mark Albert Peach 

Jean Pence 

Aubrey Pennington 

Tina Renee Petty 

Robin Renee Phelps 

Karen Alice Pierce 

Kellie Parthena Post 

John 6. Raganas 

Pamela Reneau 

Jamas Lee Riley 

Brian Keith Roberts 

Earl D. Rodgers 


I«rf- -r% 

^ .,■■ ' ■"=*- 

/lyra Blakeman Rodgers 

John R. Routh 

John William Sabo 

Mylea McFelea Sapp 

heodore William Schultz Michelle Lee Sego 

Michael David Sharp 

Anthony Smith 

lary Elaine Son 

June Theresa Sooter 

Paul Martin Spalding 

John Richard Steele 






Vincent Craig Stephens 

Lisa Katherine Stokes 

Barry Neil Stringer 

James C. Stringfield 


Mary June Tharp 

Beverly Tate Thomas 

Regina Porter Thompson 


9ii Thongmanivong 

Jennifer Leigh Tinnell 

Julia Carol Vaughn 

Betty Joyce Washburn 


rank Eugene Washburn Jr. Sammy Chege Watene 

Lara Lea Weeks 

Gary Joseph Weiter Jr. 

lice Faye Whitehouse 

Margaret Ann Whitehouse Lisa A. Wilkerson 

Donna Williams 


it ■ 


Robert Stanley Williams 

Nathan James Williamson Kathy Ann Wilson 

Sherri A. Wingler 

James Edward Workman 

Timothy Shawn Yantz 

Randy Ray York 

Manette Detherage Young 


Seniors Not Pictured 

Matthew Allen 

Addisu Jiffar 

Todd Doyle Armes 

Keith Byron Jones 

Cathy Sue Arnold 

Eric Cletus King 

Michael Shane Arnold 

Sheila Ann Masterson Mattingly 

Ann Bland 

Tamara Ann Moynahan 

Shirley fright Buckman 

Laura Renna Napier 

Michael Todd Cecil 

Gale Mitchell Perry 

Robin Elaine Choate 

Sharon Pinkston 

Phyllis Cox 

William S. Richardson 

Terri Thomas Cox 

Ronald Glenn Sams 

Donald Allen Dabney 

Deanna Renee Scott 

Susan Rebecca Dabney 

Carole Antionette Miles Thomas 

William Earl Day Sr. 

Ruth Jane Wheatley ! 

April C. Gordon 

Robert Woodruff Willis Jr. 

Rodney Dale Gordon 

Andrew A. Wilson 

Eric Melvin Graves 

Byron Wood 

Gregory Lee Hoagland 

Cynthia Lynn Wood 

Robin Huddleston 



d bottom, clockwise, Kim Appleman and Jack Neely listen to speaker Hilda 
iay Legg* former alternate federal co-chairman of the Appalachian Regional 
lommission and a 1970 alumnus of the College, as she challenges them, 
enior class president Kellie Post speaks to the graduates about the future and 
/hat it holds. Sylvia Morris, dean of student development, and graduate Tina 
lassengill share a laugh about past memories. The 1993 senior class con- 
isted of 115 graduates. Baccalaureate speaker was the Rev. Charles E. Stewart, 
resident of the Kentucky Baptist Convention and pastor of Rose Hill Baptist 
hurch in Ashland, Ky. 




t . 

. ■ - 

*■ ' 


1 ' < 



- m 

^Hfik *0~~'«*^ ,M 

- ■ - «• 

* i 








y \ 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Photo by Jamie Mings 









During the Freshmen Friends activity, from left, Curtis Barnes, Lynne Pendygraft and Staci Black, bottom row; Tara Celani and Richie Stratton, middle row, and Mi- 
Hughes and Amy Houk, top row; try to build a pyramid. 



































Junior Class 

"D eing a junior is not all fun and 
** games. This was evident as the 
class moved further through the year. 

Most general education classes 
were over, and it was time to choose a 
major and/ or minor in the field of 
one's choice. 

For many, that choice was hard 
enough to make by itself. This was a 
year for many to get down to work on 
their studies and to keep up their 

After having completed two years 
of college, it would seem that during 
one's junior year one could sit back 
and take it easy. Not so! If anything, 
the junior year proved to be as much 
or more hectic than the first two years. 

The juniors started to accept re- 
sponsibility as they realized the end of 
their college careers was coming 
quickly to a close. This responsibility 
was shown through their election of 
officers and other class decisions. 

At right, those elected as officers are 
from left, Jagath Mathupala, treas- 
urer; Sandeep Nandkeolyar, secre- 
tary; Rick Clapp, vice president, and 
Tara Celani, president. 

Below, from left, Brooke Williams enjoys her- 
self during Welcome Week. Audrey Ferguson 
types at her work-study job. Rhea Beaty helps 
serve chili at a Lady Tigers' chili supper. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Tamara MarstelV 



^iy^j *** Jl 

\ , - < 

^S'iS I* 



John (Tree) Akers 
Angie Anderson 
LeDean Antle 
Steve Arnold 

Glen Atkinson 
Rhea Beaty 
Brian Bishop 
Jeffrey Blevins 

Roy Booker 
Luther Bramblett 
Mary Bray 
Scott Bruton 

Kevin Burton 
Toni Calhoun 
Gregory Cantrell 
Travis Carter 

Derinda Christerson 
Rick Clapp 
Danny Collison 
Charles Conley 



Todd Cook 

Stephen Copley 

Leslie Corbin 

David Cozart 

Daniel Crockett 

Beth Curry 

Kimberly F. Daniels 

Kristen Davis 

Randye Davis 

Billy Day 

Michael Defoe 

Shaun Dile 

Lora Dye 
Dave Farris 
Brenda Ford 
Joseph Ford 

Patrick Foster 

Dan Gonzales 

Randy Gregory 

William Guffey 


/..'i Pit ■ 

m 3 

<M*:r. . 





Tracy Gullion 
Cynthia Hammons 
Vicki Hardin 
Melinda Harmon 

Jeff Harrod 
Garin Hash 
Carolyn Hatchett 
Tim Hay den 

Vicky Haydon 
Mark Hedgespeth 
Sabrina Herrin 
David Hicks 

Tammy Hill 
Anissa Holman 
Chad Hood 
Laura Humphress 

Kazi Islam 
Matt Jenkins 
Wassie Jiffar 
Candy Jones 


Renee Jones 

Scott Jury 

Orvis Kean 

Lee Kendall 

Teressa Kendall 

Carl Kendrick 

Amy King 

Darrell Landis 

Brad Lawson 
Melissa Lipps 
Thomas Lloyd 
Maria London 

Steve Lovelace 

Syvel Lowery 

John Loyd 

Tammy Luttrell 

Tonya Lynch 

Perry Maddox 

Steven Manning 

Shannon Marks 




F ' A; * *18JKSV V 



Tamara Marsteller 
Chris Mason 
Jagath Mathupala 
Tyonia Matthews 

Margaret Mattingly 
Debbie Mauk 
Rick Mays 
W.D. McCubbin 

Sharon Medley 
Joseph Melton 
Grant Miller 
Jamie Mings 

Leslie Mitchell 
Joe Morgeson 
Lori Moses 
Ronnie Moss 

Rhonda Mudd 
Shanae Netherland 
Todd Osbourne 
Jay Padgett 


Gwen Patterson 
Traci Peppers 
William Reed 

Jason Richerson 

Catherine Rhodes 

Kristi Roark 

John Ross 

Lesley Ross 

Christine Sikorski 

Laura Sims 

BeLinda Smith 

Gene Smith 

Kirby Smith 

Ramont Smith 

Rich Smith 

Thresa Spalding 

Clay Stewart 

Deborah Story 

Richie Stratton 

Tammy Sullivan 


Adam Ray Abell 
LeDean Gaye Antle 
John G. Booker 
Larry Frith 
Faye Gaines 
Stacey Porter Hall 

Jennifer Reynolds Hash 
Timothy Darren Kidd 
Rachel Ann Lyvers 
Rich Mullins 
Eunice Nally 
Sandeep Nandkeolyar 

William J. Phetterplace 
Latricia Gayle Wise Speer 
Janice Sprowles 
LuAnn Tarter 
James D. Turner 
William Brian Wicker 

Robbie Sumpter 
Sarah Taylor 
John Teater 
Michael Thomas 

Anita Thompson 
Danny Tolbert 
Becky Tolbert 
Bobby VanDyke 

Shelia Veatch 
Deborah Wakefield 
Scot Walters 
Jamie Ward 

Kim Webster 
Brooke Williams 
Vicki Williams 
Ray Wilson 

Kenneth Wood 
Rebecca Wren 
Jennifer Zammert 
Richard Zhu 


TPhe Sophomore Class 
-*- makes up a large portion 
of the students on campus. 
This class seems to be very 
strong and dedicated to the 
College because many of the 
sophomores hold exclusive 
positions on campus. 

This year at the walk- 
around parade during Home- 
coming, sophomores worked 
at an old-fashioned lemonade 
stand as a fund raiser. They 
also hired a professional pho- 
tographer to take pictures. 
These were very successful in 
raising money for the class. 

The officers for the class are 
Becky Mishler, president; Gail 
Siler, vice president; Leslie 
Potterfield, secretary, and Bri- 
an Clifford, treasurer. These 
students were selected by 
their peers to represent them 
on campus. 

The Homecoming repre- 
sentative for the sophomore 
class was Leslie Potterfield 
who was escorted by Jason 

Sophomore Class 

Photo by Joan C. McKinn 

At right, 
S i d e rs , 
and Mike 
hang out 
in Stapp 
Hall lob- 
by. At far 
right, Tif- 
fani Mer- 
rick cuts 
loose at a 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Jamie Min;) 


Sandra Abell 
Chuck Allen 
Ryan Allen 
Wendy Amiet 

Stacy Bottom Anderson 
Mark Arnett 
Rebecca Arnett 
Patrick Ashcraft 

Dan Bailey 
David Bailey 
Curtis Barnes 
Delena Beard 

Bryan Bennett 
Susie Benningfield 
Jennifer Bethel 
Beau Black 

Staci Black 
Cristi Blackmon 
Kim Boling 
Jennifer Bratton 


Danny Breeden 

Greg Bridges 

Jeff Brockman 

Kim Brown 

Chris Burnett 

Jackie Burton 

Nicky Carmicle 

Richard Carmichael 

Angie Caulk 

Phyllis Caulk 

Jennifer Cecil 

Tara Celani 

Scott Childress 

Andrew Clark 

Angela Clark 

Gloria Coffey 

Charles Colvin 

David Creason 

Kimberly Daniels 

Jason Davis 


- P K * 

*" mHB^^I 

S * 1 

Andrea Deaton 
David DeBoard 
Hether Denney 
Kenneth Dillingham 

Richard Dooley 
Kevin Durham 
Glenda Edwards 
Scott Elliott 

Chris Evans 
Natasha Fair 
Audrey Ferguson 
Ginger Fuller 

Tommy Gannon 
Jayson Gard 
Cynthia Garland 
Doug Gloyd 

Paul Godbey 
Matt Gordon 
Todd Gowin 
Kristi Graves 


Tammy Gribbins 

Michelle Gupton 

April Hamilton 

Tammy Haney 

Russell Harrell 

Danny Harrison 

Robbie Haynes 

Chad Hays 

Donna Hedgespeth 

Michelle Hendley 

Jesse Herbst 

Tabitha Herron 

Carl Hicks 

Kenneth Holland 

Jennifer Hooper 

Amy Houk 

Shawn Huff 

Melinda Humphress 

Danny Hunt 

Marci Hunt 


Jeannine Hurst 
Charles Hutchins 
Keri Hutchison 
Wanetta Hutchison 

Lori Inman-Kemp 
Derieco Irvin 
David Jar vis 
Anna Jeffries 

Michelle Jeffries 
Darrin Jenkins 
Keith L. Jones 
Benji Kelly 

Jane Kephart 
Brian Ken- 
Maud Khanyile 
JusAustin Lane 

Angela Lobb 
Beth Loy 
Jeff Loyall 
Leah Magers 


Laura Mann 
Pamela Mardis 
Darla Matherly 

Paula Mays 

Margaret McFarland 

Amanda McKinney 

Neil Medley 

Keith Medley 

Ethan Meguiar 

Tiffani Merrick 

Tonya Milby 

Jason Miller 

Melissa Miller 

Becky Mishler 

Jason Montgomery 

Tonya Morgan 

Tonya Morris 

Vanessa Morris 

Adam Murphy 

Amy Musselman 


Ben Page 
Matt Palmer 
Richard Phillips 
Vickie Pierce 

Leslie Potterfield 
Tom Pound 
Richard Puryear 
Alana Richardson 

Eulanda Rodgers 
Kristy Sandefur 
Misty Sandefur 
Tommy Sayers 

Sean Schlobohm 
Joey Shive 
Mike Siders 
Will Sipes 

Rebecca Sizemore 
James Sloan 
Bill Smith 
Darlene Smith 


Melanie Smith 

Peggy Snyder 

Melcenia Sprowls 

Scott Stamper 

Irena Stepanikova 

Christal Stooksbury 

Chris Streets 

Cheryl Sublett 

Jennifer Tafoya 

Kimberly Thompson 

China T ungate 

Heather Underwood 

Jeanette Veatch 
Ron Wakefield 
Judith Walden 
Teresa Wallace 

Mollie Warner 

James Washburn 

Brian Weinrich 

Jerry Wesley 


l^.< tol*^ 



Lisa Williams 
Ronnie Williams 
Amye Wilson 
Georgeanna Wilson 

Marcha Wilson 
Elizabeth Witthuhn 
Lori Wolf 
Chris Wolfe 

Sophomores Not Pictured 

Sabrina Anderson 
Robert Brown 
Diane Colvin 
fames S. Colvin 
| Johnny Cornette 
Tibby Cox 
Carol Hill Cravens 
Douglas Daugherty 
Mary Agnes Durham 
Mark Goble 
Deborah Gorley 
Billy Gregory 
Kristie Hayes 
Suellen Haynes 

Roxie Hunt 
Ina Jones 
Jennifer Kearns 
Dawn Lambert 
Kevin Lee 
James Mattingly 
Billy Merzweiler 
Cindy O'Banion 
Dorian Owen 
Louis Philpott 
Owen Richard 
Tammy Ridgway 
Kristen Rodgers 
Deanna Rogers 

Scott Shaw 
Melinda Shirley 
Gail Shofner 
Gail Siler 
Karen Smith 
Tammy Smith 
Judith Spalding 
Kim Stein 
Rodney Turpin 
Martin Visconti 
Donna Wiser 
Travis Wootton 


^1 T A 

Photo bv Tamara Marstelle 

Above, freshmen Lynne Pendygraft and Chris Easterling participate in Homecoming's ice cream social. 

Freshman Class 


Photo by Joan C. McKinneyl 

The Freshman Class officers are from left: Front row — Bobby Himes, associate professor of history, advisor; Chastity Yarberry, president, Mitch Gaddis, vicer 
president. Back row — Sarah Wilson, secretary, and Johanna (J.J.) Montgomery, reporter. 

Reared and excited were two verbs to 
*-' describe the Freshman Class. 

Coming to a strange and new place not 
knowing anyone was a definite disad- 
vantage of being a freshman. Making 
friends was a must and then settling into 
a daily routine of classes and studying 

was another aspect of college. 

The first week of classes was spent 
registering and purchasing books and 
materials. The first full week of classes 
was designated as Freshman Week. This 
week was filled with silly initiations by 
the seniors to the freshmen. 

Throughout the year, the freshmen! 
held a voice in what was going on and in 
what was happening on campus. Theyf 
elected officers and representatives to 
the Student Government Association 


Tim Adams 
Derrick Age 
John Alvey 
Sabrina Anderson 

Alice Arnett 
Larry Ashlock 
Suzanna Baker 
Kelly Bauer 

Linda Beard 
Laura Bell 
Van Berry 
Brian Black 

Chasity Blankenship 
Dwayne Board 
Edwardo Bocatto 
Brennen Booth 

Scott Borowick 
Steven Bowling 
Susan Brady 
Kelly Brenner 


Pamela Brewer 

Catina Brockman 

J.D. Brown 

Sheri Bruce 

Tammy Brummett 

Kathy Buckman 

Scotty Burns 

Clint Charlton 

Darren Childers 
John Clark 
Stacy Clark 
Laura Clem 

Brian Clifford 

George Clifton 

Mariah Coatney 

Terry Cochran 

Chip Collins 

Connie Conyers 

Stacy Coulter 

Brian Cox 


BS% ■* • 

: A 

' IB', » n 

Dana Cox 
Jonathan Cox 
Matt Cox 
Tammy Cox 

Chad Creech 
Lori Criley 
Lisa Criswell 
Dennis Cruise 

Eric Cruse 
Marcus Cundiff 
Ann Dabney 
Amanda Darden 

Stacy Davenport 
Karen Davis 
Shane Davis 
Nicole Davis 

Steve Davis 
Donna DeWeese 
Stephen Dixon 
James Dodson 



William J. Doerr 

Jamie Domerese 

Richard Doom 

Michael Doty 

Derek Dudgeon 

Brenda Durrett 

Joshua Duty 

Christian Easterling 

Mark Elliot 

Stephen Epperson 

Ree Shana Estes 

Rebecca Farmer 

Sabrina Farmer 

Bryan Feese 

Keith Ferriell 

Victoria Fisher 

Laura Flinchum 

Eva Floyd 

Angela Followell 

Melissa Ford 


Bethney Foster 
Steve Fowler 
Stacy French 
Robin Frisbee 

Lewis Frith 
Judd Furkin 
Heather Gabehart 
Daniel Gaddis II 

Mitchell Gaddis 
Michelle Gaines 
Chris Gallichio 
Angie Garrison 







Carrie Garrison 
Ernie Garrison 
Steven Gentz 
Angie Geralds 

Jama! Gerald 
Chris Gibbs 
Michelle Glover 
Shakara Goodin 


Todd Goodlett 

Jason Goodman 

Elizabeth Goodwin 

Michael Goss 

Matt Gosser 

Jonathan Gough 

Beth Grant 

Kevin Grant 

Tony Graves 

Tasha Greer 

Carta Gribbins 

Lamont Groves 

Jennifer Hamilton 

Laura Handy 

Sandra Harden 

Van Hardin 

Billy Harston 

Donald Hatridge 

Karl Hawkins 

Kimberly Haydon 

W 1 








^ '■ 



Marlow Hazard 
Kendra Hazelwood 
Tracy Heistand 
Darren Helm 

Kimberly Herbig 
Darla Hickman 
Keith Hill 
Kenneth Hollobaugh 

Angela Holmes 
Nicole Hooten 
James Hoskins 
John Houston 

Forrest Howard 
Gina Perkins Huff 
Scott Hughes 
Ginger Humphress 

Brian Jefferson 
Christina Jewell 
Greta Johnson 
Joy Johnson 


Kevin Johnson 

Eric Jones 

Stephanie Jones 

Matt Justice 

" ^PVHJPV^^i^P" 


HBb^' 1 


Eric Keith 

Jason Keith 

Marty Keith 

Donna Kingery 

Steven Kinslow 

Brad Kirby 

Jennifer Kirtley 

Teo Kljaic 

Dana Lee 

Jennaine Lee 

Gary Leger 

Harold Lloyd Jr. 

Mary Lloyd 

Carol Lyvers 

Cecily Maggard 

Christopher Marcnm 


Bill Mason 
Michael Massengale 
Greg Mattingly 
Phil McCubbin 

Heather McDowell 
Jill McKinley 
Deborah McMahan 
Jason Milburn 

Billy Miller 
Ronna Mills 
Beverly Mings 
Johnna Montgomery 

Mark Moore 
Marvell Moore 
Chris Morgan 
Stephen Morris 

Tammy Morris 
Carla Moss 
Edward Murphy 
Sheila Mwachiru 


Jared Myers 

Vanessa Myers 

David Nallia 

Deborah Neat 

Bonnie Newton 

Valerie Owens 

Connie Pace 

Tonya Pace 

Jason Parker 

Tee Pass 

Lynne Pendygraft 

Yuvondra Penick 

Jessica Peniston 

Robert Pennington 

Le Ann Pepper 

Tina Perkins 

Richey Petty 

Marcy Pettyjohn 

Angie Phillips 

Angela Phillips 


Sharon Phillips 
Sharla Pochodzay 
Shawn Price 
Connie Pruitt 

Kim Pruitt 
Jon Rafferty 
Sunshine Raley 
Boyd Rexroat 

Michael Richard 
Michael Richards 
Chad Roberson 
Cynthia Robinson 

Steve Robinson 
Meredith Rogers 
Timothy Rogers 
Raymond Ross 

Carl Rumple 
Scott Sandidge 
Kristi Sapp 
Chris Sauerwine 


Thomas Schnieders 

Ivan Sewell 

Bill Shavkey 

Kimberly Sheene 

Paul Shively 

Chad Simpson 

Lea Ann Sinclair 

Jennifer Smith 

Tim Smith 

William Soard 

Gregg Sorrell 

Chad Spalding 

Shannon Stephens 

Kyle Stinson 

Wendy Stout 

William Streeval 

Jeremy Suchman 

Joe Sullivan 

Mike Sullivan 

Phillip Sullivan 

■ ^1 

1-^ «r-P 

|. &Lz&- am 

- ^M 

IL \ 

t I 







1 -. lliH 



Chris Termuhlen 
Doug Thompson 
Michelle Thompson 
Rick Thompson 




*<*■ :: ::: € 

-. ** 





El .. .:. 




William Thompson 
Brent Thornton 
Anthony Towe 
Charles Valentine 

Zane Van Arsdale 
Marty Wabnitz 
Wendy Wade 
Linda Wadsworth 

Shawn Walston 
Aaron Walters 
Chris Waters 
Dawn Welch 

John Wheat 
Aaron Wells 
Alice Wheatley 
Vincent White 



Mark Whorton 

Chris Wilder 

Edwin Willis 

Elmore (Bucky) Wilson 

Sarah Wilson 

Loren Wingfield 

Shalana Winkle 

Christi Wise 

Jowanna Wise 

Mary Wiser 

Joseph Witherspoon 

Vanessa Wood 

Stephen Woodell 

Kristal Workman 

Russell Wright 

Chasity Yarberry 

Danny Young 
Mike Young 
Peggy Jones 




Freshmen Not Pictured 

I Darryl Baize 

Kevin Garr 

Charles Northern 

Paul L. Bargo 

Timothy Glass 

Jonathan Ortt 

\ William Bass 

Kenneth Goodwin 

Alonzo Palmer 

! Greg Bassett 

Jerry Graham Jr. 

Rita Parsons 

Kimberly Benningfield 

Michael Gray 

Anne Patterson 

David Benningfield 

William Gribbins 

Jean Payton 

Robert Bivens 

Junior Groves 

Jim Penix 

Veronica Bland 

Timothy Hall 

Michael Percell 

Howard Bradshaw 

Melinda Hamilton 

Cynthia Perkins 

Joseph Brady 

Samuel Hayes 

Lesley Perkins 

1 Kaye Breeding 

Lawanda Hazard 

Anthony Phipps 

Courtney Ayers Bright 

Kathryn Higdon 

Jeffrey Piatt 

Alfred Brown 

Clarence B. Hill Jr. 

Eric Porter 

MaDonna Browning 

Gladys Hill 

Anita Raley 

1 Terry Bunton 

William Hill 

Patricia Richardson 

James Burns 

Brian Gisgen 

Patricia Rizner 

Timothy Burns 

Jason Holtsclaw 

James Robbins 

Janet Burton 

Deborah Hord 

Denny Rose 

Jacqueline Caldwell 

Charles Horton 

Stacey Sapp 

Carl Campbell 

Marlon Hoskins 

Andrew Schultz 

Lance Campbell 

Darin D. Houchins 

Stephen Schumm 

IJack Canady 

Tammy Hughes 

Rosemary Shofner 

Clifford Capps 

Michael Humphress 

Darrell Skaggs 

Steve Case 

Marcus Jackson 

Teddy Sloan 

Chris Cash 

Mark Jones 

Gerald Smith 

Melissa Clark 

Patricia Jones 

Norman Smith 

Barry Clemons 

Robert S. Jones Jr. 

Mitchell Sneed 

Glennon D. Collier 

Ricky Jordan 

Bruce St. Clair 

Thomas Connell 

Kris Kell 

Jeffrey Stewart 

Brent Cooper 

Michael S. Knight 

Phillip Stockdale 

Isaac Cornett 

Jeffery Landrum 

Dana Stretz 

Rodney Cosby 

Mark Lane 

Judy Sullivan 

Todd Covington 

Todd Lawler 

Tammy Sullivan 

lEddie Dewayne Cox 

Ellen Leake 

Victor Thomas 

ijoseph Cox 

Joshua Leake 

Alex Thompson 

(Martha Cox 

Troy Lee 

Jeffery Thompson 

Ronald Crawley 

Norman Lewis 

Trent Travelstead 

(Anthony Cress 

Anthony Long 

Carole Underwood j 

James Cummings 

William J. Lucey 

Johnny Walters 

David Curry 

Glen Lundy 

LaDonna Walters 

Jeremy Dale 

Bryan Lusco 

Earla Watson 

jWilford Davenport 

Jumel Malone 

Scottie Watson 

;Tony O. Davis 

James Marcum 

Aaron Welch 

1 George (Jeff) Davis 

Ricky Maupin 

Lorie West 

jMark Dicken 

Donald McClain 

Larry Whaylen 

(James Dickerson 

George McFall 

Kevin White 

Timothy Drane 

Sandra McGinnis 

Dennis Williams 

Ijoseph D. Edwards 

Brian Mclntyre 

Douglas Williams 

Dennis Elliott 

Lois Miller 

Johnny Wilson 

Charles Estep 

James Milliner 

Mark Wilson 

Charles D. Fay 

Carol Mitchell 

Michael Wilson 

Bonnie Ford 

Rondle Morris 

Richard Wise 

Helen Franklin 

Harold Mosenteen 

Cynthia Workman 

|Grover Gabbard 

Robert Mullins 

William Worthington 

Weldon Gabehart 

Allan Neal 

Jeffrey Wray 

Lisa Gaddis 

James Newton 

Betty Wright 


Master's program soars in 1992 

""Twenty-nine students registered for Campbells ville College's first master's degree program. 

Dr. Kenneth W. Winters, president of Campbellsville College, was pleased with enrollment and said, "The new master's 
degree program further demonstrates Campbellsville College's desire to serve the educational needs of our community and 

The master's program adds a tremendous new dimension to our total educational efforts." 

Winters said that providing graduate studies was a "logical next step for Campbellsville College." 

Campbellsville College's undergraduate and graduate enrollment for fall 1992 was 1,042 — the second highest in the College's 
history. There were 187 people attending extension classes offered by Campbellsville College in various sites in the state. 

The new master of arts program is in curriculum and instruction for teachers. 

Dr. James Lee Howard, chair of the division of education and professor of education, was instrumental in getting the College's 
program up and running. 

"Campbellsville College's master's program allows graduates of our College and surrounding colleges a convenient place and 
time in which to secure their degree," said Dr. Robert S. Clark, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College. 

"It helps students in collaborative learning because they learn from teams, and it helps fulfill the Kentucky Education Reform 
Act," said Clark. 

The master's program gives "availability of full-time professors as advisors and mentors to students and the program," he 

The master's program is a two-year program, with a total of 30 semester hours, and each academic year devoted to the 
completion of the core education curiculum and the summers devoted to completion of work in discipline areas. 

To help add support to the program, there were significant new faculty and library additions. 

Registration and classes began Aug. 31, with a total of 29 attending. Classes met every Monday from 6 to 9 p.m. 


Peggy Argo 
Joanie Bradshaw 
Lesa Buckler 
Joey Bush 
Jennifer Chamness 

Rhonda Cheatham 
Nancy Colvin 
Judy Corbin 
Wanda Cornelius 
Tammy Cox 


Cynthia Crowder 
Cheryl Dicken 
Lori Eubank 
Ginger High 
Dee Hutchins 

Alana Murphy 
Elaine Murphy 
Susie Pollock 
Carolyn Slape 
Becky Smith 

Jane Spalding 
Jill Spalding 
Paula Thomas 
David Tinnell 
Julie Walker 

Perri Warren 
Donna White 
Joan Wood 


94 Faculty/Staff 

Professor Bobby Himes is excited about starting a new day. 

































President and First Lady 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Dr. Kenneth W. and Shirley Winters 


Dr. Kenneth W. Winters 

Dr. Robert S. Clark 
Vice President For Academic Affairs and 

Dr. Ronald L. Ellis 

Executive Vice President 

Mr. David B. Gray 

Vice President for Development 



Dr. William Bennett 
Professor of Political Science, 
Chair of Division of Social Science 

Mr. Don Bishop 

Assistant Professor of Physical Education 
and Athletics and Athletic Director 

Dr. Charles Mark Bradley 

Professor of Music 

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Broome 

Instructor in Education 

Mr. Thomas F. Butcher 

Assistant Professor of Communications 

Dr. Frank Cheatham 

Professor of Math and Computer Science, 
Coordinator of Computer Information Systems 


I Mr. Tommy R. Clark 

Assistant Professor of Art 

Mrs. Patricia Cowherd 

Instructor in Business 

Dr. David E. Cundiff 

Professor of Health and Physical Education 

iDr. Linda B. Cundiff 

Associate Professor of Education 

Ms. Linda J. Cundiff 

Associate Professor of Art 

Dr. Robert A. Daniels 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 



Dr. Robert L. Doty 

Professor of English 

Mr. Richard Draper 

Adjunct Instructor in Psychology 

Mr. James Fare 

Associate Professor of Business Administration 

Mr. Joe D. Foster 

Assistant Professor of Economics 

Dr. John Robert Gaddis 

Associate Professor of Music and Chair of the 
Division of Fine Arts 

Mrs. Carolyn Garrison 

Instructor in Education 


Mrs. Janice Greathouse 

Assistant Professor of English 

Mr. Bobby R. Himes 

Associate Professor of History and Director of 
Extension Program 

Dr. James L. Howard 

Professor of Education and Chair of the Division 
of Education 

Dr. Thomas V. Jeffries 

Professor of Chemistry 

Dr. Philip M. Lee Dr. Daniel R. Lafold 

Professor of Business and Chair of the Division of Assistant Professor of Education 
Business and Economics 



Dr. James Kenneth Martin 

Assistant Professor of Music 

Dr. David M. McCollough 

Assistant Professor of Music and Director of 

Mr. Stan McKinney 

Adjunct Instructor in Journalism 



Mrs. Clara L. Metzmeier 

Assistant Professor of English 

Ms. Janet L. Miller 
Instructor in Mathematics 

Mr. Russ G. Mobley 

Associate Professor of Drama and Speech 


Dr. James W. Moore 

Professor of Music 

Mrs. Nevalyn P. Moore 

Instructor in Music 

Dr. William R. Neal 

Associate Professor of English and Chair of the 
Division of Humanities 

"W* M, *V' f 

W:ii::> - : .S :■''' M "-Stf* ll 


*SP ' Hffil ■■■ 





ivlrs. Jeanette Parker 

\djunct Instructor in Psychology 

Ms. Donna K. Pirouz Dr. M. Wesley Roberts 

Assistant Professor of Modern Foreign Languages Associate Professor of Music 


Dr. Vernon E. Roddy 

Assistant Professor of Economics 

Ms. Elizabeth Kay Sutton 

Instructor in Chemistry 

Dr. Milton A. Rogers 

Professor of Biology 

Dr. Ralph A. Tesseneer 

Visiting Lecturer in Psychology 

Dr. Robert A. Street Jr. 

Professor of Old Testament and Computer 
Information Systems 

Dr. Gordon K. Weddle 

Associate Professor of Biology 

Mr. Harlie White Jr. 

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Chair of 
the Division of Science 

Mrs. Donna Wise Dr. S. Pamela Zhu 

Instructor in Physical Education and Athletics and Assistant Professor of Education 
Coach of Women's Basketball and Men's Golf 


Mrs. Peggy Aaron 

secretary in Financial Aid 

Mr. Ronnie Bishop 


vlrs. Connie F. Breeding 

Secretary in Business Services 


Mr. Russell Trent Argo 

Director of Admissions 

Mrs. Shirley Mae Baldwin 


Mr. John Paul Blair 

Director of Financial Development 

Mr. Harlan Bohanan 


Mr. Tony Bright 

Custodial Supervisor 

Mr. Doug Broome 

Assistant Director for Technical and Media 

105 STAFF 

Mr. Dean R. Brownley 

Head Swimming/Soccer Coach 

Dr. Ronald Bryson 

Director of Library Services 

Mrs. Julie G. Caldwell 

Secretary to the Executive Vice President 

- viir 



Mr. Glenn Corbin 


Mrs. Renee Clements 

Office Assistant in the Office of the President 

Mrs. Cindy Lou Coker 

Secretary in Alumni Affairs 




' 1 , K|fc-* 


Mrs. Patti R. Carter 

Secretary in Center for Educational Enhancement 

Mrs. Rita Ann Creason 

Director of Student Records 

Mr. Anthony Cress 

Director of North Hall 


Mr. Paul A. Dameron 

Director of Financial Aid 

Mrs. Patricia Daugherty 

Financial Development Office Manager 

Mrs. Catherine Redman Davis 

Secretary in Admissions 

Mrs. Teresa M. Elmore Mrs. Marjorie Jean England 

secretary to the Vice President for Development Serials Librarian 

Mr. Ronald N. Finley 

Head Football Coach 

vlr. Arvin (Sonny) Franklin 


Mr. Dwight Steve Giles 

Print Shop/Postal Services Clerk 

Mrs. Sharon L. Gowin 

Assistant to the Director of Admissions 

107 STAFF 

Mr. Eric M. Graves 

Director of South Hall and Coordinator of 
Conferences and Retreats 

Mr. J. Alvin Hardy 

Director of Center for Educational Enhancement 

Mr. William L. Harris 



» v ' r> 4'"* *B 1 


i 1 ^^^^< 

Mr. Windell (Al) Hickman 


Ms. Patti Hightower 

Secretary to the Dean of Student Development 

Ms. Tammy Gordon Hughes 

Accounts Payable Clerk 

Mr. Leroy Johnson 


STAFF 108 

Mr. Thomas L. Johnson 

Director of Campus Ministries 

Mrs. Betty Jean Kidwell 

Director of Personnel Services/Purchasing 

Mr. Paul R. Lambert 

Director of Computing and Communication 


: ' jp?l||b*<* 


K ""up ■ 

" « 



Mrs. Tammy L. Lawson 

Coordinator of Collections 

Mrs. Marsha London 

Campus Nurse 

Ms. Karen J. Lynema 

Assistant Director for Reference and Access 

Ms. Jenifer Marie Martin 
Admissions Counselor 

Mrs. Brenda J. McClung-Merritt 

Director of Stapp Hall 

vlrs. Joan C. McKinney 

Assistant Director of Public Relations, 
'ublications and Sports Information 

Mr. Fred Miller 

Admissions Counselor 

Mr. Corky Mohedano 

TV/4 Productions Manager and Acting Director 

of Television Services 

109 STAFF 

Ms. Sylvia L. Morris 

Dean of Student Development 

Mr. Zandell D. Newton 


Mrs. Judelle S. Payne 

Secretary to the Vice President for Academic 

Mr. David S. Pierce 

Director of Physical Plant 

Mrs. Donna L. Pierce 

Secretary in Athletics 

Mrs. Tonya A. Penick 


Mrs. Constance Lee Riley 

Office Manager in Student Records 

Mr. Haywood Riner 

Assistant Football Coach and Recruiting 

Mr. Danny Joe Rodgers 


Full-time Faculty and Staff Not Pictured 

Mr. Lou T. Cunningham 

Assistant Professor of P.E. and Coach of Men's 


Dr. Damon R. Eubank 
Assistant Professor of History 

Dr. John E. Hurtgen 

Assistant Professor of Christian Studies and 

Chair of the Division of Christian Studies 

Mrs. Shirley E. Risen 

Assistant Professor of Accounting 

Mr. Rick Benningfield 
Safety Officer 

Mr. Fran Brickner 
Director of Food Service 

Ms. Lisa K. DeWeese 

Mrs. Margie Foster 

Director of Bookstore, Print Shop and Postal 


Ms. Jennifer Keltner 

Assistant Director of Computing and Commu- 
nication Services 

Ms. Tracy Lynn Smith 
Campus Ministries Intern 

Mr. Beauford Sanders 

Director of Student Activities and Head Baseball 

Mrs. Victoria R. Sprowles 


Mrs. Joan C. Stansbury 

Secretary in Campus Ministries 

Ms. Judith A. Stewart 
Executive Secretary 

Mrs. Mary Esther Street 

Library Office Manager 

Mr. Hal C. Strough 

Athletic Trainer 

ylr. Marc C. Whitt 

)irector of Public Relations, Publications and 
iports Information 

Mr. Andrew A. Wilson 

Director of Alumni Affairs 

Mrs. Connie P. Wilson 
Secretary in Public Relations 

Part-time Faculty 

Not Pictured 

Bonnie Avery 

Paula Foster 

Dr. Ken Pope 

John Bertram 

Greg Gaby 

H.R. Richardson 

i Janet Boyd 

J. P. Jardine 

Harry Scalos 

i Tonya Cesler 

Dr. Jerry Kibbons 

Stan Shuffett 

j Don Cheatham 

Dr. Kevin Lee 

Betty Gorin Smith 

1 Lillian Clark 

Dr. Shirley Meece 

Ed Smith 

) Pamela Deaton 

Chris Mueller 

Vic Stansbury 

Maurice Dix 

Robert Oldham 

Sallye Thompson 

Beverly Edwards 

Elizabeth Ann Osbourne 

Becky Wade 

Floyd Farmer 

Tony Patterson 

Lynn Farris 

Fay Pope 

1 #M 






































Photo by Tamara Marstelle 

Above, senior comerback Larry Frith (28) finds no reason to sing the blues as he brings down a Linden wood College ball carrier, while Bryan Cross (90), Ricky Mays (57) 
Chris Wolfe (29) and Brad Lawson (54) gaze in amusement. 

Tiger Football at its best! 

Football Tigers have breakthrough season 

Campbellsville College's Fighting Tigers 
ended its 1992 season with its first share 
of the Mid-South Conference title. 

The Fighting Tigers finished the regular sea- 
son with a 7-3 record and with what many- 
consider to be the toughest schedule in the 
nation. Campbellsville ended with a 4-1 con- 
ference record tied with Union College and 

Georgetown College. Campbellsville defeated 
Georgetown College, last year's national 
champions, in a classic battle on the final day 
of the regular season. That game gave them 
the conference co-championship. Campbell- 
sville finished the season with a number 20 
national ranking, their highest ranking ever. 
"We felt we earned a shot at the playoffs but 

that didn't happen. At least we (seniors) 
can be proud of leaving this school with 
its first ever conference title," Steve 
Lovelace, senior defensive captain, said. 

• •• 

• •• 

• •• 


• •• 

• •• ••• ••• ••• 


Counterclockwise, on fourth down and goal from the 
two yard line, Campbellsville's defense steps up, led 
by senior linebacker Steve Lovelace (22). Linebacker 
Ernie Garrison (46) pulls down an offensive attacker 
and is assisted by teammate William Richardson (53). 
Defensive end Bryan Cross (90) prepares for another 
Tiger tackle. After a touchdown run late in the first half 
against Tusculum College, Rodney Turpin celebrates. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Above, quarterback Chris Gallichio (8) begins the triple option as he fakes the handoff to the fullback. At 
top, quarterback John Myers (13) shouts out an audible. To the right, halfback Greg Bridges (21) looks 
upheld for an opening to sprint through. 


Below, Mark Peach (79) hugs Rodney Turpin (33) after a crucial touchdown. Brian Weinrich 
(11) celebrates on his own. At right, sophomore linebacker Chris Wolfe (29) sprints to make a 
tackle. At bottom, Head Coach Ron Finley works on making offensive adjustments during a 
break in the action. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Above, halfback James Sloan (42) tries to split two Georgetown College defenders. Top, as the snow falls the Tigers 
start to celebrate a big 29-27 victory over Georgetown College. At right, quarterback Chris Gallichio (8) looks 
downfield for a receiver. 



Photo by Tamara Marstelle 


f - * » 4< . $ .1^ i f i 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

The Fighting Tiger Football Team consists of from left: Front row — Wally Guffey, Jeff Harrod, Chris Kidwell, William Richardson, Tim Yantz, Bryan Cross , Larry Frith, Dan Gonzales, Steve Lovelace, Dave Cozart, Sean 
Cooper, Mark Peach and John Teater . Second row — Greg Bridges, Rodney Turpin, James Sloan, Carl Kendrick , Chip Conley, Tom Lloyd, Jesse Herbst, John Myers, Rich Mullins, Billy Merzweiler, Doug Gloyd, Clay 
Stewart, Chris Mason and Tommy Sayers. Third row — Ron Wakefield, Brad Lawson, Joey Shive , Shane Davis, Brian Weinrich, Chris Gallichio, Gary Leger, Chris Wolfe, Philip Stockdale, Jason Holtzclaw, Ron 
Williams, Brennen Booth and Russ Harrell Fourth row — Ricky Mays, Shannon Stephens, Chad Carmichael, Jason Montgomery, Donnie Hatridge, Scott Soard, Scott Borowick, Keith Ferriell, no longer with team; Edwin 
Willis , John Houston, Brad Kirby, Steve Summers, no longer with team; Forrest Howard and Matt Palmer Fifth row — Danny Young, J.D. Brown, Mark Cundiff, Steve Davis, Danny Tolbert , Aaron Wells, no longer with 
team; George Clifton, no longer with team; Chris Sauerwine, Clint Charlton, Brian Jefferson, Rob Pennington, Phil Sullivan and Ken Hollobaugh, Sixth row — Aaron Walters, Paul Chitwood, no longer with team; Lewis 
Frith, Jeremy Dale , Marty Wabnitz, Anthony Phipps , Jason Dennis, no longer with team; Marvell Moore, Dwayne Board, Ernie Garrison , Shane Richards, Tim Adams and Eric Jones Seventh row — Todd Goodlett , 
John Monceaux, no longer with team; Andy Schultz , Matt Justice, Chuck Valentine, Chris Termuhlen, Eddie Murphy, Mike Goss , Brian Feese, Van Hardin, Brian Mclntyre , no longer with team; and Ron Moss, no longer 
with team. Eighth row — Nathan Riner, Tiger Cub manager; Jim Strange, ball boy; Derrick Age , Tim Rogers, Bill Mason, Chris Morgan, Richey Petty, Tony Graves, Craig Towe and Kyle Stinson , manager, no longer with 
team. Ninth row — Rob Williams , Gary Weiter, Judd Embry and Mike Cecil , student assistants; Hal Strough, trainer; Kendra Germain, Mark Coker, Mike Siders, Beau Black and Jamie Domerese, student trainers. Back row 
Coaches Sam Wickliffe, Lynn Taylor, Gary Strange , Mike Thomas, Head Coach Ron Finley , Haywood Riner, Eric Graves and Bill Cartwright 

Photo by lamie Mine 

I Above, the Fighting Tiger Football Seniors are from left: Front row — William Richardson , John Teater, Larry Frith, Steve Lovelace, Chris Kidwell and Sean Cooper. 
3ack row — Dave Cozart, Dan Gonzales, Wally Guffy, Jeff Harrod, Tim Yantz, Bryan Cross and Mark Peach. 

Hey Dickie V! 

These Tigers are ferocious, baby! 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

The 1992-93 Campbellsville College Men's Basketball Team includes from left: Front row — Assistant Coach Dee Hutchins, Ray Wilson, Derieco Irvin, Steve Mannin 
Ramont Smith, Roy Booker, Jermaine Lee, Kevin Burton and Head Coach Lou Cunningham. Back row — Manager John Wheat, statistician Matt Jenkins, Van Berry, Ben 
Kelly, Michael Defoe, Doug Turner, Sammy Watene, Steve Hawkins, Terry Wright, and manager Stephen Woodell. The Tigers were fourth place in KIAC and District 1 
Tournament runners-up finishing with an overall record of 20 wins and 12 losses. 


The 1992-93 Campbellsville College 
Men's Basketball Team brought to 
the campus an exciting season. Although 
the Tigers started somewhat slow, they 
turned up the heat as they clawed their 
way to a final overall record of 20 wins 
and 12 losses, finished fourth overall in 
the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic 
Conference (KIAC) and were District 32 „ 
tournament runners-up. 

After an opening round victory over 
Union College, the team defeated ar- 
chival Georgetown College and faced 
the Indians of Cumberland College for 
the District 32 championship and the 
right to travel to Kansas City for the 
National Association of Intercollegiate 

Athletics (NAIA) National Tournament. 
Although the Tigers never gave up, it 
just wasn't quite enough as Cumberland 
squeaked by with a one-point win. 

Returning for the Tigers were Sammy 
Watene, the team's lone senior; juniors 
Benji Kelly, Roy Booker, Ramont Smith, 
Steve Manning and Terry Wright, and 
sophomore Derieco Irvin. New faces in- 
cluded Steve Hawkins, Van Berry, Kevin 
Burton, Jermaine Lee, Ray Wilson, Mi- 
chael Defoe and Doug Turner. 

Watene provided the Tigers with ex- 
perience and prowess around the basket. 
The senior from Kenya closed out a fine 
career with a solid season. Paired with 
Kelly, the duo combined to give 

Campbellsville College a deadly one- 
two punch. The Tigers were far from 
being a two-man team, however, as the 
others also contributed greatly to the 
team's success. The team relied heavily 
on an up-tempo game plan as they shot a 
lot of three point field goals and applied 
pressure defense. 

With only one senior graduating, the 
future looks well for Campbellsville 
Head Coach Lou Cunningham's Tigers 
as they will be hungry and on the prowl 
for more wins on the hardwood next 
season. The 1992-93 Tigers gave all of us 
something to cheer about! 


jTB From left, clockwise, Coach Lou Cunningham plots the Tigers' 
attack. Benji Kelly (44) drives around a Georgetown defender. 
Sammy Watene concentrates for the free throw. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


From far above, clock- 
wise, the faces say it 
all for these Tigers as 
they fall short in the 
District 32 final. From 
left are Doug Turner, 
Steve Hawkins, Steve 
Manning, Benji Kel- 
ly, Roy Booker and 
Derieco Irvin. Look- 
ing for the open man 
is Ramont Smith. The 
Tigers show aggres- 
sive play by diving for 
the loose ball. Doug 
Turner goes to the 
hoop in the District 32 
final at Cumberland. 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Richard RoBards 





















: eb 



: eb 



Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


1992-93 TIGERS 


14 Sat. Shawnee State U. (7:30) ... A 

18 Wed. Bresda College (8:00) A 

20 Fri. ••Central State U. (TBAI A 

21 Sat "Northern Ky or Wilmington .. A 
24 Tue. Asbury College (7:30) H 

1 Tue. Murray State U. (8:30) A 

3 Thu. Georgetown College (7:30) .. A 

5 Sat Pfeeville Colege (7:30) H 

8 Tue Shawnee State U. (7:30) H 

12 Sat Transylvania University (7:30) . . A 

17 Thu Spalding University (7:30) ...A 
7 Thu. Indiana U - SE (7:30) A 

9 Sat Asbury Colege (7:30) A 

11 Mon. Cumberland Colege (7:30) . . .A 

14 Thu. Brescia Colege (7:30) H 

18 Mon. Sue Bennett Colege A 

21 Thu. Berea Colege (7:30) H 

23 Sat. Lindsay Wlson Co). (8:30) . . A 

26 Tue. Transylvania U. (7:30) A 

30 Sat Union Colege (7:30) A 

1 Mon. Spalding University (7:30) . . . H 

6 Sat. Sue Bennett Colege (7:30) H 

1 1 Thu. Liodsey Wlson CoL !2i30) H 

13 Sat. Pikeyjlle Colege (7:301 .. A 

15 Mon. Union Colege (7:30) . . H 
18 Thu. Indiana U - SE (7:30) ... H 

20 Sat. Berea Colege (7:30) A 

23 Tue. Cumberland College (7:30) . ,H 

27 Sat Georgetown College (7:301 . H 

4 Thu. NAIA District 32 Playoffs (TBAI 
6 Sat NAIA District 32 Playoffs (TBA) 

10 Wed. NAIA District 32 Playoffs (TBA) 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

From far left, clockwise, Chris Mason cheers the 
Tigers on during the championship. Sammy 
Watene goes up for the shot. Coach Lou Cun- 
ningham led the Tigers to an impressive season. 
Foward Michael Defoe (42) finishes this play with 
a thunderous jam. The Asbury team wanted no 
part of this as Benji Kelly gets two more. 

Photo by Richard RoBards 

Lady Tigers do it again! 

Lady Tigers capture their fourth consecutive district title 

""The Lady Tiger basketball team headed 
*- for the NAIA National Tournament for 
the fourth straight year. 

The Lady Tigers headed both, District 32 
and the KIAC, and remained undefeated 
throughout the season in both. After an 
early loss to Arkansas-Monticello in the 
Flying Queen's Classic, the Lady Tigers 
were practically unstoppable and went 23 
consecutive games without losing a single 
one. They concluded their season with a 
very impressive 25-5 record. 

They also earned the respect of the na- 

tional pollsters by rankings as high as #9. 
As a team the Lady Tigers really lit up the 
nets from 3-point range. They were ranked 
#1 in the nation in 3-point shooting per- 
centage and shot over 47% as a team. They 
were also ranked in the top ten nationally 
in field goal percentage by shooting over 
49% from the field. 

The two seniors, Kendra Germain and 
Jody Criswell, ended their collegiate careers 
by scoring their 1,000th point during the 
regular season and leading the Lady Tigers 
to their fourth straight title. As a soph- 

omore, Andrea Deaton also scored her l,000t' 
point and she was named NAIA All 

Even though the Lady Tigers didn't win th 
"Big Prize," Coach Donna Wise said of he 
team, "This team stayed focused. They neve 
let anything stand in their way." Wise addec 
"We've built a tradition here." She also note* 
that Campbellsville College has produced 1 
All-Americans in 13 years. "We have a grea 
following from the College and the commu 
nity and all of us are very appreciative of it!" 

Top left, clockwise, the Lady Tigers 
for 1992-93 are from left: First row — 
Jessica Peniston, Angie Anderson 
and Shawn Price. Second row — 
Coach Donna Wise, Kendra 
Germain, Andrea Deaton, Lisa 
Criswell, Assistant Coach Ginger 
High and Student Assistant Lisa 
Newton. Third row — Rhea Beaty, 
Christi Blackmon, Beth Grant, Sta- 
cy Anderson and Jody Criswell. 
Kendra Germain (12) scores around 
a defender. Jody Criswell (14) han- 
dles the ball while being pressured by 
a David Lipscomb defender. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 



Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

From top left, clockwise, Andrea Deaton (20) shoots while being 
surrounded by Lindsey Wilson players. Rhea Beaty (44) dribbles 
down court to convert a fast break. Lisa Criswell (24) applies 
defensive pressure to a Sue Bennett ball handler. Beth Grant (10) 
and Kendra Germain (12) calmly wait before entering the game. 


S/ ^ 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Photo by Tamara Marstel 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 







Shawnee State U 15:001 





David Lipscomb U 17 301 





Cumberland U (7 001 





8elmont U 16 451 





Flying Queen's Classic (TBA) 





Flying Queen's Classic (TBA) 





Flying Queen's Classic (TBA) . 





Georgetown College 15 15) 





Union College 17 001 



1 1 


David Lipscoml> U. (7 30) 





Ky Wesleyan College 16:151 





Plkeville College 16 001 





Spalding University (7 00) 





IUPUI 13 00) 





Cumberland College (5 15) 





Transylvania U (5 15) 





Sue Bennett College (3:00) . . 





Undsey Wilson College (6:151 





IUSE 17 30) 





Plkeville College (3:001 ... 





Bellarmine College (7 001 





Georgetown College (7:00) 





Transylvania University (7:00) 





Cumberland College (5: 1 5) 





IUSE (7:301 





Undsey Wilson College (5:15) 





Spalding University 13:001 





Union College (5:151 



19. 22, 24 (7:30) TBA NAIA DIST 32 Playoffs 


HEAD COACH Donna Wise 


Ginger High 


ASSISTANT. Lisa Newton 

(All 1 



Starting from top left, clockwise, Andrea Deaton (20) shoots over a defender. 
Kendra Germain (12) dishes out an assist down low to a teammate. Jody 
Criswell (14) sets up an offensive play. Some of the Lady Tigers cheer on their 
teammates from the bench. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

From top left, clockwise, the Lady Tigers celebrate 
at center court after defeating Lindsey Wilson 94- 
70 in the District 32 final at Campbellsville. An- 
drea Deaton (20) gets an easy layup after she is left 
wide open in the paint. Rhea Beaty (44) screams 
out offensive plays as she dribbles up court. Coach 
Donna Wise makes sure everything is running 
smoothly while capturing her fourth straight Dis- 
trict 32 title. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Lady Tiger Basketball 

Lady Tigers march into Jackson 

"Cor the fourth straight year, Coach Donna Wise 
■*- leads her troops into the National Tournament. 

After 23 consecutive wins and dominating play 
during the District 32 Tournament, the Lady Tigers 
headed to Jackson, Tenn., to take on the nation's 
best teams in hopes of a national championship. 

Led by All-American Andrea Deaton and seniors 
Jody Criswell and Kendra Germain, the Lady Tigers 
ended a three-year stretch of having to leave after 
the first round by beating a bigger Simon Frazier 
team, 91-76. 

The second round wasn't so kind to 
the Lady Tigers, as their season ended 
with a 76-70 loss to David Lipscomb. 
Coach Wise said of her team, "Our kids 
showed great sportsmanship. No matter 
what our record was, the most important 
thing to me was to see them achieve." 
She also added, "The chemistry of this 
team was the best I've ever experienced. 
It was a great experience." 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

From top left, clockwise, 
Many students make the 
long trip to support their 
beloved Lady Tigers. Lisa 
Criswell (24) passes inside 
to set up a score. Rhea 
Beaty (44) dribbles around 
a David Lipscomb defend- 
er. Donna Wise directs her 
team from the bench as 
some Lady Tigers look on. 

128 Women's Basketball 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Tiger Baseball 

Tigers not pleased with this year's performance 

Coach Beauford Sanders could only 
describe the 1993 baseball season as 
being "very disappointing." His Tigers 
came off of a 26-20 1992 season and 
winning the Western Division Champi- 
onship in District 32 and finished the 
1993 season with a 20-21 record. 

Their season was filled with bad luck 
and bad weather. This included a nu- 
merous amount of rain-outs and, while 
on their way to South Carolina for spring 
break, the Tigers were stranded on the 

highway for over 20 hours because of the 
huge winter storm. 

After a very strong start in the district 
(8-1), the Tigers could only win two of 
their last 10 and ended up 10-8-1 in the 
District 32 play. The month of April was 
the downfall for the Tigers as they lost 
1 1 games during that month. Eight of the 
1 1 came by games decided by two runs 
or less. 

"There wasn't the same bond this year 
that tied the 1992 team together," said 

Sanders. "We had tons more talent ti 
year than last but couldn't tie it all 

This season was the last one for 
seniors: co-captains Kirby Smith a? 
Larry Lipker, Todd Cook, Mike Gc 
David Hicks and Mike Thomas. 

Catcher Robbie Sumpter and infielc 
Danny Breeden were named to the Fi 
Team All-District. Infielders Goff aii 
Travis Wootton were named to the Se 
ond Team All-District. 


From top, clockwise, 
the Tiger team consist- 
ed of, from left: Front 
row — Assistant 
Coach Jack Neely, Lu- 
ther Bramblett, Kirby 
Smith, Travis Woot- 
ton, Danny Breeden, 
Danny Hunt and Ja- 
son Milburn. Second 
row — Keith Hill, 
Chris Evans, David 
Hicks, Mike Thomas, 
John Alvey, Chris 
Marcum and Brian 
Cox. Third row — 
Keith Medley, Scott 
Stamper, John Cox, 
Ethan Meguiar, B.J. 
Miller, Keith Ferriell 
and Todd Cook. 
Fourth row — Larry 
Lipker, Robbie Sump- 
ter, Kevin Johnson, 
Gregg Sorrell, Syvel 
Lowery, Mike Goff 
and Larry Ashlock. 
Back row — Assistant 
Coach Mark (Shiny) 
Kearney and Coach 
Beauford Sanders. 
Pitcher Larry Lipker 
gets set to pitch. John 
Alvey throws to first 
after a come-backer. 
Danny Breeden awaits 
a hard-hit ball. 

From top, clockwise, Todd Cook does what he can to stop a runner 
at first. Pitcher Gregg Sorrell tries to blow a fastball by the batter. 
Outfielder Keith Hill strokes a base hit while Mike Thomas waits 
to do the same. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


From top left, clockwise, catcher 
Robbie Sumpter shows off his 
"gun" behind the plate. Chris 
Marcum makes a tremendous 
stretch to get the runner out at 
first. Coach Beauford Sanders 
lets the umpire know how the 
game should be called. Mike Goff 
awaits anxiously for a ball hit his 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Neil Medle) I 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

From top left, clockwise, Mike 
Thomas runs hard to chase down 
a fly ball. Ethan Meguiar slides 
into second uncontested and fin- 
ished with 22 stolen bases overall. 
First baseman Todd Cook pre- 
pares for another inning's work at 
his position. Pitchers, from left, 
Billy Miller, Keith Medley and 
David Hicks relax while waiting 
for an appearance on the hill. 

Photo by Neil Medley 


Lady Tiger Softball 

Getting in the 'swing' of things 

This year was the re- The team was coached 

establishment of the Lady by Ginger High, a former 

Tiger softball team. In the student and assistant bas- 

spring, tryouts were held to ketball coach. The girls 

determine who would make worked hard and were 

the team. Twelve girls were dedicated. The season rec- 

chosen to play. ord was 9-12. 

Photo by Tamara Marstelk 

Above, and clockwise, the team 

included from left: Front row — Misty 

Sandefur, Tammy Cox, Angie 

Anderson, Laurie Buchieri and Jody 

Criswell. Middle row — Melanie 

Smith, Laura Handy, Heather 

McDowell and Kim Boling. Back row 

— Lisa Newton, Lisa Criswell and 

Kendra Germain . Kendra Germain 

prepares to hit the ball. Waiting behind 

the plate for a ball is Misty Sandefur. 

Following through with her swing is 

Lisa Newton. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marstellei | 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Above left, moving clockwise, Jody Criswell 
crosses home to score for the team. Laura Handy 
pitches the ball across homeplate. Kim Boling 
throws one in from outfield. Trying to get the ball 
in quick from the the outfield is Lisa Criswell. 
Angie Anderson makes a move left to stop an 
oncoming ball. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Tiger Sharks show improvement 


The 1992-93 Tiger Sharks Swim Team 
showed that hard work and deter- 
mination are keys to success. Although 
as a team there were not many acco- 
lades, the team had one swimmer ad- 
vance to nationals, and the team showed 
improvement as the season progressed. 

Shanae Netherland qualified for the 
second year in a row for nationals, which 
were held in San Antonio, Texas. Al- 
though she did not win, Coach Dean 

Brownley said it was a real honor for her 
to advance to national level. 

This year's team consisted of Ryan Al- 
len, Dan Bailey, David Bailey, Edwardo 
Bocatto, Tom Pound, Rich Smith, Loren 
Wingfield, Mike Young and Netherland. 
Highlights of the season included a 
third-place finish at the Appalachian 
Conference meet and runners-up at the 
District 32 meet. 

The team also performed well at the 

Southern States meet in Davidson, N.C 
where several swimmers had career be L 
races. Wingfield, Pound and Netherlar 
were also named to the Southern Stab 
All-Academic team. With experience c 
their side and a few new faces comir 
next season, Brownley said the Tigi 
Sharks have reason for hopes of an ou 
standing year. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

The 1992-93 Tiger Sharks are from left, David Bailey, Coach Dean Brownley, Shanae Netherland, Dan Bailey, Tom Pound, Loren Wingfield and Ric 
Smith. Not pictured are Ryan Allen, Edwardo Bocatto and Mike Young. 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Shanae Netherland comes up from the butterfly. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

From top left, clockwise, Ryan Allen comes up for breath in the 
freestyle. Edwardo Bocatto gets set to dive off the platform. David 
Bailey works on his freestyle at a team practice. Ryan Allen, left, Loren 
Wingfield, center, and Tom Pound, right, listen intently to Coach 
Dean Brownley as he prepares the team for another meet. 


Lady Tiger Tennis Team 

Getting into the swing of things 

/*"*• ampbellsville College's Lady Tiger 
^— Tennis Team had a year to be proud of 
in 1992. 

With a final record of eight wins and 
eight losses, the team had improved tre- 
mendously by the end of the season. They 
finished fourth in the Kentucky Intercol- 
legiate Athletic Conference Tournament 
and an impressive third in the District 32 

Coach Donnie Milby put this successful 
team together at the last minute with only 
two returning players. However, he had 
eight team members to letter in the sport. 

Members of the Campbellsville College 
Lady Tiger Tennis Team include from 
left: Front row — Chastity Yarberry, 
Sosomphanh (Pon) Thongmanivong, 
LeAnn Pepper and Lesley Ross. Back 
row — Addisu Jiffar and Britt Blanton, 
assistant coaches; Diane Colvin, Holly 
Hall, Jenny Bratton and Paula Hum- 
phress, and Coach Donnie Milby. 

At immediate right, Jenny Bratton fires a 
forehand across the net at her opponent. 
At far right, Lesley Ross reaches for a 


Milby was proud of this year's team effort 
and is hoping to get some good prospects 
for next year to build a larger women's 
tennis team. 

The Lady Tiger Tennis Team was led by 
Sosomphanh (Pon) Thongmanivong as the 
number one seed, who finished the season 
with a record of seven wins and six losses, 
and Lesley Ross as the number two seed. 
Rounding out the top six seeds on the team 
were Diane Colvin, number three seed; 
Paula Humphress, number four seed; Chas- 
tity Yarberry, number five seed, and Jenny 
Bratton, number six seed. 

Photos by Jamie Ming! 

Coach Milby and the Lady Tiger Tennis 
Team will be losing three seniors after this 
year. Seniors Thongmanivong, Humphress 
and Holly Hall will not be returning next year. 
About the seniors, Milby said, "Pon started 
with nothing but classes, but she loved the' 
sport and worked hard during the summer. 
Paula, although she has a year of eligibility 
left, will be student teaching next year. She 
was a member of the 1990 and 1991 tennis 
teams and was a valuable asset to this year's 
team. Holly has shown tremendous improve- 
ment this year." 

Clockwise, from left, freshman LeAnn Pepper 
smashes a backhand in a game. Holly Hall was 
the recipient of the Most Improved Award at 
the annual sports banquet. Hall was recuper- 
ating from a back injury and returned to form. 
Senior Paula Humphress awaits a return from 
an opponent. Diane Colvin hits an overhead 
volley. Sosomphanh (Pon) Thongmanivong is 
the number one seed on this year's team. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


Tennis team has good season despite bad weather 

The 1993 men's tennis team enjoyed a successful 
season. Although the weather was not always 
favorable during David Parsons' eighth season as 
the Tigers' tennis coach, the team still had some 
memorable moments. 

Members of the team included Addisu Jiffar, the 
only senior on the team, juniors W.D. McCubbin 
and Ben Page, sophomores Jonathan Gough, Phil 
McCubbin, Jason Montgomery, and Todd Gowin, 
and freshman Darren Childers. 

Individually, the number one-seeded player in 
singles was W.D. McCubbin. According to Parsons, 
McCubbin was one of the top three players in 
District 32. The double pairings for Campbellsville 
were W.D. McCubbin and Childers at #1, Jiffar and 
Gough at #2 and Phil McCubbin and Montgomery 
at #3. 

Photo by Jamie Ming; 

From top right, clockwise, the 1993 tennis team includes, fron 
left: Front row — Todd Gowin, Ben Page, Jason Montgomery 
and Jonathan Gough. Back row — Coach David Parsons, Phil 
McCubbin, Addisu Jiffar, W.D. McCubbin and Darren 
Childers . W.D. McCubbin prepares for a backhand. Addisu 
Jiffar follows through on a shot. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


Tigers are running the race 

T n only its second year, Campbellsville 
■■■ College's Cross Country Team had a 
strong showing at the Asbury College 

Sophomore Amy Houk, a second year 
runner, won a trophy for her 12th place 
finish. Patrick Foster, also in his second 
year, placed 14th, also winning a trophy. 

Coach Dr. Bill Bennett, professor of 
political science and chair of the division 
of social science, said his team "ran hard 
since the beginning of the season and 
improved their performance each week" 
and is "enthusiastic" about this year's 
team. New team members are sopho- 
more Patrick Ashcraft, freshman Darren 

Childers, sophomore Jason Davis and 
junior Nathan Williamson. 

The returning runners are Bryan Ben- 
nett, Patrick Foster, Tom Pound and 
Amy Houk. 

Bennett said the team's "overall spirit" 
is "good" and that the team is practicing 
to achieve its goals. 


Photo by Jamie Mings 

The members of the cross country team are from left: Front row — Patrick Ashcraft, Amy Houk , Coach Dr. Bill Bennett, Tom Pound and Patrick Foster. 
Second row — Jason Davis, Nathan Williamson, Darren Childers and Bryan Bennett. 

Photo by Glenda Edwards 

Above, the team gathers before a meet. To the direct right, 
Nathan Williamson, senior, gets the final leg off a grueling 
race. To the far right, Patrick Foster, team captain, won two 
individual trophies this year. 


Photo by Glenda Edwards 

Photo by Glenda Edwards 

Photo by Glenda Edwards Photo by Glenda Edwards 

ar above, Darren Childers tries to stay ahead as he races another runner in a meet. Above left, sophomore Tom Pound fights off fatique during a grueling race, 
bove right, sophomore Bryan Bennett is relieved after he finishes a race. 


Soccer team builds foundation in two years 

TT 1 he soccer team started where they 
*• left off last year with youth and in- 
experience, but things are starting to 
change. They began the year under the 
coaching of Dean Brownley, the first- 
year coach from Louisville. Right away 
Brownley set the goal of winning just 
one game because the team went winless 
for their first season. 

"The team was very young, only one 
junior," said Brownley. "We had to pick 
up players who hadn't played in a 

During opening practices Brownley 
said he knew they needed to learn fun- 
damentals. So, from that point on, he 
started them all over. 

The soccer team did not have a stellar 

year, 0-12, but Brownley let everyone 
know that what the team lacked in skill, 
they made up for in desire. 

"This is the hardest working team I've 
ever coached," Brownley said, "and with 
weights and hard work in the off season, 
plus a little luck with recruiting, I feel 
that next year will be a prosperous one." 

Photo by Tamara MarsteU 

The Campbellsville College soccer team includes from left: Front row — Felix Thompson, Mike Richard, David Bailey, Dan Bailey , Greg Mattinglyand Loren Wingfielc 
Back row — Coach Dean Brownley, Mike Siders, Mike Young, Rich Smith, Ricky Clark, Scott Dodson, Rusty Schnieders and student trainers Mark Coker and Ton) 

At left, Greg Mattingly (2) sets up a pass while Rich 
Smith and Loren Wingfield try to get open. Below, Mike 
Young looks for a goal. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteli 


Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

From top left, 
clockwise, Da- 
vid Bailey looks 
for an open 
teammate for the 
inbounds pass. 
Dan Bailey 
looks for some- 
one to pass to af- 
ter outrunning 
an opponent. 
Rusty Sch- 
nieders heads 
the ball to his 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Cheerleaders just say GO! 

The 1992-93 Campbellsville College Tiger 
Cheerleaders undertook the task of creating a 
new image for the Tiger Cheerleaders. 

A talented group of young men and women 
tried out for the squad in the spring and summer. 
The squad was comprised of seven women and 
four men. The squad also utilized the Tiger mas- 

"With the 'new look' and dedication of the 
'92-'93 cheerleaders, the cheerleaders have been 
very successful this year," said Donna Pierce, 
secretary in athletics and sponsor. 

They practiced several hours each week, 
worked hard each game and improved tremen- 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

dously throughout the season. They cheered at 
all football games and basketball games (men's 
and women's) while attending the district tour- 
nament games, also. 

The cheerleaders' hard work paid off this year. 
They traveled to Murfreesboro, Tenn., to attend 
a Universal Cheerleaders Association camp. This 
was the cheerleaders' first trip to the camp, and 
they did a super job Pierce said. 

The Tiger cheerleaders won a third place tro- 
phy for sideline in their division at the camp at 
Middle Tennessee State University. 

Pierce said, "They were up against squads 
with greater numbers, but there was not a squad 

in the entire camp that had more heart o 
greater eagerness to learn." 

She said squads from Louisiana St; 
University, Memphis State, University I 
North Carolina, University of Arkans 
and Morehead State University were a f« 
of the better known squads participating 

The cheerleaders also held a camp anc 
clinic on campus this past summer. 

The members of the squad include Maj 
Hughes, Leigh Neat, Sunshine Raley, Slj 
cy Davenport, Richie Stratton, Davi 
Welch, Staci Black, Misty Sandefur, Taj 
Celani, Mike Young and Chris Easterlinn 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

The 1992-93 Cheerleaders are from left: Front row — Tara Celani, Sunshine Raley, Dawn Welch, Stacy Davenport and Misty Sandefur. Back row — Mark Hughes, Mil 
Young, Leigh Neat, Staci Black, Chris Easterling and Richie Stratton. 


Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

om top left, clockwise, Staci Black leads the crowd with a cheer. Misty Sandefur cheers during a basketball game. The 1992-93 cheerleaders captured many awards this 
ason. Pictured are from left: Back row — Mark Hughes, Tara Celani, Sunshine Raley, Dawn Welch and Richie Stratton. Front row — Kristi Sandefur, Leigh Neat, Staci 
lack. Misty Sandefur and Stacy Davenport. CHEERLEADERS 147 

Tiger Golf 

Golfers work hard but come up a few strokes short 

A lthough at times the golf team was not very competitive on the links, the team members never gave up. 
■**■ The team showed steady improvements over the course of the season with lots of practice and hard work. Experience an 
some new faces for next season should provide help, according to Coach Donna Wise. Team members included juniors Kevi 
Burton and Pat Reed, sophomore Paul Godbey and freshman Scott Sandidge. 

Photo by Jamie Mir 

From above, clockwise, the 1993 golf team members include from left, Paul Godbey, Kevin Burto; 
Scott Sandidge, Pat Reed and Coach Donna Wise. After his round, Kevin Burton makes his way 
the clubhouse. Paul Godbey shows good form with his putting stroke. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 



Photo by Jamie Mings 

From top left, clockwise, Scott Sandidge 
sinks this short putt. Watching his drive is 
Paul Godbey. Kevin Burton smacks one off 
the tee. Pat Reed follows through with this 
fairway shot. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


Above is a scene from the walk-around parade during Homecoming where many organizations set up booths to raise money. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 




Student Government Association 

Photo by Jamie Wt 

The members of SGA include from left: Front row — Sosomphanh (Port) 
Thongmanivong, Amy Houk, Katie Adams, Carlene Leonard and Eva Floyd. 
Second row — Glenda Edwards , Gail Siler, Marilyn Bauit and Brooke Williams. 
Third row — Brian Clifford, Staci Black and Tiffani Merrick. Fourth row — Curtis 
Barnes, Brent Thornton, Jagath Mathupala, Kazi Islam and Rick Clapp. Fifth row 
— Joey Foster, Bryan Bennett, Scott Jury, Patrick Foster and Nathan Williamson. 

HP he Student Government Association is an organization on cam- 
■*■ pus that is compiled of a small group of students with leadership 
ability. SGA meets on a regular basis and discusses a variety of 
issues that concern the campus and its students. 

Some topics brought up before the Senate have been financial aid, 
parking spaces, and other issues that can benefit the College. SGA 
also sponsors many activities on campus. They play an active role 
during Homecoming. SGA also sponsors all of the dances and many 
of the evening functions on campus. 

The officers are from left: Front row — ■ Marilyn Bault, secretary; and Brooke 
Williams, vice president. Back row — Kazi Islam, activities director, and Joey 
Foster, president. 

152 SGA 


Photo by Jamie Mings 

HP he Harlequins is an organization on 
■*■ campus that takes a special interest in 
drama. The members of this club are in- 
terested in acting, stage designing, directing 
or some other aspect of the theater. They 
sponsored the fall play "The Nerd." 

The Harlequins are active on campus as 
well as on the stage. The group participated 
in the BSU YouthFest in September, by 
entertaining the crowd with their version of 
the origin of humor, taken from a Monty 
Python spoof. They also were involved 
with Homecoming by staging a jail cell as 
their fund raiser. Their candidate was Tam- 
mie Gibson. 

The members of the Harlequins for the 1992-93 school 
year are from left: Front row — Loren Wingfield. 
Second row — Tom Pound, vice president, and Mike 
Richard, historian. Third row — Kristi Sapp , Cindy 
Martin, president, and David Bailey. Fourth row — 
Christopher Streets. Russ Mobley, left, presents dra- 
ma awards to Cindy Martin and Tina Massengill. 

Photo by Joan McKinney 


Baptist Student Union 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

The Baptist Student Union members for the 1992-93 school year are from left: Front row — Gene Smith , Rich Smith, John (Tree) Akers , Bill Smith and Curtis Barnes . Second row — Teresa I 
Wallace, Jane Kephart, Becky Mishler , Tiffani Merrick, Irena Stepanikova , Laura Bell, Stephanie Jones, Amanda McKinney, April Carter and Eulanda Rodgers. Third row — Jennifer Hooper, 
Valerie Owens, Amy Musselman , Chris Sikorski, Sabrina Farmer, Heather McDowell, Carrie Garrison, Wendy Stout, Steve Bowling, Chris Wilder , Christy Rednour, Marcha Wilson and 
Christal Stooksbury. Fourth row — Tammy Haney, Cicely Maggard, Sarah Wilson , Robin-Kai Frisbee, Tammy Brummett, Jill McKinley, Kim F. Daniels, Lynne Pendygraft, William J. Doerr, 
Brooke Williams, Jamie Ward, Brent Thornton and Meredith Rogers. Back row — Tommy Johnson, director of campus ministries; Boyd Rexroat , Billy Day , Charles Colvin , Chris Easterling , 
Patrick Ashcraft , Kellie Post, Joey Foster, Tracy Smith, campus ministries intern; Michelle Hendley and Joan Stansbury, secretary of campus ministries. 

•"I" 1 he Baptist Student Union is one of the 
•*• largest clubs on campus and holds ac- 
tivities two nights a week. 

On Monday nights two activities alter- 
nate. They are "Fun in the Son" and 
"Creative Worship." These nights are a 
time of fellowship and fun with the focus 
on Jesus Christ. 

Another activity of the BSU are grow 

groups. This is a group who meets at a time 
and a day chosen by the group. They meet 
in hopes of growing closer to each other 
and God by sharing with one another. 

BSU is also involved in many activities 
on campus. They sponsor the picnic at 
Green River Lake and hold an annual cam- 
pus revival. They also organize a praise 
celebration called "YouthFest." 

The BSU is also involved in a summer mis- 
sion project. This year the club formed a pen- 
ny war to collect money for summer missions. 
The object of "Beauty and the Beast" is to put 
pennies in a jar marked with whatever sex the 
giver is. This gives them positive points. When 
anything other than a penny is placed in an 
opponent's jar, it results in negative points. 

At left, Cur- 
tis Barnes, 

"Pat," and 
Jamie Ward , 

BSU presi- 
dent, do a 
skit from Sat- 
urday Night 
Live. At 
right, mem- 
bers of the 
BSU perform 
during the 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Photo by Jamie Mings 

In the upper left hand corner 
is the BSU Creative Ministry 
team. This team is a traveling 
drama and music group that 
goes to different churches, con- 
ventions and rallies across Ken- 
tucky. The team's coordinator is 
Becky Mishler. 

Above, is a group picture of 
the Revival Team. The team 
goes out to many churches and 
contributes to the service. These 
students sacrifice their week- 
ends for the team. Many times 
they get to lead the entire wor- 
ship service. John (Tree) Akers is 
the team's coordinator. 

To the far left is the Sports 
Ministry Team. This team is 
sports oriented. They travel 
across the state leading "Fifth 
Quarters" and other rallies. The 
team also sponsors "Slam Jam" 
on Wednesday nights. The team 
is led by April Carter. 

The two pictures to the direct 
left are members of two outreach 
programs. Discipleship Now 
and Backyard Bible Club. Both 
of these groups are designed to 
minister to youth. The teams 
teach as well as lead. Campus 
Ministries intern Tracy Smith 
helps with these teams. 

At left, the members of BSU council are 
— Tommy Johnson,director of campus 
ministries; Tracy Smith, campus min- 
istries intern; Rich Smith, Kellie Post, 
Jamie Ward, Brooke Williams, Curtis 
Barnes, Tiffani Merrick, Patrick Ash- 
craft, April Carter, Becky Mishler and 
John (Tree) Akers. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 


Republicans Club 


'A X X X X X X X 56 56 X X 55f*<LXw6 5/5 Jjj 
K 56 55 55 X 55 X 55 55 55 X 56 52 !w|m 
8 55 X 55 55 55 55 X K 56 55 55 55 55 X 55 5£X 

'" XX5/I '"" 
!♦' X X X « 4 dP X X X X X X ^.^g^X X 

Photo by Tamara Marsteli I 

The new Republicans Club on campus includes from left: Front row — Lynne Pendygraft, Deanna Barnett, Libby Gaines, Carrie Garrison, Jon Rafferty an 
Scott Jury. Back row — Brent Thornton , Patrick Foster, president; Bill Smith, Eric Graves and Bob Himes , sponsor. Not pictured is Paula Humphress. 

Campbellsville College is proud to add 
to its list of outstanding organiza- 
tions, the Republicans Club. Starting 
with only seven weeks of school left, the 
group had major plans for its members. 
Activities included a cookout for primary 
election weekend, guest speakers includ- 
ing Randall Phillips, county clerk for 
Taylor County, and helping register stu- 

dents to vote. 

The College had a previous Repub- 
licans Club several years ago, but this 
one is new and improved. "This was all 
headed up by students, and I think we 
have some real potential for leaders in 
this club," said Bob Himes, associate 
professor of history, sponsor of the club. 

The group plans to have a campus- 

wide voter registration in the fall of '9 
and to get involved in future campaign 
for Republican officals in this area. The 
are looking to grow in numbers an 
want to be known in the community fc 
their support and willingness to hel 

Midwest Model United Nations 

Each year, since the early 1960s, Campbellsville College's Midwest Model United Nations organization participates in th 
MMUN Conference. 

Students and faculty advisors travel to St. Louis, Mo. to participate at the function, role-playing as politicians from variou 
countries and debating topics relating to the appropriate country. Each student is scored on originality, as well as persuasiv 
ideas, negotiation techniques and public speaking. 

The MMUN was founded by Campbellsville College in 1963, under the direction of the late Dr. Fred R. Yoder, and is totall 
run by the student body, who selects the board members. MMUN serves as an educational purpose, as well as offerin 
opportunities for leadership and research. Each student attending Campbellsville College is qualified and encouraged to attenc 
The faculty advisor for this event is Dr. William Bennett, professor of political science and chair of the division of social science 

Special features of MMUN include: Model International Court of Justice, Model International Press Delegation, Staffe 
Resource Center (known as Home Government), dedicated team of volunteers in conference, crisis simulations and UN speaker; 


National Education Association-Student Program 

Photo by Missy Malone 

jIEA-SP members are from left: Front row — Mike Sharp, Dr. Pamela Zhu, assistant professor of education, advisor; Melissa Bright, Robin Phelps, Greg 
owlin, Melissa Terhune-Roberts, Pamela Graham, Beverly Thomas, Keith Benningfield, Deborah Hinton, Donna Williams, Linda Clore, Pamela 
eneau, Beverly Knifley and Aubrey Pennington. 

Teachers under construction 

w 1 ampbellsville College's chapter of 
«*" the NEA-SP is an association for 
iducation majors. The organization al- 
lows its members to become more in- 
volved in their profession. 

The program gives education majors 
irtany opportunities to gain insight into 
heir profession. Several on-campus 
vorkshops such as the process of site- 

based decision making and multi-cultural 
education experiences give future teachers 
a chance to gain knowledge in their chosen 

Members of NEA-SP demonstrated their 
community support in 1992 by participat- 
ing in service projects such as collecting 
Toys for Tots and helping with the relief 
effort for victims of Hurricane Andrew. 

NEA-SP members also display sup- 
port for Campbellsville College as was 
evident during Homecoming. The 
club's booth was a co-winner at the 
walk-around parade. The winning 
booth had available information on 
the Education Reform Act in Kentucky 
and many old constitutions were dis- 


f ■* #*> 

'" *i|<Wpjfe>'. : " 

,1 - > 

NEA-SP officers are 
from left: Dr. Pamela 
Zhu ,assistant professor 
of education, advisor; 
Mike Sharp, vice pres- 
ident; Melissa Bright, 
president; Linda Clore, 
reporter/historian and 
Beverly Knifley, secre- 



Photo by Missy Malone 

NEA-SP 157 

Photo by Tamara Marstel 

Below, members of the Residence Council are, from left — Front row: Marilyn Bault, Jackie Burton, Kristi Koark, Brooke Williams and Tammy Luttrell. Back row: Api 
Carter, Rene Jones, Jenny Bratton, Tara Celani, Jennifer Bethel and Carlene Leonard. 

Stapp Hall, Campbellsville College's residence hall 
for women, was under new leadership in 1992. 
Brenda J. (B.J.) Merritt-McClung took on the job of 
director of Stapp Hall, which has proven to be a 

Residents of Stapp Hall were happy to hear about 
the new ice machine provided for them in the 
basement when school began in August. This is just 
another one of the many improvements Stapp Hall 
has seen in recent years. 

Stapp Hall residents showed their support of 
Homecoming 1992 by sponsoring a booth for the 
walk-around parade. Residents, under the super- 
vision of April Carter, spent many hours making 
pennants for Tiger fans to wave at the football 

Photo by Jamie Min; 

At right, RAs. Tracy Gullion and Carlene Leonard eat ice cream with Brenda McClung-Merrit 
residence hall director. 


Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

I lie members of Phi Beta Lambda for the 1992-93 school year are from left: Front row — Bill Bare, Billy Day, Scot Walters, Michael Crocker, Jamas Riley and advisor 
biirley Risen, assistant professor of accounting. Second row — Candy Jones, Ann Hurt, Karen Pierce, Brooke Williams, Paula Mays, Eulanda Rodgers and Amanda 
IcKinney. Third row — Sosomphanh (Pon) Thongmanivong, Donna Hedgespeth, Dana Hearon and Teresa Wallace. 

Phi Beta Lambda 

T> hi Beta Lambda is organized for, but not 
■*- limited to, Campbellsville College business 
administration, accounting and office manage- 
ment students. Any student with a business ma- 
jor/minor or an interest in business may join. 

It is intended to provide opportunities to meet 
and work with other students with similar in- 
terests, and to learn more about the students 
about to enter the work force. The club maintains 
a challenging program. 

The club challenges its members to improve 
their interpersonal and social skills. Events this 
year have included Homecoming activities and 
Phi Beta Lambda State Conference in Louisville, 

The officers are from left: First row — Bill Bare, reporter; 
Jamas Riley, president; Scot Walters, vice president of pro- 
gramming, and Shirley Risen, assistant professor of ac- 
counting, advisor. Second row — Candy Jones, secretary, 
and Ann Hurt, treasurer. Back row — Sosomphanh (Pon) 
Thongmanivong, vice president of fund-raising. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 


North Hall 

Photo by Missy Mai 

Members of North Hall Residence Council are: Front row — Tony Cress, director; Tom Found, president; Greg Bowlin, secretary/treasurer, and Patri 
Ashcraft, floor representative. Second row — Matt Gosser, floor representative; Rick Clapp, resident assistant; Curtis Barnes, floor representative; Rich Smi 
floor representative, and Richie Stratton, resident assistant. Not pictured are John Loyd and Jamie Ward, resident assistants, and John Miracle, vice preside 

"VJ orth Hall, one of Campbells ville College's residence 
*■ ^ halls for men, is also under new leadership this year. 
Anthony (Tony) Cress is the new director of North Hall. 

North Hall residents participated in the Homecoming 
1992 activities. Their theme for their booth was Hawaiian 
and to carry out this theme they sold tropical drinks. The 
booth drew a lot of attention and compliments because of 
its decorations. 

The residence hall's candidate for Homecoming this 
year was Eulanda Rodgers. North Hall residents really 
stood behind their candidate this year — in fact, they 
united together and saw Eulanda win. 

To the right, Christopher Streets, Tom Pound and Patrick Ashcraft 

participate in YouthFest. 


Fellowship of Christian Ministries 

"C CM promotes 
-*- and encour- 
ages church- 
related vocation 
volunteers to ac- 
tively involve 
themselves in 
through Christian 
ministries through 
fellowship, educa- 
tion and communi- 
ty service. 

Members of 
FCM include from 
left: Rich Smith, 
Amy King, Larry 
King, treasurer; 
Tony Smith, pres- 
ident; Charles 
Colvin, vice pres- 
ident; Will Sipes, 
public relations, 
Darlene Smith 
and Mike Sharp. 

Photo by Missy Malone 

Church Music Conference 

he Church Music Conference encour- through church music. neth Martin, associate professor of music, 

■ ages Christian fellowship among those CMC members include, from left: Mike advisor, Billy Day, secretary/treasurer; 

:erested in church music, inspiration and Bowen , Ricky Gearlds, Jimmy Workman, John (Tree) Akers and Doug Thompson. 

aring opportunities. executive council; Gene Smith, executive Not pictured is John Mhacle, vice president. 

It promotes spiritual and musical growth council; Jay Padgett, president; Dr. Ken- 

Photo by Missy Malone 

FCM/CMC 161 

Music Educators National Conference 

TV^usic Educators National Conference is 
-*- * -*-a professional organization that helps 
its members prepare for music education as 

MENC is a very active group on campus. 
They participate in several service projects 
such as the Church Music Conference in a 

"get-to-know-you" picnic. They have 
also done a few fund-raising projects 
to attend the state convention. 

The MENC participated in the 
Homecoming events this year. They, 
along with the Tiger Marching Band, 
chose Jennifer Tinnell to represent 

them on the court. She was chosen firs 

"Being a member, I believe the club is 
valuable asset to my future because of th 
information that will help me in the fu 
hire," said member Kim F. Daniels. 

Photos by Tamara Marsteller 

Music Educators National Conference consists of from left: Front row — Beth Loy, Eva Floyd, Valerie Owens, Kim F. Daniels, Gina Huff, Marcha Wilson, 
Shawn Huff and Dr. Robert Gaddis, associate professor of music and chair of the division of fine arts, advisor. Second row — Christal Stooksbury , Paula 
Humphress, Jennifer Tinnell , Beth Witthuhn, Tonya Morris, Connie Jo Pruitt and Nicky Carmicle Third row — Melissa Miller, Kevin Durham, 
William J. Doerr, Boyd Rexroat, Bucky Wilson , Angie Geralds, Steven Bowling, Brian Clifford, Mitch Gaddis, Scotty Burns, Tammy Luttrell and 
Cicely Maggard 

MENC officers consist of from left: Beth Witthuhn, 
co-historian; Kim F. Daniels, secretary /treasurer; Jen- 
nifer Tinnell, vice president, and Shawn Huff, pres- 
ident. Not pictured is Scott Elliott, co-historian. 


South Hall 

he members of the 1992 South Hall Residence Hall Council are, from left, Joey Shive, Mike Thomas, Kirby Smith, Phillip Stockdale and Chris Wolfe. 
sated is Luther Bramblett. 

^ outh Hall is the larger of the two male residence halls on campus. The residence hall is run by Eric Graves. The hall had some remodeling done to it this year. 
HJ Fresh paint and new carpet gave it a whole new look. 


World Community Club 

Photo by Missy Malone 

The World Community Club members for the 1992-93 school year are from left: Front row: — Deborah Hinton, Sosomphanh (Pon) Thongmanivong, 
Irena Stepanikova and Jagath Mathupala. Second row — Janet Miller, instructor in mathematics, co-advisor; Kazi Islam, Sandeep Nandkeolyar, 
Anissa Holman and Patrick Ashcraft. Third row — Tracy Smith, Gil Milburn, Dr. Frank Cheatham, professor of math and computer science and 
coordinator of the computer information systems, co-advisor; Addisu Jiffar and Wassie Jiffar. 

TP he World Community Club is an or- 
•*■ ganization on campus that stresses the 
importance of culture. The club participates 
each year at the walk-around parade during 
Homecoming by selling ethnic food pre- 
pared by the members. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

This year's representative in the Homecoming Queen 
Court for trie WCC was Sosomphanh (Pon) 
Thongmanivong. She was escorted by Marlow Haz- 


Photo by Missy Malom I 

The 1992-93 WCC officers are from left: Front row — Anissa Holman, secretary; Jagath Mathupala 
president, and Gil Milburn, treasurer. Second row — Sandeep Nandkeolyar, activities director, and Kazi 
Islam, vice president. 

African American Leadership League 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

[he members of AALL are from left: Front row — Becky Tolbert, vice president; Monique Phillips, Bill Shavkey, Danny Tolbert, Maud Khanyile, secretary/treasurer, 
us Austin Lane, activities coordinator, Perry Maddox and Joe Witherspoon. Second row — Marlow Hazard, Roy Booker , historian, and Van Berry. Not pictured is Regina 
Thompson, president. Dr. Robert Doty, professor of English, is the group's advisor. 

HP he purpose of AALL is to educate 
■*■ people about African Americans. 
Many of the difficulties of Americans 
arise from a different result of misun- 
derstandings among people of different 
races and cultures. In an educational ef- 
fort to keep Americans more socially 
aware, this club, African American Lead- 
ership League, educates Campbellsville 
College students, faculty, administration 
and staff. This organization is an ed- 
ucational instrument with both the social 
and intellectual heritage of the African 
American. To the left, JusAustin Lane 
announces the club at a convocation. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 


Math and Science Club 

HP he Math and Science Club and Sigma Zeta 
■*■ extended a welcome this year to anyone who 
had an interest in the areas of math, biology, chem- 
istry, computer sciences, physics and/or any related 
fields in these areas to join the club. 

There are no special requirements to be a member 
of the Math and Science Club, however, those 
members of Sigma Zeta must have 15 completed 
hours in the math, science or computer information 
systems area, a 3.0 grade point average in the stated 
areas and an overall GPA of 2.75. 

The club does several activities throughout the 
year. Some of them include guest speakers such as 
Dr. Greg Burg of the University of Kentucky and the 
"Adopt-a -Highway Program." 

The Math and Science Club members for the 1992 school year 
are, from left: First row — ■ Linda Clore, Anissa Holman, 
Sosomphanh (Pon) Thongmanivong, Deborah Hinton, pres- 
ident, and Jennifer Keene, secretary/treasurer. Second row — 
Dr. Frank Cheatham, professor of math and computer science 
and coordinator of computer information systems, co-advisor; 
Janet Miller, instructor of math, co-advisor; Misty Sandefur, 
Stacy D. French and Melissa Bright, historian. Third row — Dr. 
Milton Rogers, professor of biology, co-advisor; Sandeep 
Nandkeolyar, Mike Sharp, Greg Bowlin and Pamela Mardis. 
Fourth row — Harlie White, associate professor of mathematics 
and chair of the division of science, co-advisor; Andrew Clark, 
Todd Osbourne, vice president, and Betty Jo Tharp. Fifth row 
— Donna Williams, Ted Hood , Dr. Tom Jeffries, professor of 
chemistry, co-advisor; Dr. Gordon Weddle, associate professor 
of biology, co-advisor, and Jagath Mathupala. 


Photo by Jamie Mings 

Above, Sigma Zeta plays a prank on, from left, Dr. Robert S. Clark, vice 
president for academic affairs and dean; with assistance from Deborah 
Hinton, Todd Osbourne, John (Tree) Akers, Jay Montgomery and Cindy 
Martin during convocation. 

The members of Sigma Zeta are, from left: Front row — Todd Osbourne, 
Deborah Hinton, Jennifer Keene and Melissa Bright. Second row — 
Linda Core, Sandeep Nandkeolyar, Betty Jo Tharp and Mike Sharp. 
Third row — Donna Williams, Andrew Clark, Ted Hood and Jagath 
Mathupala. Fourth row — Dr. Tom Jeffries , professor of chemistry, and 
Dr. Gordon Weddle, associate professor of biology, co-advisors. 


Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Psychology Club 

"* ampbellsville College's Psychology 
" Club is a young club that continues 
t gain student interest. In fact, interest 
l>el and club membership was at an ali- 
ke high in 1992. 

With the support of head advisor Je- 
eette Parker and assistance from Dr. 

Ralph Tesseneer and Richard Draper, the 
psychology club had a successful booth 
and a great time at Homecoming 1992. 
The theme of the club's Homecoming 
booth was "We're all a little nuts some- 
times" with club members passing out 
free samples of Planters' peanuts. 

But while club members have fun, 
they are serious about the goals their 
club wants to accomplish. Club mem- 
bers participate in many community 
service projects such as helping with 
the Special Olympics each year and 
collecting clothes for needy families. 

Photos by Joan C. McKinney 

t ychology Club members from left include: Front row — Donna Hedgespeth, president; Darla Hickman, treasurer; Katie Adams, secretary; Kelli Milby, 
iblic relations; Derinda Christerson, June Sooter and Greg Melton, vice president. Second row — Traci Peppers, Amy Houk, Maud Khanyile, Kabrina 
• fcridge, Sharon Al-Saefan and Kathleen Bush. Third row — Teresa Kendall, Irena Stepanikova, Denise DeBoard, Gwen Patterson, Tina Massengill and 
rpnifer Cecil. Fourth row — Mike Burton, Jason Holtzclaw, Todd Catron, Aubrey Pennington, Nathan Williamson, Joey Shive, Tim Yantz, Ramont 
ijnith, Diane Colvin, Lora Dye, Perry Maddox and Jeanette Parker, part-time instructor in psychology who advises the group. 

Tonya Mor- 
gan, from 
left, and 
Traci Pep- 
pers' step- 
son, Adrian, 
help at the 


Photo by Missy Mali 

Members of Alpha Rho Tau include, from left: Front row — Robbie Haynes, Tommy Clark, assistant professor of art and faculty sponsor, Jeremy Suchnu 
vice president, David Farris and Joe Sullivan, secretary. Back row — Andrew Clark, treasurer, Travis Carter, Tasha Greer, president, and Pamela Renea 

Alpha Rho Tau 

\ lpha Rho Tau, or the art club, is an organization on campus for art majors and minors or anyone with an interest in art. Th 
•**- club emphasizes such issues as how to succeed as an artist and how to prepare for an exhibit. 

Alpha Rho Tau is active on campus. They sponsor many art shows throughout the semester and are involved in many funiil 
raising projects. The organization hopes to raise enough money to take a trip to an art museum. 

Recently, the club was recognized for its work at the Green River Arts and Crafts Festival. 

Freshman art student Jeremy Suchman said, "The club is a great challenge for everyone involved to come up with new ar 
creative ideas to stir community involvement in the fine arts." 



Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

lampbellsville College's TV-4 production crew includes from left: Front row — Becky Tolbert, John Miracle, JusAustin Lane and Carol Lyvers. Second row — 
heila Mwachiru, Corky Mohedano, acting director of television services, and Tammy Ridgway. Not pictured are Brian Bishop and Sabrina Herron. 

' ampbellsville Col- 
*" lege's television sta- 
ion, or TV-4 as it is 
xiown, is a great addition 
o our campus. 

It is a low-power tele- 
vision station that serves 
he community of 
Campbellsville, as well as 
he College. 

I With original shows 
iuch as "What's Cooking, 
Neighbor?" hosted by Ed 
ivIcGuire, "Tigers' Den" 
losted by Tom Mc- 
jllendon, and "Rafferty!" 
losted by Ron Rafferty, the 

station informs and enter- 

TV-4 also airs special 
Campbellsville College 
events such as sporting events 
and coverage of other campus 
events and activities. 

The staff and students who 
bring TV-4 to the College and 
community should be recog- 
nized for the effort they put 
on telvision. 

To the right, David Gray, 
vice president for develop- 
ment, and Ed McGuire are on 
"What's Cooking, Neigh- 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

TV-4 169 

Student Foundation 

Planning for the future 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Members of the Student Foundation are from left: Front row — Eulanda Rodgers, Vicky Haydon, Amy Phillips and Chris Kidwell. Back row — Jason Davis, 
Leslie Potterfield, Becky Mishler, Brooke Williams, Kristi Roark and sponsor John Paul Blair, director of financial development. 

HThe Campbellsville College Student Foundation is composed of energetic sophomore, junior and senior students working in 
*■ cooperation with the administration to enhance the image and build upon the successes of Campbellsville College. 

Working under the motto "Students Helping Students," it is their desire to help others through the creation of Student 
Foundation Scholarships. Funding for these scholarships is met through special events such as "President for a Day" as well as 
other events and fund-raising vehicles. 

The Student Foundation was founded under the direction of the office of financial development to serve as a link between 
students, administration, faculty, alumni and friends. It was organized for the purpose of enlisting outstanding students to 
promote the general welfare of the College, work in harmony with the long range goals of the College and develop a program of 
activities to foster academic excellence and tradition, as well as pride and loyalty in Campbellsville College. 

Student Foundation officers for 1993-94 include: Amy Phillips, president; Chris Kidwell, vice president; Pam Mardis, 
operations director; Eulanda Rodgers, treasurer, and Vicky Haydon, communications director. 


Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 
Lie members of Fellowship of Christian Athletes are, from left: Front row — Becky Mishler, Amanda McKinney, Wendy Amiet, Jane Kephart, Lori Wolf, Tara Celani, 
imy Phillips, Sunshine Raley and Maria London. Back row — Chris Morgan, Scott Borowick, Rick Calpp, Aaron Walters, Jay Montgomery, Scot Walters, Coach 
aywood Riner, sponsor, Rich Smith and Mike Thomas. 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes' purpose is to 
present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they 
influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving 
Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their 
relationships and in the fellowship of the church. 

The students at Campbellsville College have been 
very active at the local and state level of FCA. Several 
have attended various Weekend of Champions, Col- 
lege Advance and summer camps. Two honors be- 
stowed upon Campbellsville College this year were 
given at the 1993 FCA State Awards Banquet. 
Haywood Riner received College Coach of the year 
and Becky Mishler received Female College Athlete of 
the year. 

This year the club raised money to go to the many 
events by having a bake sale. The officers and other 
members baked cookies and brownies to be sold. The 
sale helped them go to College Advance in Jabez, Ky. 

The club is sponsored by Coach Haywood Riner. 

"Do you not know that 
in a race all the runners 
run, but only one gets 
the prize? Run in such a 
way as to get the prize. 
Everyone who com- 
petes in the games goes 
into strict training. 
They do it to get a 
crown that will not last; 
but we do it to get a 
crown that will last for- 
ever. Therefore I do not 
run like a man running 
aimlessly; I do not fight 
like a man beating the 
air. No, I beat my body 
and make it my slave so 
that after I have 
preached to others, I 
myself will not be dis- 
qualified for the prize." 
I Cor. 9:24-27 

The officers are front, Wendy Amiet, secretary. Back row, Becky Mishler, vice president, Jay 
Montgomery, president, and advisor Haywood Riner. Absent J. J. Montgomery, treasurer. 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

FCA 171 

Jon Rafferty plays alto saxophone in the outdoor concert of the Concert Band in the amphitheater. 

Photo by Jamie Min '; 

172 MUSIC 


MUSIC 173 

Campbellsville College Singers 

HH he Campbellsville 
■*■ College Singers were 
selected by audition in the 
fall semester. The 1992 
Singers were Mark 
Hughes, Tim (Tee) Pass, 
Jennifer Kearns, Leslie 
Mitchell, Tonya Morris and 
Amy Musselman. 

The theme for the Sing- 
ers was "Stand Together," 
and together they made 
several resolutions. They 
dedicated themselves to 
encourage others, to grow 
spiritually, to be a positive 
influence, to make Christ 
their life and to be radically 

As a group, they also 
formed some goals for the 
team. They wanted to as- 
sume nothing and to com- 
municate everything, to 
look for the light even in 
the darkest tunnel, make 
common courtesy a com- 
mon thing, to be flexible, to 
"work hard, play hard" 
and to divide everything 
equally 600%. 

I >r^ / The 1992 Singers include from left: Tim (Tee) Pass, Jennifer Kearns, Leslie Mitchell, Mark Hughes, Tonya Morris and Ar 

\V$- um%€// Musselman. 




with the 
August 28, 1992 

"....Present yourselves as a 
living sacrifice, holy, ac- 
ceptable to God, which is 
your spiritual service of 
worship. And do not be 
conformed to this world, 
but be transformed.. .."- 
Romans 12:1-2 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Photo by Joan C. McKinnij 


Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Collegiate Chorale 

/"** ollegiate Chorale is a co-ed musical group 
^-" made up of students interested in music. Au- 
ditions, for the group, are held each spring for 
singers and handbell soloists. 

In the summer of 1992, the Chorale took a Eu- 
ropean tour. Much fund raising was done in prep- 
aration for the trip. The students got a chance to 
explore a different country and learn new cultures. 

Each spring, the Chorale performs a home con- 
cert. This is a chance for the local community and 
campus to view the group's hard work and ded- 

Members are from left: First row — Tonya Morris, Eva Floyd, 
Erin Dudgeon, Leslie Mitchell, Jennifer Kearns, Jimmy Work- 
man, Mike Richard and Kenny Dillingham. Second row — 
Michelle Thompson, Kim F. Daniels, Karen Davis, Irena 
Stepanikona, Brian Bishop, Ricky Gearlds, Jay Padgett and 
Kevin Durham. Third row — Kathleen Bush, Sharla 
Pochodzay, Cicely Maggard, Melissa Miller, Jennifer Tinnell, 
Doug Thompson, William J. Doerr and Billy Day. Fourth row 
— Paula Humphress, Valerie Owens, Tammy Luttrell, Ginger 
Fuller, Ree Shana Estes, Brian Clifford, Hal Lloyd and Gene 
Smith. The Collegiate Chorale is under the direction of Dr. 
Kenneth Martin, associate professor of music. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

ollegiate Chorale officers are from left: Kim F. Daniels, co-historian; Brian Clifford, co-historian; 
pnnifer Tinnell, president; Erin Dudgeon, vice president, and Billy Day, secretary/treasurer. 


Campbellsville College Jazz Band 

Photo by Tamara Marstellf 

Members of the Campbellsville College Jazz Band include from left: Front row — Christal Stooksbury, Connie Jo Pruitt, Brian Bishop, Beth Witthuhn, Hal Lloyd and Joi 
Rafferty. Second row — Gina Huff, Angie Gearlds, Kristen Ray , Chris Waters and Scott Elliott. Third row — John Miracle , Shawn Huff, Paula Humphress, Valeri 
Owens and Dr. Robert Gaddis, chair of the division of fine arts and associate professor of music and director of the band. Fourth row — Jay Padgett, Scotty Burns, Mitel 
Gaddis, Jennifer Tinnell, Brian Clifford, Matt Gordon and Joey Foster. Corky Mohedano and Jimmy Workman are not pictured. 

f~^ ampbellsville College's jazz ensemble announced the schedule for its 
^-" fall tour Nov. 16-19, according to Dr. Robert Gaddis, associate pro- 
fessor of music and chair of the division of fine arts at the College. 

The ensemble, under the direction of Gaddis, began their tour on Monday, 
Nov. 16, at Butler County High School. During that week the group 
appeared at Parkway Plaza Mall Center Court, Madisonville-North Hopkins 
High School and at Marion County High School. The tour's final concert was 
at home in Campbellsville College Alumni Building's College Theater. The 
concerts were open to the public. 

The jazz ensemble presented music from the swing era and from the 
contemporary jazz idiom. Their music also included vocal solos from con- 
temporary Christian repertoire. 

Members of the jazz ensemble include: Jon Rafferty on alto sax; Hal Lloyd 
on alto sax; Beth Witthuhn on alto sax; 

Brian Bishop on tenor sax; Connie Jo Pruitt on tenor sax; Kelly Bauer on 
tenor sax; Christal Stooksbury on baritone sax; 

Scott Elliot on trumpet; Chris Waters on trumpet; Angie Geralds on 
trumpet; Gina Perkins on trumpet; 

Jennifer Tinnell on trombone; Mitch Gaddis on trombone; Scotty Burns on 
trombone; Matt Gordon on trombone; Brian Clifford on trombone; Joey 
Foster on trombone; 

Jimmy Workman on guitar; John Miracle and Corky Mohedano on bass; 
Valerie Owens on piano; Jay Padgett on percussion; Shawn Huff on drums, 
and Paula Humphress on vocals. 

To the right, Jon Rafferty is playing alto saxophone during a solo 


Carpenter's Apprentice 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Irpenter's Apprentice includes from left: Front row — Brian Clifford and Melissa Miller. Back row — Kevin Durham, Cindy Crowder, Carolyn Slape, 
|uiifer Tinnell, David Tinnell, William J. Doerr, Donna Rice and Dr. Robert Gaddis, chair of the Fine Arts Division and associate professor of music. 

yhe Carpenter's Apprentice is a singing group made up of current and former college students. 

Carpenter's Apprentice members are selected during an audition. This insures the great talent the group has year after year. 
Director Dr. Robert Gaddis, associate professor of music and chair of the Fine Arts Division, does a fine job of selecting and 
en working with the selected singers. 
Each year the Carpenter's Apprentice perform a free concert for the public where the group can showcase its talent. 


Concert Band 

Photo by Jamie Ming ■ 

Members of the Concert Band are, from left: Front row — Christal Stooksbury, Beth Witthuhn, Bonnie Moore, Erin Dudgeon, Sarah Wilson, Linda Wadsworth, Cindu 
Miller and Connie Jo Pruitt. Second row — Kelly Bauer, Sharla Pochodzay, Hal Lloyd, Laura Clem, Meredith Rogers, Be Linda Smith, Debbie Mauk, Sabrina Herrin] 
Valerie Owens, Gina Huff, Rebecca Farmer and Jon Rafferty. Third row — Angie Geralds, Hardin Butcher, Billy Day, Chris Waters, Scott Elliott, Matt Gordon, Mitel 
Gaddis, Brian Clifford, Jennifer Tinnell, Jason Keith, Steve Bowling, Scotty Burns, Chad Creech, Joey Foster, Mark Elliott and Dr. David McCullough, director. Bad 
row — Tiffani Merrick, Bethney Foster, Chris Franklin, David Farris, William J. Doerr, Shawn Huff, Bucky Wilson, Boyd Rexroat and Judd Furkin. 

The Campbellsville College Concert Band was com- 
posed of college and two high school students this 

Their annual concert was Monday, April 26 in the 
College Amphitheater. 

The band's first selection was "March from Carmen." 
Jennifer Tinnell was a featured soloist. 

The second selection was "Blue Bells of Scotland," also 
featuring Tinnell as a soloist. 

"English Folk Song Suite" was a selection that fea- 
tured the three English songs "Seventeen Come Sim- 
day," "My Bonny Boy" and "Folk Songs From Som- 

Original Dixieland Concerto was a selection that 
featured several soloists. Beth Witthuhn was featured 
on clarinet, Scott Elliott was featured on the trumpet, 
Tinnell was featured on the trombone, Chad Creech 
was featured on the tuba and Shawn Huff was fea- 

tured on the drums. 

Selections from "Phantom of the Opera" was th<|l 
band's fifth selection. This is by Andrew Lloyd Webbeill 
and arranged by W. Barker. 

"Bayport Sketch" was performed as a percussiorr 

"Manhattan Beach" by John Phillip Sousa anclj 
"Festive Centennial" by W. Francis McBeth, ended the \f 

Concert Chorus 

The Concert Chorus is a group made up of 42 
students who are interested in choral music. 
Dr. Mark Bradley is their director. 

The Concert Chorus does a cantata or oratorio 
every year but were really challenged this year 
with their performance of "The Seven Last Words 
of Christ." 

The Concert Chorus featured 13 soloists this 
semester. This gave the students performance ex- 
perience in recital settings. 

Paula Humphress and Hal Lloyd were featured 
in "Requiem." Ginger Fuller, Kenny Dillingham, 
Ricky Gearlds, Kevin Durham, Billy Gregory, Doug 

Thompson, Kimberly F. Daniels, Jimmy Work- 
man, Jay Padgett, Mike Bowen and Erin Dudg- 
eon were soloists in "The Seven Last Words of 

Everyone from freshmen to seniors were fea- 
tured in the Concert Chorus this year. Bradley 
said that many students come to Campbellsville 
College to get more performance opportunities 
so the chorus purposely tries to allow for each 
student interested to get some recital experi- 

Nevalyn Moore, Sharla Pochodzay and 
Valerie Owens were the accompanists for the 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Chorus and worked with them throughout the 

Section leaders for the Chorus this semester 
were Paula Humphress, Dudgeon, Gearlds and 
Lloyd. These people helped the conductor in 
teaching music to their section. 

The Concert Chorus does one perfomance 
each semester. In the fall of 1993 the chorus is 
planning a special performance of "Messiah" 
by Handel. This is being planned with a ba- 
roque orchestra and Bradley describes it as "a 
real treat." 

Concert Chorus mem- 
bers include from left: i 
Front row — Tonya 
Morris, Audrey Fer- 
guson, Amy Mus-' I 
selman, Sharla. II 
Pochodzay, Billy I 
Day, Mike Bowen, I 
Kenny Dillingham, 
Hal Lloyd, Doug'f 
Thompson, Erin I 
Dudgeon, Jennifer 
Kearns, Beth Loy, 
Valerie Owens and j 
Marcha Wilson. Sec- II 
ond row — Kathleen 
Bush, Leslie Mitch- 
ell, Paula Hum- 
phress, Jeannine 
Hurst, Ricky Gearlds, 
Jimmy Workman, Jay 
Padgett, William J. 
Doerr, Scott Elliott, 
Jason Keith, Ray- 
mond Rosf, BeLinda 
Smith, Michelle Hen- 
dley and Kimberly F. 
Daniels. Third row — 
Tammy Luttrell, Cic- 
ely Maggard, Ginger 
Fuller, Ree Shana Es- 
tes, Kevin Durham, 
lohn (Tree) Akers, 
Gene Smith, Tim 
Richardson, Jayson 
Gard, Nicky 

Carmicle, Christal 
Stooksbury and Me- 
lissa Miller. 



Photo by Jamie Mings 

lie members of the Handbell Choir are from left: Front row — Nevalyn Moore, instructor in music, director, Tonya Morris, Eva Floyd, Jennifer Kearns and 
iy Padgett. Second row — Erin Dudgeon, Kimberly F. Daniels, Leslie Mitchell and Ricky Gearlds. Back row- Paula Humphress, Jennifer Tinnell, Valerie 
iwens, Brian Clifford and Joey Foster. 

irhe Campbellsville College Handbell Choir represents the College primarily in churches and church-related meetings. 
! Students must audition for membership. 

The Handbell Choir is one of the premier groups in the nation. Most of the members also belong to the Campbellsville College 
Collegiate Chorale, and both groups tour together in the spring. 

Under the direction of Nevalyn Moore, instructor in music, the group works hard to perfect the sound and motion of each bell. 

The handbell group adds uniqueness and creativity to the chorale's performances. 


































Campus Times 

""^ ampus Times is a literary work of Campbellsville College. Campus Times is a newspaper that is published six times a year. 
w The newspaper staff is primarily made up of volunteers. Anyone who is interested in journalism or any aspect of a paper 
t welcome to submit stories or become a member of the staff. 

Although the staff is voluntary, their writing talents can be seen through the publication. 

According to Editor Jennifer Zammert, "We have an incredible advisor who is lenient with freedom of the press but who is 
trict and cares about the work produced. The staff is dedicated and talented, and I am proud of their work." 

The staff's advisor is Dr. Robert L. Doty, professor of English. Staff members include staff writers: Bethney Foster, Dave Jarvis, 
jis Kell, Sandeep Nandkeolyar and Lynne Pendygraft. The staff photographer is Tammy Ridgway. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Campus Times staff members include from left: Front row — Bethney Foster, staff writer, and Jennifer Zammert, editor. Second 
row — Sandeep Nandkeolyar, staff writer, and Lynne Pendygraft, staff writer. Third row — Kris Kell, staff writer, and Dave 
Jarvis, staff writer. Back row — Tammy Ridgway, photographer. 



Aaron, Peggy 105 

Abell, Adam Ray 65 

AbelL Sandra 67 

Adams, Katie . . 12, 13, 14, 40, 41, 
152, 167 

Adams, Tim 77, 119 

Age, Derrick 17, 29, 77, 119 

Akers, John 5, 7, 32A, 59, 154, 

155, 161, 166, 178 
Akridge, Kabrina Lynn .... 41, 167 
Al-Saefan, Sharon Beth ... 41, 167 

Allen, Chuck 67 

Allen, Matthew 54 

Allen, Ryan 67, 137 

Allison, Gerald Bright 41 

Alvey, John 77, 130 

Amiet, Wendy 67, 171 

Anderson, Angie 59, 124, 129, 

134, 135 

Anderson, Sabrina 75, 77 

Anderson, Stacy Bottom ... 67, 124 

Antle, LeDean 59, 65 

Appleman, Kim 41, 55 

Argo, Peggy 93 

Argo, Russell Trent 30, 105 

Armes, Todd Doyle 54 

Arnett, Alice 77 

Arnett, Mark 67 

Arnett, Rebecca 32, 67 

Arnold, Cathy Sue 54 

Arnold, Michael Shane 54 

Arnold, Steve 59 

Arvin, Kimberly Ann 41 

Ashcraft, Patrick ... 7, 11, 67, 142, 

154, 155, 160, 164 

Ashlock, Larry 77, 130 

Atkinson, Glen 59 

Avery, Bonnie Ill 


Bailey, Dan 67, 136, 144, 145 

Bailey, David . . 67, 136, 137, 144, 
145, 153 

Baize, Darryl 91 

Baker, Suzanna 77 

Baldwin, Shirley Mae 105 

Ballard, Rebecca Ann 41, 190 

Bare, Bill 41, 159, 191 

Bargo, Paul L 91 

Barker, Tad 16, 35, 41 

Barnes, Curtis . 7, 8, 18, 33, 56, 67, 

152, 154, 155, 160 

Barnett, Deanna Lynn .... 41, 156 

Bass, William 91 

Bassett, Greg 91 

Bauer, Kelly 12, 13, 14, 77, 178 

Bault, Marilyn Gay . . 41, 152, 158, 


Beard, Delena 67 

Beard, Linda 77 

Beaty, Rhea . . 28, 58, 59, 124, 125, 
127, 128 

Bell, Laura 77, 154 

Bell, Robert Mitchell 41 

Benedict, Patricia Reinette 42 

Bennett, Bryan . . 67, 142, 143, 152 
Bennett, Dr Bill 98, 142 

Benningfield, David 91 

Benningfield, Kimberly 91 

Benningfield, Rick 110 

Benningfield, Stephen Keith . . 42, 


Benningfield, Susie 67 

Berry, Van 77, 120, 165 

Bertram, John Ill 

Bethel, Jennifer ... 11, 21, 32C, 67, 

Bishop, Brian . . 12, 14, 59, 175, 176 

Bishop, Don 98 

Bishop, Ronnie 105 

Bivens, Robert 91 

Black, Beau 67, 119 

Black, Brian 77 

Black, Staci . 17, 19, 28, 29, 56, 67, 
146, 147, 152 

Blackford, Robert Glenn 42 

Blackmon, Cristi 67, 124 

Blair, John Paul 32B, 105, 170 

Bland, Ann 54 

Bland, Joseph Rodney 42 

Bland, Veronica 91 

Blankenship, Chasity 77 

Blanton, Britt 138 

Blevins, Jeffrey 59 

Board, Dwayne 77, 119 

Bocatto, Edwardo 77, 137 

Bohanan, Harlan 105 

Boling, Kim 67, 134, 135 

Booker, John G 65 

Booker, Roy .... 59, 120, 122, 165 

Booth, Brennen 77, 119 

Borowick, Scott ... 17, 77, 119, 171 

Bowen, Michael K 42 

Bowen, Mike 42, 161, 178 

Bowlin, Greg 42, 157, 160, 166 

Bowling, Steve 12, 13, 15, 77, 

154, 162, 178 

Boyd, Janet Ill 

Bradley, Dr Mark 31, 98 

Bradshaw, Howard 91 

Bradshaw, Joanie 93 

Brady, Joseph 91 

Brady, Susan 12, 13, 14, 77 

Bramblett, Luther . . 7, 23, 59, 130, 


Bratton, Jenny 67, 138, 158 

Bray, Mary 59 

Breeden, Danny 68, 130 

Breeding, Connie 6, 105 

Breeding, Kaye 91 

Brenner, -Kelly 77 

Brewer, Pamela 78 

Brickner, Fran 110 

Bridges, Greg 68, 116, 119 

Bright, Courtney Ayers 91 

Bright, Melissa Kearn 42, 157, 

166, 190 

Bright, Tony 105 

Brockman, Carina 78 

Brockman, Jeff 68 

Broome, Doug 105 

Broome, Mary Elizabeth 98 

Brown, Alfred 91 

Brown, J D 78, 119 

Brown, Kim 68 

Brown, Robert 75 

Browning, MaDonna 91 

Browning, Russell William 42 

Brownley, Dean . . . 106, 136, 137, 


Bruce, Sheri 12, 13, 15, 78 

Brummett, Tammy . . 78, 154, 187, 


Bruton, Scott 59 

Bryson, Dr Ronald 106 

Buchieri, Laurie Ann 42, 134 

Buckler, Lesa 93 

Buckman, Kathy 12, 13, 14, 78 

Buckman, Shirley Wright 54 

Bunton, Terry 91 

Burdette, Deborah Maupin .... 42 

Burnett, Chris 68 

Burns, James 91 

Burns, Scotry . . 12, 13, 15, 78, 162, 
176, 178 

Burns, Timothy 91 

Burton, Jackie 68, 158 

Burton, Janet 91 

Burton, Jerry Michael 42, 167 

Burton, Kevin 7, 59, 120, 148, 


Bush, Joey 93 

Bush, Kathleen Suzanne . 42, 167, 

175, 178 

Butcher, Thomas F 98 


Caldwell, Jacqueline 91 

Caldwell, Julie G 106 

Calhoun, Toni 59 

Cambron, Tracy Jay 43 

Campbell, Carl 91 

Campbell, Lance 91 

Campbell, Regina 19, 43 

Canady, Jack 91 

Cantrell, Gregory 59 

Capps, Clifford 91 

Carmichael, Chad 68, 119 

Carmicle, Nicky 68,162,178 

Carrico, Susan Maria 43 

Carter, April . 11, 19, 43, 154, 155, 


Carter, Patti R 106, 190 

Carter, Travis 59 

Cartwright, Bill 119 

Case, Steve 91 

Cash, Chris 91 

Cash, Jennifer Caulk 43 

Catron, Melvin Todd 43, 167 

Caulk, Angie 68 

Caulk, Phyllis 68 

Cecil, Jennifer 68, 167 

Cecil, Mike 54, 119 

Celani, Tara .. 11, 21, 24, 32C, 56, 
58, 68, 146, 147, 158, 171 

Cesler, Tonya Ill 

Chamness, Jennifer 93 

Charlton, Clint 78, 119 

Chastain, Merritt Lee 43 

Cheatham, Don Ill 

Cheatham, Dr Frank . . 98, 164, 166 

Cheatham, Rhonda 93 

Childers, Darren 78, 140, 141, 

142, 143 

Childress, Scott 68 

Choale, Robin Elaine 54 

Christerson, Derinda 59, 167 

Clapp, Rick 7, 18, 32D, 58, 59, 

152, 160, 171 

Clark, Andrew 68, 166, 190 

Clark, Angela 68 

Clark, Dr Robert 32, 97, 166 

Clark, John 78 

Clark, Lillian Ill 

Clark, Melissa 91 

Clark, Stacy 78 

Clark, Tommy R 99, 144 

Clem, Laura 8, 12, 14, 78, 178 

Clements, Renee 106 

Clemons, Barry 91 

Clifford, Brian ... 7, 12, 13, 14, 18, 

78, 152, 162, 175, 176, 177, 178, 


Clifton, George 78, 119 

Clore, Linda L 43, 157, 166 

Coatney, Mariah 78 

Cochran, Terry 78 

Coffey, Gloria 68 

Coker, Cindy Lou 106 

Coker, Mark 119, 144 

Collier, Glennon D 91 

Collins, Chip 78 

Collison, Danny 59 

Colvin, Charles 68, 154, 161 

Colvin, Diane ... 75, 138, 139, 167 

Colvin, James S 75 

Colvin, Nancy 93 

Combs, Patricia Ann 43 

Conley, Chip 59, 119 

Connel, Thomas 91 

Conner, Terry Dwayne 43 

Conyers, Connie 78 

Cook, Todd 60, 130, 131, 133 

Cooper, Andrew Marc 43 

Cooper, Brent 91 

Cooper, James Sean 43, 119 

Copley, Stephen 60 

Corbin, Glenn 106 

Corbin, Judy 93 

Corbin, Leslie 60 

Cornelius, Wanda 93 

Comett, Isaac 91 

Cornette, Johnny 75 

Cosby, Rodney 91 

Coulter, Stacy 78 

Covington, Todd 91 

Cowherd, Patricia 99 

Cox, Brian 78, 130 

Cox, Dana 79 

Cox, Eddie Dewayne 91 

Cox, Jonathan 79, 130 

Cox, Joseph 91 

Cox, Martha 91 

Cox, Matt 79 

Cox, Phyllis 54 

Cox, Shirley Diane 44 

Cox, Tammy 79, 93, 134 

Cox, Terri Thomas 54 

Cox, Tibby 75 

Cozart, Dave 60, 119 

Craig, Misti Lynn 44 

Cravens, Carol Hill 75 

Crawley, Ronald 91 

Creason, David 68 

Creason, Rita Ann 106 

Creech, Chad 12, 14, 79, 178 

Cress, Tony ... 11, 20, 25, 91, 106, 


Criley, Lori 79 

Criswell, Jody ... 28, 44, 124, 126, 


129, 134, 135 
riswell, Lisa ... 28, 79, 124, 125, 

128, 134, 135 

rocker, Michael W 44, 159 

rockett, Daniel 60 

ross, Bryan Harding .... 44, 114, 
115, 119 

rowder, Cynthia 93 

ruise, Dennis 79 

rnise, Eric 79 

ummings, James 91 

undiff, Dr David 23, 99 

undiff, Dr Linda 99 

undiff, Linda J 99 

undiff, Mark 79, 119 

unningham, Lou 110, 120, 121, 


'urry, Beth 60 

urry, David 91 


liabney, Ann 79 

labney, Donald Allen 54 

I'abney, Susan Rebecca 54 

!»ale, Jeremy 91, 119 

Cameron, Paul A 107 

•aniels, Dr Robert 99 

•aniels, Kimberly Faith ... 12, 15, 
28, 60, 154, 162, 175, 178, 179 

>aniels, Kimberly Sue 68 

>arden, Amanda 12, 13, 79 

|>augherty, Douglas 75 

i>augherty, Patricia 107 

Davenport, Stacy . 21, 79, 146, 147 

lavenport, Wilford 91 

)avis, Catherine Redman .... 107 

;>avis, George 91 

|)avis, Jason 68, 142, 170 

Davis, Karen 66, 79, 175 

|)avis, Kristen 60 

)avis, Nicole 79 

)avis, Randye 60 

l)avis, Shane 79, 119 

)avis, Steve 79, 119 

)avis, Tony O 91 

)ay, Billy ... 12, 13, 60, 154, 159, 
161, 175, 178 

i)ay, William Earl 54 

)eaton, Andrea . . 28, 29, 32D, 69, 
124, 125, 126, 127 

)eaton, Pamela Ill 

)eBoard, David 25, 69 

)efoe, Michael 60, 120, 123 

)enney, Hether 69 

OeWeese, Donna 79 

!)eWeese, Lisa K 110 

Jicken, Cheryl 93 

)icken, Mark 91 

iDickerson, James 91 

)ile, Shaun 60 

Dillingham, Kenny ... 69, 175, 178 

3ix, Maurice Ill 

Dixon, Stephen 79 

Godson, James 79 

Godson, Scott 9, 144 

Doerr, William J .... 9, 12, 13, 15, 
32A, 80, 154, 162, 175, 177, 178 

Domerese, Jamie 80, 119, 129 

Donovan, Mary Beth 44 

Dooley, Richard 69 

Doom, Richard 80 

Doty, Dr Robert 100 

Doty, Michael 80 

Drane, Timothy 91 

Draper, Richard 100 

Dudgeon, Derek 80 

Dudgeon, Erin ... 12, 14, 44, 175, 

178, 179 

Durham, Kevin . 69, 162, 175, 177, 


Durham, Mary Agnes 75 

Durrett, Brenda 80 

Duty, Joshua 80 

Dye, Lora 60, 167 

Easterling, Chris . . 20, 76, 80, 146, 

Edwards, Beverly Lynne . . 44, 111 

Edwards, Glenda 69, 152 

Edwards, Joseph D 91 

Edwards, Stephanie Jill 44 

Elliott, Dennis 91 

Elliott, Mark ... 12, 14, 25, 80, 178 
EUiott, Scott . . 12, 13, 69, 176, 178 

Ellis, Dr Ronald 97 

Elmore, Teresa M 107 

Embry, William Judd 44, 119 

Emerson, Jeff 44 

England, Marjorie Jean 107 

Epperson, Stephen 80 

Estep, Charles 91 

Estes, Ree Shana 80, 178 

Eubank, Dr Damon 110 

Eubank, Lori 93 

Evans, Chris 69, 130 

Fair, Natasha 69 

Fare, Jim 23, 30, 100 

Farmer, Floyd Ill 

Farmer, Rebecca ... 12, 15, 80, 178 

Farmer, Sabrina . 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 

17, 20, 21, 32C, 80, 154 

Farris, Dave ... 12, 13, 15, 60, 178, 


Farris, Lynn Ill 

Fay, Charles D 91 

Feese, Bryan 80, 119 

Ferguson, Audrey 58, 69, 178 

Ferriell, Keith 80, 119, 130 

Fields, Paul Wesley 44 

Finley, Ron 107, 119 

Fisher, Victoria 80 

Flair, Barbara Ann 45 

Flinchum, Dawn 190 

Flinchum, Laura 80 

Floyd, Eva . . 9, 12, 14, 28, 80, 152, 
162, 175, 179 

Floyd, Tiffany Leigh 45 

Followell, Angela 80 

Ford, Bonnie 91 

Ford, Brenda 60 

Ford, Joseph 60 

Ford, Melissa 80 

Ford, Tammy Lynn 45 

Foster, Bethney 11, 12, 15, 81, 

178, 181, 188 

Foster, Joe 36, 100 

Foster, Joey ... 6, 8, 11, 12, 15, 24, 
36, 39, 45, 152, 154, 176, 178, 179 

Foster, Margie 36, 110 

Foster, Patrick ... 60, 142, 152, 156 

Foster, Paula Ill 

Fowler, Steve 81 

Franklin, Arvin 107 

Franklin, Chris .... 12, 13, 15, 178 

Franklin, Helen 91 

French, Stacy 81, 166 

Frisbee, Robin 81, 154 

Frith, Larry 65, 114, 119 

Frith, Lewis 81, 119 

Fuller, Ginger 69, 175, 178 

Furkin, Judd . . 12, 13, 15, 17, 32C, 
81, 178 

Gabbard, Grover 91 

Gabehart, Heather 81 

Gabehart, Weldon 91 

Gaby, Greg Ill 

Gaddis, Daniel II 81 

Gaddis, Dr Bob 100, 162, 176, 


Gaddis, Lisa 91 

Gaddis, Mitch . . 12, 13, 15, 76, 81, 

162, 176, 178 

Gaines, Libby 65, 156 

Gaines, Michelle 81 

Gallichio, Chris . . 81, 116, 118, 119 

Gannon, Tommy 69 

Gard, Jayson 69, 178 

Gardner, Anita L 45 

Garland, Cynthia 69 

Garr, Kevin 91 

Garrison, Angie 81 

Garrison, Carolyn 100 

Garrison, Carrie 81, 154, 156 

Garrison, Ernie 81, 115, 119 

Gearlds, Ricky Edward ... 45, 161, 

175, 178, 179 

Gentz, Steven 81 

George, Lou Ann 45 

Gerald, Jamal 81 

Geralds, Angie . 11, 12, 13, 25, 81, 

162, 176, 178 

Germain, Kendra Jeanne . 45,119, 

124, 125, 126, 129, 134 

Gettings, Gary Darnell 45 

Gibbs, Chris 81 

Gibson, Tammie Gail 45 

Giles, Dwight Steve 107 

Gill, Ronda Renee 45 

Gisgen, Brian 91 

Glass, Timothy 91 

Glover, Michelle 81 

Gloyd, Doug 21, 69, 119 

Goble, Mark 75 

Godbey, Paul 69, 148, 149 

Goff, Mike 45, 130, 132 

Gonzales, Dan 60, 119 

Goodin, Shakara 81 

Goodlett, Todd 82, 119 

Goodman, Jason 82 

Goodwin, Elizabeth 82 

Goodwin, Kenneth 91 

Gordon, April C 54 

Gordon, Matt . 12, 13, 15, 69, 176, 


Gordon, Rodney Dale 54 

Gore, Cynthia Anne 46 

Gorley, Deborah 75 

Goss, Mike 82, 119 

Gosser, Matt 19, 20, 82, 160 

Gough, Jonathan 82, 140, 141 

Gowin, Pamela Sharpe 46 

Gowin, Sharon L 107 

Gowin, Todd 69, 140 

Graham, Jerry Jr 91 

Graham, Pamela 157 

Graham, Paula Raye 46 

Grant, Beth 82, 124, 125 

Grant, Kevin 82 

Graves, Eric Melvin . 54, 108, 119, 


Graves, Kristi 69 

Graves, Lori Ann 46 

Graves, Tony 82, 119 

Gray, David . . 30, 32, 32B, 97, 169 

Gray, Michael 91 

Greathouse, Janice 20, 101 

Greer, Tasha 82 

Gregory, Billy 75 

Gregory, Randy 60 

Gribbins, Carla 82 

Gribbins, Tammy 70 

Gribbins, William 91 

Groves, Junior 91 

Groves, Lamont 82 

Guffey, Wally 60, 119 

Gullion, Tracy 61, 158 

Gupton, Michelle 70 


Hall, Holly Sue 46, 138, 139 

Hall, Stacey Porter 65 

Hall, Timothy 91 

Hamilton, April 70 

Hamilton, David Wayne 46 

Hamilton, Jennifer 82 

Hamilton, Melinda 91 

Hammons, Cynthia 61 

Handy, Laura 82, 134, 135 

Haney, Tammy 70, 154 

Harden, Sandra 82 

Hardin, Van 82, 119 

Hardin, Vicki 61 

Hardy, J Alvin 108 

Harmon, Melinda 61 

Harrell, Russ 70, 119 

Harris, William L 108 

Harrison, Danny 70 

Harrison, Martha Jane 46 

Harrod,Jeff 61, 119 

Harston, Billy 82 

Hash, Garin 61 

Hash, Jennifer Reynolds 65 

Hatchett, Carolyn 61 

Hatridge, Donnie 82, 119 

Hawkins, Steve 82, 120, 122 

Hayden, Tim 61 

Haydon, Kimberly 82 

Haydon, Vicky 61, 170 

Hayes, Kristie 75 

Hayes, Samuel 91 

Haynes, Robbie 70 

Haynes, Suellen 75 


Hays, Chad 70 

Hazard, Lawanda 33, 91 

Hazard, Marlow 83, 164, 165 

Hazelwood, Kendra 83 

Hearon, Dana Michelle ... 46, 159 
Hedgespeth, Donna . . 70, 159, 167 

Hedgespeth, Mark 61 

Heistand, Tracy 83 

Helm, Darren 83 

Hendley, Michelle ... 70,154,178 

Herbig, Kimberly 83 

Herbst, Jesse 70, 119 

Herrin, Sabrina 12, 13, 61, 178 

Herron, Tabitha 70 

Hickman, Darla 83, 167 

Hickman, Windell 108 

Hicks, Carl 70 

Hicks, David 61, 130, 133 

Higdon, Kathryn 91 

High, Ginger 93, 124 

Hightower, Patty 7, 20, 108 

Hill, Clarence B 91 

Hill, Gladys 91 

Hill, Keith 83, 130, 131 

Hill, Tammy 61 

Hill, William 91 

Himes, Bobby 76, 94, 101, 156 

Hinton, Deborah Ann ... 46, 157, 
164, 166 

Hoagland, Gregory Lee 54 

Holland, Kenneth 70 

Hollobaugh, Ken 83,119 

Holman, Anissa 61, 164, 166 

Holmes, Angela 83 

Holtsclaw, Jason 91, 119, 167 

Hood, Chad 61 

Hood, Ted Brian 46, 166 

Hooper, Jennifer 70, 154 

Hooten, Nicole 83 

Hord, Deborah 91 

Horton, Charles 91 

Hoskins, Marlon 83, 91 

Houchins, Darin D 91 

Houk, Amy . . 56, 70, 142, 152, 167 

Houston, John 83, 119 

Howard, Dr James 101 

Howard, Forrest 83, 119 

Huddleston, Robin 54 

Huff, Gina 12, 13, 15, 83, 162, 


Huff, Shawn . . 12, 13, 15, 32C, 70, 

162, 176, 178 

Hughes, Mark . . . 32C, 46, 56, 146, 

147, 174 

Hughes, Scott 83 

Hughes, Tammy 91, 108 

Humphress, Ginger 83 

Humphress, Laura 61 

Humphress, Melinda 70 

Humphress, Michael 91 

Humphress, Paula ... 10, 32D, 46, 
138, 139, 162, 175, 176, 178, 179 

Hunt, Danny 70, 130 

Hunt, Marci 70 

Hunt, Roxie 75 

Hurst, Jeannine 32 A, 71, 178 

Hurt, Elizabeth Ann . . 32B, 47, 159 

Hurtgen, Dr John 110 

Hutchins, Charles 71 

Hutchins, Dee 93, 120 

Hutchison, Keri 71 

Hutchison, Wanetta 20, 28, 71 

Inman-Kemp, Lori 71 

Irvin, Derieco 33, 71, 120, 122 

Islam, Kazi 61, 152, 164 


Jackson, Marcus 91 

Jardine, JP Ill 

Jarvis, Dave 71, 181 

Jefferson, Brian 32, 83, 119 

Jeffries, Anna 17, 71 

Jeffries, Dr Tom 101, 166 

Jeffries, Michelle 71 

Jenkins, Darrin 71 

Jenkins, Matt 61, 120 

Jewell, Christina 13, 83 

Jiffar, Addisu 54, 138, 140, 164 

Jiffar, Wassie 61, 164 

Johnson, Greta 83 

Johnson, Joy 83 

Johnson, Kevin 84, 130 

Johnson, Leroy 108 

Johnson, Tommy . . . 108, 154, 155 

Jones, Candy 61, 159, 187, 188 

Jones, Eric 84, 119 

Jones, Ina 75 

Jones, Keith Byron 54 

Jones, Keith L 71 

Jones, Mark 91 

Jones, Patricia 91 

Jones, Peggy 90 

Jones, Rene 62, 158 

Jones, Robert S 91 

Jones, Stephanie 84, 154 

Jordan, Ricky 91 

Judd, Detria Dee 35, 47 

Jury, Scott 62, 152, 156 

Justice, Matt 84, 119 


Kean, Orvis 62 

Kearney, Mark 130 

Kearney, Teresa Ann 47 

Kearns, Jennifer 32C, 75, 174, 

175, 178, 179 

Keene, Jennifer Carol 47, 166 

Keith, Eric 84 

Keith, Jason 13, 84, 178 

Keith, Marty 84 

Kell, Kris 91, 181 

Kelly, Benji 71, 120, 121, 122, 

Keltner, Jennifer ... 35, 36, 47, 110 

Kendall, Lee 62 

Kendall, Teressa 62, 167 

Kendrick, Carl 62, 119 

Kephart, Jane . . 9, 11, 71, 154, 171 

Kerr, Brian 71 

Khan, Shahana 21, 36, 47 

Khanyile, Maud 32C, 71, 165, 


Kibbons, Dr Jerry Ill 

Kidd, Denise DeBoard 47, 167 

Kidd, Timothy Darren 65 

Kidwell, Betty Jean 108 

Kidwell, Chris 47, 119, 170 

King, Amy 62, 161 

King, Eric Cletus 54 

King, Larry Lloyd 47, 161 

Kingery, Donna 84 

Kinslow, Steven 84 

Kirby, Brad 84, 119 

Kirtley, Jennifer 84 

Kljaic, Teo 84 

Knifley, Beverly Ann 47, 157 

Knight, Jonetta Rae 47 

Knight, Michael S 91 

Lafold, Dr Daniel 101 

Lambert, Dawn 75 

Lambert, Paul R 109 

Landis, Darrell 62 

Landrum, Jeffery 91 

Lane, JusAustin 71, 165, 169 

Lane, Mark 91 

Large, Anne Marie 47 

Lawler, Todd 91 

Lawson, Brad 62, 114, 119 

Lawson, Tammy L 109 

Leake, Ellen 91 

Leake, Joshua 91 

Lee, Dana 84 

Lee, Dr Kevin Ill 

Lee, Dr Philip 101 

Lee, Jermaine 84, 120 

Lee, Kevin 75 

Lee, Troy 91 

Leger, Gary 84, 119 

Lenardson, Roseanna 48 

Leonard, Carlene . 40, 48, 152, 158 

Lewis, Norman 91 

Lile, Darian Brent 48 

Lipker, Larry 7, 23, 48, 130 

Lipps, Melissa 33, 62 

Lloyd, Hal ... 12, 14, 84, 175, 176, 


Lloyd, Mary 84 

Lloyd, Tom 16, 62, 119 

Lobb, Angela 71 

London, Maria 11,33,62,171 

London, Marsha 109 

Long, Anthony 91 

Lovelace, Steve . 32A, 62, 115, 119 

Lowery, Syvel 62, 130 

Loy, Beth 71, 162, 178 

Loy, Jeanna Carol 48 

Loyall, Jeff 71 

Loyd, John 62 

Lucey, William J 91 

Lundy, Glen 91 

Lusco, Bryan 91 

Luttrell, Tammy ... 19, 20, 28, 62, 
158, 162, 175, 178 

Lynch, Tonya 62 

Lynema, Karen J 109 

Lyvers, Carol 9, 84, 169 

Lyvers, Rachel Ann 65 


Maddox, Perry 62, 165, 167 

Magers, Leah 71 

Maggard, Cicely . . 18, 19, 84, 154, 
162, 175, 178 

Malone, Jumel 91 

Malone, Missy 48, 187, 190 

Mann, Laura 72 

Manning, Steve 62, 120, 122 

Marcum, Chris 84, 130, 132 

Marcum, James 91 

Mardis, Pamela 72, 166 

Marks, Shannon 62 

Marsteller, Tamara .... 36, 40, 63, 

187, 188 

Martin, Cynthia Ann . 36, 48, 153, 

Martin, Dr Kenneth . . 30, 102, 161 

Martin, Jenifer Marie 109 

Mason, Bill 7, 85, 119 

Mason, Chris 63, 119, 123 

Mason, Lynette Deaner 48 

Massengale, Michael 85 

Massengill, Tina 48, 55, 167 

Matherly, Darla 72 

Mathupala, Jagath ... 58, 63, 152, 
164, 166 

Matthews, Tyonia 63 

Mattingly, Greg 85, 144 

Mattingly, James 75 

Mattingly, Margaret 63 

Mattingly, Mary Angela 48 

Mattingly, Sheila Ann 54 

Mauk, Debbie 63, 178 

Maupin, Ricky 91 

Mays, Paula 72, 159 

Mays, Ricky 63, 114, 119 

McCarty, Jeffrey Lee 48 

McClain, Donald 91 

McClung-Merritt, Brenda .... 109, 


McCubbin, Phil 85, 140, 141 

McCubbin, WD 63, 140 

McCullough, Dr David 12, 13, 

102, 178 
McDowell, Heather . . 25, 85, 134, 


McFall, George 91 

McFarland, Margaret 72 

McGinnis, Sandra 91 

McGuire, Ed 169 

Mclntyre, Brian 91, 119 

McKinley, Jill 85, 154 

McKinney, Amanda ... 11,32,33, 

72, 154, 159, 171 

McKinney, Joan C . . . 109, 187, 188 

McKinney, Stan 102 

McMahan, Deborah 85 

Medley, Keith 72, 130, 133 

Medley, Neil 72, 187 

Medley, Sharon 63 

Medley, Steve Gerald 48 

Meece, Dr Shirley Ill 

Meguiar, Ethan 72, 130, 133 

Melton, Greg 63, 133, 167 

Merrick, Tiffani . . 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 

17, 18, 19, 23, 28, 29, 32C, 66, 72, 

152, 154, 155, 178 

Merzweiler, Billy 75, 119 

Metzmeier, Clara L 102 

Milburn, Gil 49, 164 

Milbum, Jason 85, 130 

Milby, Jacqueline 49 

Milby, Kelli Christina 49, 167 

Milby, Tonya 72 

Miller, Billy 85, 130, 133 

Miller, Cindy ... 12, 13, 14, 49, 178 


vliller, Fred 31, 109 

■vtiller, Grant 63, 188 

'• vliller, Janet 102, 164, 166 

• vliller, Jason 72 

: vliller, Lois 91 

vliller, Melissa . . 19, 72, 162, 175, 
177, 178 

i| vlilliner, James 91 

! vlills, Ronna 85 

"|vlings, Beverly 85 

I vlings, Jamie 63, 187, 188 

' vliracle, John David . . 49, 169, 176 

: Mishler, Becky 6, 11, 72, 154, 

155, 170, 171, 187, 188, 189 

vlishler, Jenny 20, 49, 190 

llfitchell, Carol 91 

I Mitchell, Leslie 32C, 63, 174, 

175, 178, 179, 191 

vlobley, Russ G 102 

; Mohedano, Corky 109, 169 

vlontgomery, Brian Jay 7, 1 7, 25, 


vlontgomery, Jason . . 72, 119, 140 

Montgomery, Johnna 76, 85 

Moore, Dr James 103 

jvloore, Mark 6, 85 

vloore, Marvell 9, 85, 119 

Moore, Nevalyn P 103, 179 

vlorgan, Chris 85, 119, 171 

Morgan, Tonya 72, 167 

vlorgeson, Joe 63 

Morris, Rondle 91 

vlorris, Stephen 85 

vlorris, Sylvia 21, 40, 55, 110 

Morris, Tammy 85 

Vlorris, Tonya 12, 13, 14, 32C, 

72, 162, 174, 175, 178, 179 

Morris, Vanessa 72 

Mosenteen, Harold 91 

Vloses, Lori 63 

Moss, Carla 85 

Moss, Mary Elizabeth 49 

Moss, Ronnie 63, 119 

Moynahan, Tamara Ann 54 

Mudd, Rhonda 63 

(Mueller, Chris Ill 

Mullins, Rich 65, 119 

Mullins, Robert 91 

Murphy, Adam 72 

Murphy, Alana 93 

Murphy, Eddie 85, 119 

Murphy, Elaine 93 

Musselman, Amy .... 12, 15, 32C, 
72, 154, 174, 178 

Mwachiru, Sheila 85, 169 

|Myers, Jared 86 

Myers, John Patterson ... 49, 116, 

Myers, Vanessa 86 

Netherland, Shanae . . 63, 129, 136 

Newton, Bonnie 86 

Newton, James 91 

Newton, Lisa Wayne . 49, 124, 134 

Newton, Zandell 24, 110 

Noble, Lee Anne 19, 49 

Northern, Charles 91 


Nallia, David 86 

Nally, Eunice 65 

Nandkeolyar, Sandeep .... 58, 65, 
164, 166, 181 

Napier, Laura Renna 54 

Neal, Allan 91 

leal, Dr William 103 

Neat, Leigh 21, 86, 146, 147 

Neely, Jack 49, 55, 130 


O'Banion, Cindy 75 

Oldham, Robert Ill 

Ortt, Jonathan 91 

Osbourne, Elizabeth Ann Ill 

Osbourne, Todd 63, 166 

Owen, Dorian 75 

Owens, Valerie . 12, 13, 15, 24, 28, 
86, 154, 162, 175, 176, 178, 179 

Pace, Connie 86 

Pace, Tonya 86, 144 

Padgett, Jay ... . 63, 161, 175, 176, 
178, 179 

Page, Ben 73, 140, 141 

Palmer, Alonzo 91 

Palmer, Matt 73, 119 

Parker, Jason 86 

Parker, Jeanette 103, 167 

Parsons, David 140 

Parsons, Rita 91 

Pass, Tee 13, 32C, 86, 174 

Patterson, Anne 91 

Patterson, Gwen 64, 167 

Patterson, Tony Ill 

Payne, Judelle S 110 

Payton, Jean 91 

Peach, Mark . . 33, 35, 50, 117, 119 

Pence, Jean 50 

Pendygraft, Lynne .... 56, 76, 86, 
154, 156, 181, 187, 188 

Penick, Tonya A 110 

Penick, Yuvondra 86 

Peniston, Jessica 86 

Penix, Jim 91 

Pennington, Aubrey . . 50, 157, 167 

Pennington, Rob 86, 119 

Penniston, Jessica 28, 124 

Pepper, LeAnn . . 86, 138, 139, 187 

Peppers, Trad 64, 167 

Percell, Michael 91 

Perkins, Cynthia 91 

Perkins, Lesley 91 

Perkins, Tina 86 

Perry, Gale Mitchell 54 

Petty, Richey 86, 119, 187 

Petty, Tina Renee 50 

Pettyjohn, Marcy 86 

Phelps, Robin Renee 50, 157 

Phetterplace, William J 65 

Phillips, Amy 23, 170, 171 

Phillips, Angela 86 

Phillips, Monique 165 

Phillips, Richard 73 

Phillips, Sharon 87 

Philpott, Louis 75 

Phipps, Anthony 91, 119 

Pierce, David S 110 

Pierce, Donna L 110 

Pierce, Karen 23, 50, 159 

Pierce, Vickie 73 

Pinkston, Sharon 54 

Pirouz, Donna K 103 

Piatt, Jeffrey 91 

Pochodzay, Sharla . . 9, 12, 13, 14, 
87, 175, 178 

Pollock, Susie 93 

Pope, DrKen Ill 

Pope, Fay Ill 

Porter, Eric 91 

Post, Kellie ... 40, 50, 55, 154, 155 

Potterfield, Leslie ... 7, 19, 73, 170 

Pound, Tom ... 73, 136, 137, 142, 

143, 153, 160 

Price, Shawn 87, 124 

Pruitt, Connie Jo . . 12, 14, 87, 162, 
176, 178 

Pruitt, Kim 27, 28, 87 

Puryear, Richard 73 


Rafferty, Jon . 12, 14, 87, 156, 172, 

176, 178 

Raganas, John B 50 

Raley, Anita 91 

Raley, Sunshine . 21, 87, 146, 147, 


Ray, Kristen 176 

Rednour, Christy 154, 191 

Reed, Pat 64, 148, 149 

Reneau, Pamela 50, 157 

Rexroat, Boyd 12, 13, 15, 17, 

32C, 87, 154, 162, 178 

Rhodes, Catherine 64 

Richard, Mike .... 27, 66, 87, 144, 

153, 175 

Richard, Owen 75 

Richards, Michael 87 

Richards, Shane 119 

Richardson, Alana 73 

Richardson, H R Ill 

Richardson, Patricia 91 

Richardson, William S ... 54, 115, 


Richerson, Jason 64 

Ridgway, Tammy 24, 75, 169, 

181, 190 

Riley, Constance Lee 110 

Riley, Jamas 32B, 50, 159 

Riner, Haywood 110,119,171 

Risen, Shirley 110, 159 

Rizner, Patricia 91 

Roark, Kristi ... 18, 19, 28, 29, 64, 

158, 170 

Robbins, James 91 

Roberson, Chad 87 

Roberts, Brian Keith 50 

Roberts, Dr Wesley 103 

Robinson, Cynthia 87 

Robinson, Steve 87 

Roddy, Dr Vernon 104 

Rodgers, Danny Joe 110 

Rodgers, Earl D 50 

Rodgers, Eulanda 18, 19, 32D, 

33, 73, 154, 159, 170 

Rodgers, Kristen 75 

Rodgers, Myra Blakeman 51 

Rogers, Deanna 75 

Rogers, Dr Milton 104, 166 

Rogers, Meredith . . 12, 13, 14, 87, 

154, 178 

Rogers, Tim 11, 87, 119 

Rose, Denny 91 

Ross, John 64 

Ross, Lesley 64, 138 

Ross, Raymond 87 

Routh, JohnR 51 

Rumple, Carl 87 

Sabo, John William 51 

Sams, Ronald Glenn 54 

Sandefur, Kristy 21, 73, 147 

Sandefur, Misty . 28, 73, 134, 146, 

147, 166 

Sanders, Beauford ... 24, 111, 130, 


Sandidge, Scott 87, 148, 149 

Sapp, Kristi 87, 153 

Sapp, Mylea McFelea 51 

Sapp, Stacey 91 

Sauerwine, Chris 87, 119 

Sayers, Tommy 73, 119 

Scalos, Harry Ill 

Schlobohm, Sean 73 

Schnieders, Rusty 88, 144, 145 

Schultz, Andy 91, 119 

Schultz, Theodore William .... 51 

Schumm, Stephen 91 

Scott, Deanna Renee 54 

Sego, Michelle Lee 51 

Sewell, Ivan 88 

Sharp, Mike . . 9, 40, 51, 157, 161, 


Shavkey, BUI 88, 165 

Shaw, Scott 75 

Sheene, Kimberly 88 

Shirley, Melinda 75 

Shive, Joey 73, 119, 163, 167 

Shively, Paul 88 

Shofner, Gail 75 

Shofner, Rosemary 91 

Shuffett, Stan Ill 

Siders, Mike 66, 73, 119, 144 

Sikorski, Chris 64, 154 

Siler, Gail 12, 13, 14, 75, 152 

Simpson, Chad 88 

Sims, Laura 64 

Sinclair, Lea Ann 88 

Sipes, Will 73, 161 

Sizemore, Rebecca 73 

Skaggs, Darrell 91 

Slape, Carolyn 93 

Sloan, James 73, 118, 119 

Slone, Teddy 91 

Smith, Becky 93 

Smith, BeLinda . 12, 13, 15, 24, 64, 


Smith, Betty Gorin Ill 

Smith, Bill 6, 73, 154, 156 

Smith, Darlene 73, 161 

Smith, Ed Ill 

Smith, Gene ... 64,154,161,175, 


Smith, Gerald 91 

Smith, Jennifer 88 

Smith, Karen 75 

Smith, Kirby 64, 130, 163 

Smith, Melanie . 32D, 74, 129, 134 
Smith, Norman 91 


Smith, Ramont . . 21, 64, 120, 122, 


Smith, Rich 64, 136, 144, 154, 

155, 160, 161, 171 

Smith, Tammy 75 

Smith, Tim 88 

Smith, Tony 51, 161 

Smith, Tracy ... 110, 154, 155, 164 

Sneed, Mitchell 91 

Snyder, Peggy 74 

Soard, Scott 88, 119 

Son, Mary Elaine 51 

Sooter, June Theresa 51, 167 

Sorrell, Gregg 88, 130, 131 

Spalding, Chad 88 

Spalding, Jane 93 

Spalding, Jill 93 

Spalding, Judith 75 

Spalding, Paul Martin 51 

Spalding, Thresa 64 

Speer, Latricia Gayle 65 

Sprowles, Janice 65 

Sprowles, Victoria R Ill 

Sprowls, Melcenia 74 

Stamper, Scott 74, 130 

Stansbury, Joan Ill, 154 

Stansbury, Vic Ill 

St. Clair, Bruce 91 

Stein, Kim 75 

Stepanikova, Irena ... 28, 74, 154, 
164, 167, 175 

Stephens, Shannon 88, 119 

Stephens, Vincent Craig 52 

Stewart, Clay 64, 119 

Stewart, Jeffrey 91 

Stewart, Judith A Ill 

Stinson, Kyle 88, 119 

Stockdale, Phillip 91, 119, 163 

Stokes, Lisa Katherine 52 

Stooksbury, Christal ... 12, 13, 14, 
74, 154, 162, 176, 178 

Story, Deborah 64 

Stout, Wendy 88, 154 

Strange, Gary 119 

Stratton, Richie . . 56, 64, 146, 147, 


Street, Dr Robert 104 

Street, Mary Esther Ill 

Streets, Chris . 27, 31, 74, 153, 160 

Streeval, William 88 

Stretz, Dana 91 

Stringfield, James C 52 

Strough, Hal Ill, 119 

Sublett, Cheryl 74 

Sublett, Peggy Reed 52 

Suchman, Jeremy 88 

Sullivan, Joe 88 

Sullivan, Judy 91 

Sullivan, Mike 88 

Sullivan, Phil 88, 119 

Sullivan, Tammy 64, 91 

Sumpter, Robbie 65, 130, 132 

Sutton, Elizabeth Kay 104 


Teater, John 21, 65, 119 

Terhune-Roberts, Melissa . 52, 157 

Termuhlen, Chris 89, 119 

Tesseneer, Dr Ralph 104 

Tharp, Betty Jo 19, 40, 52, 166 

Tharp, Mary June 52 

Thomas, Beverly Tate 52, 157 

Thomas, Carole Antionette .... 54 

Thomas, Mike . . 65, 119, 130, 131, 

133, 163, 171 

Thomas, Paula 93 

Thomas, Victor 91 

Thompson, Alex 91 

Thompson, Anita 65 

Thompson, Doug ... 89, 161, 175, 


Thompson, Felix 144 

Thompson, Jeffery 91 

Thompson, Kimberly 74 

Thompson, Michelle ... 12, 13, 14, 
89, 175 

Thompson, Regina Porter 52 

Thompson, Rick 89 

Thompson, Sallye Ill 

Thompson, William 89 

Thongmanivong, Pon 19, 53, 

138, 139, 152, 159, 164, 166 
Thornton, Brent . 89, 152, 154, 156 

Tinnell, David 93 

Tinnell, Jennifer . 8, 12, 13, 15, 18, 
19,53, 162, 175, 176, 177, 178, 


Tolbert, Becky 65, 165, 169 

Tolbert, Danny 65, 119, 165 

Towe, Anthony 89 

Towe, Craig 119 

Travelstead, Trent 91 

Tungate, China 74 

Turner, James D 65, 120, 122 

Turpin, Rodney . . 75, 115, 117, 119 


Underwood, Carole 91 

Underwood, Heather 74 


Valentine, Chuck 89, 119 

VanArsdale, Zane 89 

VanDyke, Bobby 65 

Vaughn, Julie 33, 35, 53 

Veatch, Jeanette 74 

Veatch, Shelia 65 

Visconti, Martin 75 


Tafoya, Jennifer 74 

Tarter, LuAnn 65 

Taylor, Lynn 119 

Taylor, Rebecca Spradlin 52 

Taylor, Sarah 65 

Wabnitz, Marty 89, 119 

Wade, Becky Ill 

Wade, Wendy 89 

Wadsworth, Linda . 12, 13, 14, 89, 


Wakefield, Deborah 65 

Wakefield, Ron 74, 119 

Walden, Judith 74 

Walker, Julie 93 

Wallace, Teresa 74, 154, 159 

Walston, Shawn 89 

Walters, Aaron 89, 119, 171 

Walters, Johnny 91 

Walters, LaDonna 91 

Walters, Scot 65, 159, 171 

Ward, Jamie 7, 65, 154, 155 

Warner, Mollie 74 

Warren, Perri 93 

Washburn, Betty Joyce 53 

Washburn, Frank Eugene 53 

Washburn, James 74 

Watene, Sammy . 21, 53, 120, 121, 

Waters, Chris . 12, 13, 89, 176, 178 

Watson, Earla 91 

Watson, Scottie 91 

Webster, Kim 65 

Weddle, Dr Gordon 104, 166 

Weeks, Lara Lea 53 

Weinrich, Brian 74, 117, 119 

Weiter, Gary 53, 119 

Welch, Aaron 91 

Welch, Dawn . . 21, 28, 29, 31, 89, 
146, 147 

Wells, Aaron 89, 119 

Wesley, Jerry 74 

West, Lorie 91 

Whaylen, Larry 91 

Wheat, John 89, 120 

Wheatley, Alice 89 

Wheatley, Ruth Jane 54 

White, Donna 93 

White, Harlie 104, 166 

White, Kevin 91 

White, Vincent 89 

Whitehouse, Alice Faye 53 

Whitehouse, Margaret Ann .... 53 

Whitt, Marc C 30, 111, 188 

Whorton, Mark 90 

Wicker, William Brian 65 

Wickliffe, Sam 119 

Wilder, Chris 18, 32, 90, 154 

Wilkerson, Lisa A 53 

Williams, Brooke . . 19, 25, 58, 65, 
152, 154, 155, 158, 159, 170 

Williams, Dennis 91 

Williams, Donna 53, 157, 166 

Williams, Douglas 91 

Williams, Lisa 75 

Williams, Rob 54, 119 

Williams, Ronnie 75, 119 

Williams, Vicki 65 

Williamson, Nathan . 54, 142, 152, 


Willis, Edwin 90, 119 

Willis, Robert Woodruff 54 

Wilson, Andrew A .... 54, 75, 111 

Wilson, Bucky .... 12, 13, 15, 32C, 

90, 162, 178 

Wilson, Connie P ... Ill, 187, 188 

Wilson, Georgeanna 75 

Wilson, Johnny 91 

Wilson, Kathy Ann 54 

Wilson, Marcha . . 24, 75, 154, 162, 


Wilson, Mark 91 

Wilson, Michael 91 

Wilson, Ray 65, 120 

Wilson, Sarah ... 6, 8, 76, 90, 154, 


Wingfield, Loren 90, 136, 137, 

144, 153 
Wingler, Sherri 19, 54 

Winkle, Shalana 90 

Winters, Dr Kenneth . . 5, 7, 9, 10, 
24, 32, 32A, 36, 96, 97, 190, 191 

Wise, Christi 90 

Wise, Donna ... 23, 104, 124, 127, 
128, 148 

Wise, Jowanna 90 

Wise, Richard 91 

Wiser, Donna 75 

Wiser, Mary 90 

Witherspoon, Joe 90, 165 

Witthuhn, Beth 12, 13, 14, 75, 

162, 176, 178 

Wolf, Lori 6, 11, 19, 75, 171 

Wolfe, Chris 16, 75, 114, 117, 

119, 163, 187 

Wood, Byron 54 

Wood, Cynthia Lynn 54 

Wood, Joan 93 

Wood, Kenneth 65 

Wood, Vanessa 90 

Woodell, Stephen 90, 120 

Wootton, Travis 75, 130 

Workman, Cynthia 91 

Workman, Jimmy . . . 54, 161, 175, 
176, 178 

Workman, Kristal 32D, 90 

Worthington, William 91 

Wray, Jeffrey 91 

Wren, Rebecca 65 

Wright, Betty 91 

Wright, Russell 90 

Wright, Terry 75, 120 


Yantz, Tim 54, 119, 167 

Yarberry, Chastity 76, 90, 138 

York, Randy Ray 54 

Young, Danny 90, 119 

Young, Manette Detherage . . . 54, 

Young, Mike 90, 144, 146 

Zammert, Jennifer 65, 181 

Zhu, Dr Pamela 104, 157 

Zhu, Richard 65 


Maple Trail Staff Scenes 

Photo by Camera Self Timer 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Top left, clockwise, "Maple 
Trail" and Public Relations 
Office employees held a 
Christmas party in Decem- 
ber in the office. From left 
are: Front row — Tamara 
Marsteller and Becky 
Mishler. Second row — 
Jamie Mings, Joan C. 
McKinney, Connie Wil- 
son and Candy Jones. 
Back row — Chris Wolfe, 
Marc C. Whitt and Neil 
Medley. Missy Malone 
and Jamie Mings help put 
up Christmas bows all over 
campus. Editor Becky 
Mishler "gets down to 
business" in a familiar 
scene as deadlines ap- 
proach. From left, Tammy 
Brummett and Lynne 
Pendygraft greet each oth- 
er at the Baptist Student 
Union picnic. The campus 
is made to look "a lot like 
Christmas" each year as 
the staff of the Public Re- 
lations Office places 
Christmas bows on lamp 
posts throughout campus. 
Shirley Winters provides 
the bows. From left, Joan 
C. McKinney, Missy 
Malone and LeAnn Pep- 
per hold the ladder as 
Richey Petty ties a bow to 
a post outside the Student 
Activities Center. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


Photo by Stan McKinney 

"Maple Trail" staff members include from top: Tamara Marsteller, Grant Miller, Becky Mishler, Bethney Foster, Tammy Brummett, 
Jamie Mings, Candy Jones, and from left, Joan C. McKinney, Connie Wilson, Lynne Pendygraft and Marc C. Whitt. Absent were Missy 
Malone and Neil Medley. 


From the Editor 

Starting a new year always makes one feel refreshed anew and 
-9 ready to take on any kind of challenge. That is exactly how I 
elt at the beginning of this year. 

I started my sophomore year excited about being on the "Maple 
Trail" staff. I had worked on my high school staff for three years, 
ind I was familiar with the yearbook process. Little did I know so 
nuch had changed within the past three years. 

In high school everything was done on Quad Paks, or, in other 
vords, it was all hand done, but when I started the 1993 "Maple 
frail," I found out that it was all done on computer. This was a 
jig adjustment for me. I had been used to doing everything at 
lome late at night, and now I had to arrange my schedule so that I 
:ould come to work on the computer because I only had access to 
t in the office. 

i Getting to know the computer language was kind of slow, and I 
still don't know it all. It seemed like every day I was calling the 
slant in Dallas, Texas to ask them for help. 

I also had to learn how to work under my new bosses. This 
wasn't any problem. Joan McKinney and Connie Wilson are 
*reat. Oh, there were times when I had to bite my tongue, but this 
ivas during deadlines. Joan and Connie were such an instru- 
mental part of this book. If it hadn't been for them proofing and 
earning computer commands, then the book would have been 

I also had a great staff helping me. I could always call on 
Tamara Marsteller or Jamie Mings whenever I need a picture 
Sprinted or one to be taken. They never complained even when 
they were backed up with other Public Relations work. 

Missy Malone, Beth Foster and Lynne Pendygraft did so much 
for me and the book. Not only did they write some great articles 
for me, but sometimes they did it in as little as a day's notice. My 
sports writers, Neil Medley, Grant Miller and Chris Wolfe, also 
did a great job. At first, the layouts were a little rough, but once 
they got the hang of it they were terrific. 

LeAnn Pepper and Bill Shavkey, who are no longer with the 
staff, also were very vital to the book. They, too, would whip out 
a story whenever I needed one. It seemed like Candy Jones could 
just glance at a proof and spot an error on the same page that I 
jhad studied for hours. Tammy Brummett did a great job of 
[organizing the portrait pictures. Without her help, the classes 
would have never gotten sorted. 

Another addition to the staff was a new Public Relations 
Director, Marc C. Whitt. Marc moved into the office in early 
December and made himself at home quickly. He was always 
supportive of the book and allowed us as much time as we 
needed to finish the book. Often he sacrificed something else just 
to help us. Tell Emily I said "Hi." 

This year was a learning experience for me. I learned how to 
budget my time. Spending eight and 10 hours on the computer at 
a time really cuts in on one's study time. I learned how to work 
under pressure and how to keep calm in a crisis. Most importantly 
though, I learned that I can do all things through Christ who 
strengthens me. Because this was one crazy year, and if I hadn't 
been able to lean on Him, it would have been even more crazy. 

I want to apologize for any mistakes. Like I stated earlier, this 
i was a learning experience for me. 

Again, thanks staff for putting up with my crankiness this year, 
i It was a great one. 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Becky Mishler, yearbook editor and president of the sophomore class, carries the Campbell- 
sville College flag at baccalaureate. 


Awards, Awards! 

Photo by Tamara Marsteller 

Photo by Joan C. McKinney 

Awards were given to several people at the end of the 
1992-93 school year. From left, clockwise, Jenny 
Mishler receives her reward for four years of hard 
work from President Dr. Kenneth W. Winters . Win- 
ners of the literary publication, "Connections," in- 
clude from left: Front row — David Farris, honorable 
mention for poetry, and Andrew Clark, honorable 
mention for art. Second row — Rebecca Ballard, first 
place for short story, and Missy Malone, honorable 
mention for Spanish poetry. Third row — Dawn 
Flinchum, first place for essay, and Patti Carter, first 
place for Spanish poetry. Back row — Tammy 
Ridgway, first place for poetry. Marilyn Bault, left 
receives the Don Doyle Spirit Award from Karen Pick- 
errell, Alumni Association president. Melissa Bright, 
right, receives the first Dr. William K. Pennebaker 
Education Award for secondary grades from Pen- 
nebaker's widow, Jean. 

Photo by Jamie Mings 


'It's That Time' 

Board of Trustees 

rhe Board of Trustees consists of 36 members elected by the 
*- Kentucky Baptist Convention. The Board meets quarterly. 
Dr. Forest F. Shely is chair. Other officers include Dr. Brad S. 
)hnson, vice chair; Mildred Robertson Newton, secretary; and 
iired Clem Jr., assistant secretary. Other members follow: 

d Ashcraft 

>r. J. Chester Badgett 

etty M. Bandy 

;rry D. Bennett 

eginald L. Bethel 
f ay E. Blevins 
: tephen P. Brascum 
' he Rev. John Chowning 
I.K. Cooper 

r ince Correll 

B. Crawley 

oger L. Davis 
jhe Rev. Ferrill G. Gardner 

I. Lawrence Hall 

).D. Hawkins 

Herbert Keeton 

John Keith 

Everette B. Lee 

Dr. Richard E. Mardis 

Mary Frances May 

Edwin R. Montgomery 

J. Chester Porter 

Norris O. Priest 

George W. Ransdell 

William Shelton 

Dan Shipley 

Billy L. Speer 

Dr. Ralph A. Tesseneer 

Jack N. Wade 

Virginia T. Weller 

Charles L. Westray 

Photo by Jamie Mings 

"It's That Time" as graduates leave and prepare for new lives away from the security of 
college life. The annual Senior Luncheon featured "It's That Time" as its theme for the 1993 
graduating class. From left, clockwise, Dr. Kenneth W. Winters presides over his fifth 
commencement at Campbellsville College. Manette Young shares a hug with Bill Bare 
before commencement begins. Christy Rednour, at right, sings in her last Campbellsville 
College Collegiate Chorale performance with Leslie Mitchell. 



Nine hundred and fifty copies of the 1993 Maple Trail, volume 65, were printed by Taylor Publishing Company at the plant ir 
Dallas, Texas. 

This 9 x 12-inch book has 192 pages printed on 80 lb. enamel paper. Smyth binding is used to attach the cover to the contents 
The cover design consists of the College's new logo which was blind embossed. The cover is gray vellum with a maroon foi 

The endsheet is a custom ragged edge design which features the College's new clock tower on page one. 

A four-page color tip-in was used in the 1993 "Maple Trail." 

Body copy is set in 10 or 12 pt. Malibu type. Captions and photography credits are set in 8 and 6 point, respectively. Headlines 
range from 24 to 60 point. 

The entire book was submitted on computer disks on which was submitted page design and copy. Delmar Studios oi 
Bardstown, Ky., received the bid to take individual portraits; other photos came from the Public Relations Office or were 
submitted by College employees or students. 

The classifications of students was determined by their classification with the Student Records Office in the fall 1992 directory 

Thanks to all who made this book possible. We appreciate all the support and the loans of the pictures. We would like to thanl< 
the "Central Kentucky News-Journal" who loaned us pictures. 

Thanks to Curtis Wright and the staff in Dallas for answering our many questions concerning the use of the computer in layoul 
and copyfit. 

Special thanks to Hugh Black, our Taylor representative, who always had good advice and a wife who always took gooc 

1993 Maple Trail Staff 

Editor Becky Mishlei 

Photographers Tamara Marstellei 

Jamie Mings 

Missy Malone 

Joan C. McKinney 

Neil Medley 

Copy Writers Becky Mishlei 

Bethney Fostei 

Missy Malone 

Joan C. McKinne) 

Neil Medley 

Grant Millei 

Lynne Pendygrafl 

LeAnn Peppei 

Bill Shavkey 

Chris Wolfe 

Sports Becky Mishlei 

Neil Medley 

Grant Millei 

Chris Wolfe 

Proofreaders Candy Jones 

Tammy Brummetl 

Advisors Joan C. McKinney 

Connie Wilson 

Other Photographers Glenda Edwards 

Stan McKinney 

Sylvia Morris 

Richard RoBards 

In cooperation with the Office of Public Relations, Publications and Sports Information, Marc C. Whitt,